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Fallback is frightening totally compelling a novel of startling originality Fallback takes the reader to the very limits of today's most advanced medical research it is a story which should be incredible but which is horrifyingly movingly convincingMartin Ross is not at all the conventional hero a computer expert in late middle age out of shape tired his skills suddenly become vital to the saving of his country He must be trained physically and mentally broken down before he can be built up But then the plan goes dramatically wrong To prevent nuclear war a sacrifice must be made And the sacrifice is all too humanPieter Niesewand has written a brilliant fast paced novel with superb living characters It is a story which will linger in the mind of all readers

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    I read this book 23 years ago when I was in high school and I loved it I've always wanted to re visit this book and recently my wife gave me a copy as a birthday giftI enjoyed it just as much maybe even this time around Computer technology is important in the story but the fact that the information is very dated hasn't kept the book from aging well I will no doubt read this book again in the future it's one of my all time favorites