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Never fear the pain Fear what lies behind itGrimm’s Circle Book 6In his mortal life the only thing Jacob liked better than money was a good brawl—until he stuck his fist into the wrong fight and a demon sent him spinning into a new life as a GrimmNow a hundred years later he’s been called to protect someone too much like himself A woman who could let the chains of her past drag her down unless she learns to let go A woman who fights like there’s no tomorrow because she clearly doesn’t want a tomorrowCeline thought her second chance at life would be an opportunity to fix some of her worst mistakes to set things straight She couldn’t have been wrong She’s trapped by the past and her regrets and nothing—not even her darkly sexy new trainer Jacob—has a blade sharp enough to cut her looseChains are Jacob's specialty but his help comes with a price To her the cost is her heart To Jacobsomething much Product WarningsContains a heroine with enough fight in her to put the 300 to shame And a hero who knows how to take a punch

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    Grimm Tidings is the 6th book in Shiloh Walker's series about the Grimmwho are guardian angels sent to protect humans from the parasei demonsThe story centers around Jacob and CelineThey each carry a heavy amount of baggage from their past livesIn the case of Celineshe just wants it all to endso she fights in hopes of just ending it allJacob is assigned as her trainer as she is just a baby GrimI enjoyed how these two came together and the dialogue between themAs usual with Ms Walker's worksthere are scenes of such heart rending emotionl intensitythat at times will bring a tear or lump to your throatThe book is based on shall we say a fractured fairy tale of Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol and the Character does indeed visit her past with the aide of Jacob showing her the past and what could have beenAfter this tripCeline finally beginds to let go of her past and opens up to new feelings she has for JacobIt has been mentioned that this book can be read as a stand aloneand it can but I wish that I had read the others to maybe get of an understanding of the Grim worldDid I enjoy this story?yesWill I read the rest of the stories?yesThis book did keep my intrest and I enjoy MsWalker's writing styleThis was an ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review

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    Review originally posted at SamhainPublish Date Out nowHow I got this book ARC from the authorNever fear the pain Fear what lies behind itGrimm’s Circle Book 6In his mortal life the only thing Jacob liked better than money was a good brawl—until he stuck his fist into the wrong fight and a demon sent him spinning into a new life as a GrimmNow a hundred years later he’s been called to protect someone too much like himself A woman who could let the chains of her past drag her down unless she learns to let go A woman who fights like there’s no tomorrow because she clearly doesn’t want a tomorrowCeline thought her second chance at life would be an opportunity to fix some of her worst mistakes to set things straight She couldn’t have been wrong She’s trapped by the past and her regrets and nothing—not even her darkly sexy new trainer Jacob—has a blade sharp enough to cut her looseChains are Jacob’s specialty but his help comes with a price To her the cost is her heart To Jacobsomething much Product WarningsContains a heroine with enough fight in her to put the 300 to shame And a hero who knows how to take a punchThis blurb came from Goodreads hereI have been reading and enjoying Ms Walker’s Grimm’s Circle series since they started in 2009 so I was really excited when we were asked if anyone wanted to do this review Grimm Tidings is the 6th novel in this series I have found this world and its various characters fascinating The basic world premise is that there are varying levels of demons whose goal is to possess humans and use those possessed humans to feed and enjoy according to their specific nature for example murder torture and mayhem The human must give permission for the possession so the demons have perfected their art of subtle influence until they are firmly rooted and can take control Once that happens only death can end the possessionAll hope isn’t completely lost because Guardian Angels of a sort do exist They are known as the Grimm and they fight to both kill demons prevent their possession and unfortunately kill possess humans Each of them has a particular skill they can use but they also have to learn how to fight to the death They have incredible healing powers and will live for a very long time but becoming a Grimm isn’t easy You have to die a really horrible death then at that moment be offered the choice and accept it Even after all of that the Grimm have human feelings and have to deal with their own traumatic pasts while fighting to save humanity One of the things that Ms Walker has done with this series that I really enjoy is come up with a story for the Grimm A story that keeps anyone from thinking they are real and instead they appear to be just a character in an old wives tale Discovering which Grimm is credited with which story is an added benefit of reading theseThis particular Grimm story while continuing to deal with the huge influx of demons working together focuses mainly on how to solve the problem of a person being offered and accepting the choice to become a Grimm who maybe wasn’t the right person or wasn’t ready or didn’t understand In other words what happens if the individual who offered the choice has potentially made a mistake Jacob has been assigned as the last attempt to rescue Celine from the chains of her past so she can live as a Grimm and not seek out the death that she chose to avoidWatching Jacob try all sorts of different ways to reach through Celine’s wall of guilt and regret was fascinating Celine was a combination of passive aggressive behavior and active resistance to anything anyone told her She thought that if she managed to get all of the older Grimm who trained new Grimm to give up on her then she could go back back before her choice back before trying to intervene and help someone out back before she stormed out of the restaurant But what she doesn’t realize is that Jacob has reasons not to give up on her He also doesn’t want to use his gift to undo her chains because he knows first hand what devastation it can cause At first I thought that Jacob was just trying to avoid inflicting pain on Celine then she currently had but then I realized that Jacob needed healing tooI did enjoy how Jacob handled things when he finally decided that he had to use his gift on Celine He was both gentle and implacable refusing to let her continue to believe that everything would have been alright if she had done something differently Then how he kept an eye on her as she healed He let her grieve and didn’t cheapen how she felt while continuing to work with her training As Celine healed their shared dreams became than conversation as did their feelings for each other The work out room scene when Celine finally realizes some of what Jacob feels for her is one of my favorite parts They move from physical exertion to lust to bewilderment in one highly charged conversation I think that moment seemed to crystallize their entire relationship as they struggled to come to terms with their feelingsGrimm Tidings was a good installment that also gave warning of some potentially serious events to come Things appear to be building with the amount of demon activity and the leader of the Grimm is experiencing some difficulties controlling his power Jacob and Celine make a good addition and I think their mutual stability together will be neededI give Grimm Tidings a B

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    First Line “You can chase death a little too closely” Death was no stranger to the Grimm—men and women who dealt with the demons who managed to cross over into the mortal world The three men stood there staring down over the edge of the building into the alley below watching the bloody brutal battle taking place Will—their leader—watched the woman closely Few others knew him by any other name Their leader was rather closed mouthed especially about himselfI think this opening give you a good glimpse into what the book is about Plus I love the product warning because it's so true Jacob and Celine are Grimm one of the few men and women turned and brought over to wage a battle older than time itself For the Grimm are guardian angels their taskto protect humanity from the evil that stalks the nightevil we don't even know exists For Celine it's than just a callingit's her life the only time she feels alive is when she is fighting whether that be with the demons she hunts or the trainers who help her But Celine's time is running outshe's a loose cannon one who without the propper direction will self destruct The task falls to Jacob to tame this wild woman because if Celine contines down this path she will be walking into death's open arms Can Jacob save this scarred womanor is she already beyond his reach?Our hero is Jacob he's been one of the Grimm for the past century following a fight that didn't end too well Thankfully his fighting skills have drastically improved since that day Jacob is now one of the fearsome fighters the Grimm have on their sidebut his past haunts him I love the way Jacob's character is based on someone elseI'm not going to say who because it'd ruin the surprise when you read it but I can tell you it's Shiloh Walkers genius in full swing I absolutely love Jacob he's stubborn and completely hard headed at times but he also has a soft side that emerges around Celinebut as does one heck of a jealous streak Jacob has a tenancy to look for a fight that he knows he can't wincould this trait cause the loss of Celine and his life?Our heroine is Celine Now none of the Grimm had a particularly good last day on earth but Celine's was particularly brutal Murdered by parasei after an argument with her husband Celine never got to say she was sorryand it's eating her alive Stuck in her past full of rage and grief Celine wouldn't care if she didn't see tomorrowbut the Grimm can't afford to loose her and this is her last chance You can really empathise with Celine she's a brilliantly written character You feel her grief and angerand you root for her all the way through Despite spurning all her previous trainers the task of reaching through Celine's grief falls to Jacob for he and he alone has the power to bring her back from the brink Celine and Jacob have a spark between thembut can Celine let go of her griefof her husband and move forward? Or will it destroy them both?I really enjoyed this novella not only was the main story between Jacob and Celine engaging but I am very intrigued by some of the other characters we meet Red eyed Rob seems to be one of those characters that has a bit of a deranged air about himthe one you know has something awful in his past that has made him so cold BUT the character I really want to know about and I mean that in a sat on the edge of my seat way is WILL He's the leader of the Grimm and the one who decides which humans to make one of them He's their trainer and disciplinarian but he is extremely guarded about his pastin fact just anything related to him I'm so excited to read about him He has obviously awesome amount of power that with an obsessive need to keep himself mysterious is a dangerous combinationas you can see here“You’re not quite ready to leave yet” Will said his voice neutral“Oh yes I am” Grimly Rob gathered up what few weapons he carried and started for the door “I’m done with the team player bit for now You can—”An invisible force froze Rob in place “Oh would you just stop?”Or that was what he tried to say—he managed Oh before he went flying across the room slamming into the solid oak of the front door smashing his head into itWill flipped him around with a twist of his mind and started toward him “Whatever you think you know about me” he said quietly “You need to forget it”SEE I'm so intrigued As this was my first Grimm book which you totally can read as a stand alone I intend to go back and hunt down every book before this and read them immediately Anyway I've rambled on for longer than I intendedI just loved it that much and I hope you found it useful I'd really recommend this of fans of the Paranormal Romance genrebecause it's a superb addition My Rating 455

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    First Half More Grim than Grimm They lived as humans They died as legends They returned as guardians They are GrimmJacob knew as soon as he saw Celine that she was his Unfortunately even after four years as a Grimm guardian angels who fight the demons threatening humanity all Celine knows is agony over her loss and regret for the choice she made to become one of them And she fights like she's than ready to rectify that mistakeTheir ever freaky leader Will wants Jacob to take over as Celine's partner in a last ditch attempt to pull her back from the edge and help her heal before she goes out in the violent and bloody blaze of glory she seems to crave But Jacob is burdened by chains of grief and regret and he's loathe to use his abilities on Celine forcing her to experience even agony in a dim hope that it will help her finally rise above her miseryCan you ever save an angel with broken wings when her only focus is the fall?I've been a fan of this series for so long The concept is brilliantly unique and I've long admired Walker's ability to create deeply emotional backgrounds and history for these fantastic characters tossing them together with bits and pieces of fairy tales history and legends and creating solid original story with a hearty dose of dark delicious sexuality around it all And her characters are graced with a gritty realism that extends far beyond the covers of the books they inhabitThis one wasn't my favorite in the series I struggled with the first half quite a lot It's one of the shorter novellas in the bunch and after its predecessor Locked in Silence which may have been the lengthiest the short length here was a detriment for meThe setup for the plot and the definition of the characters seemed too condensed and rushed and was chaotic and lacked clarity because of it The potential was there and there wasn't a huge amount of external plot conflict taking up space The story focus is on individual character growth and relationship evolution which is a series standard and one for which I have no complaint I felt the timeline of the events in the first half of this story was very jerky though with a confusing lack of detail and the transitions were very abrupt It made the story progression seem both haphazard and stilted in placesAs much as I loved my first glimpse of Rob can't wait to read about that crazy red eyed bugger with my issues about the timeline and my concern over a lack of initial character development the first half seemed less sleek and sophisticated than I'm used to in this series and characters' actions and emotions felt forced for a good portion of itAt around the halfway mark though the story smoothed out and started to dig deeper into the characters and the evolution of their relationship Some external plot conflict and action were tossed in always appreciated and Rob was added back into the mix The sultry sexuality that highlights this series also made an appearance and none too soon I enjoyed all of that very much and felt the book settled in nicely from that point onFor as much as I struggled with the beginning the second half entertained me I had a few minor issues with the relationship conflict and subsequent resolution as there were one or two elements in them that felt a little too similar to events in the previous book but that didn't prove too much a detractionThis series is far episodic than firmly connected by an overall series arc but I enjoy reading them in order Plus I've noticed a subtle increase in demon activity in the books lately and some brewing badness that is landing even the most experienced Grimm in unfamiliar situations It has me interested in seeing if the series is gaining plot driven elements I look forward to seeing how it continues from here and finding out just which crazily beloved legend from our past or our fairy tales will be stirring up trouble next Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by the author This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

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    The first Grimm book I read was Locked in Silence which I thoroughly enjoyed So when Shiloh offered up the chance to read Grimm Tidings I jumped all over it The Grimm series tells the stories of people who have become guardian angels after a terrible tragedy has befallen them They fight demons and watch over the innocent even while dealing with some their own issues that they've carried over from their pasts romance angst and action? Oh yes sign me up Over and over and over I have the rest of the Grimm series downloaded onto my Kindle ready and waiting for my semester to be over so I can dive into them without distractionCeline didn't have the best last night on earth No Grimm does because of the way they must be turned but Celine's was extra special bad And because of that my heart bled for her throughout the novella I did find myself getting irritated with her because she carried so much anger but really who could blame her after what happened to her? But after so long it's time to let go and move on which she's unable to do without the assistance of her new trainer JacobJacob has his own crappy past to deal with and he's hesitant to take on a Grimm who has gone through so many trainers already Not just because she's basically on a suicide mission but because he's not much for company Given the book character written about him I'd say that's an understatement loved that twist by the way that's my favorite Dickens novella and I don't want to spoil any part of the book hence the vaguenessI don't know how I feel about Will their boss as it were I loved him in Locked in Silence but here I was slightly annoyed by him It felt like he was constantly sticking his nose into their business which is technically part of his job I suppose since he's their leaderboss and acting like an overbearing father than their leader I did love any time Mandy was on scene though she's probably the only Grimm that can stand up to him the way she does and get away with itRob scares me a little bit He was continuously described as insane and I'm not sure if I'm meant to like him at this point He's people UNfriendly than anyone else in the book combined together and yet he helps Celine and Jacob I'm interested to see of his story and find out why he is the way he isThere were a few times in the novella that I felt slightly confused because the scene transition was a little abrupt one minute they'd be talking or fighting and the next they're back at the house they're staying at or somewhere else doing something else entirely I don't know if it was harder for me to follow because I'm chronically tired and I stayed up super late to read the book but I'm gonna go with that explanation for now I also felt that the ending was much the same way abruptOverall I very much enjoyed Grimm Tidings and couldn't put it down This is a vastly enjoyable series and I can't wait to dig my teeth into the other Grimm Books Candy Houses No Prince Charming Crazed Hearts and Tarnished Knight Rating 45 meowsThis review originally posted at MamaKitty Reviews

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    Originally posted at you just have to let the past go and not worry about what might have been Celine’s biggest problem is that she hasn’t been able to let go of what was so she fights demons as a Grimm for all the wrong reasons She's worked with almost every available trainer and Will hasn't found one able to reach her to help her move on When she's paired with Jacob will he be the one who can finally help her make the break with the past and move on in her new life as a Grimm? Can she finally put the past behind her and find a new reason to fight and enjoy life once again? Can she find in Jacob what she is so desperately seeking with each new battle a reason to go on?I have been a fan of Shiloh Walker’s Grimm’s Circle series since the very first book and look forward to each new release Ms Walker’s world is one that is dark brooding and filled with danger at every turn The characters are all too human with flaws and weaknesses just like the rest of us with one difference they are all given second chances to become guardians of the human race as Grimms guardian angels who fight the demons who would possess humanity and destroy lifeCeline is strong fast and willing to fight any demon she sees the the better But until she can let go of her old life and the feelings of guilt and failure she won’t be than a fighting machine and may even be dangerous to herself and others She has regrets and wishes she could settle the problems she had with her husband before her ‘death’ and rebirth as a Grimm I liked watching as Celine grew and realized she wanted something that would never have been I enjoyed watching as she waged her battle of will against Jacob and I liked her ability to accept her new role in lifeJacob is a man haunted by his past and the life he had before he became a Grimm Strong loyal and determined he knows where Celine is at because he has been in the same kind of situation she's experiencing He learned long ago to accept what couldn’t be changed and has finally moved on as best as he could I liked Jacob with his silent supporting ways and his smoldering desire for Celine that slowly becomes a deep passion and desire to see the woman whole and content with lifeAs with every Grimm’s Circle book I enjoyed the guessing game of who the literary character might be in this one and I was delighted to discover I was right in this case No I will not spoil the surprise of who Ms Walker brought to this tale and the deliciously intriguing twist she puts on the history behind this character’s life There are some intense fight scenes here and some touching and emotional scenes especially the one between Celine and her husband that helps begin the healing for both And it just wouldn’t be Shiloh Walker without the super hot passion between Celine and Jacob There is something for everyone here and I highly recommend making your escape to Grimm’s Circle soon

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    When I hear “Grimm” I think of “the Brothers Grimm” and their fairy Tales It is said all fairy tales folk lore and legends are based in part on a true story Shiloh Walker has a way of putting her spin on some of our favorites I am always excited to try and figure out WHO the characters are supposed to beShiloh’s “Grimm” are Guardian Angels out to save Innocents from falling into the hands of Demons They may be Angels but they are tough ass kicking out for blood and usually have a brutalunpleasant past All Grimm have some wickedly amazing powers to aid them in their fight And they also come with a lot of baggage from their pastOne of the best facets of Shiloh’s Grimm series is trying to figure out what fairy tale the Character is supposed to be from For that reason I am not divulging a lot of detailJacob a man with a story in his past has been a Grimm for centuries He works better alone and likes it that wayCeline a “Baby” Grimm doing anything she can to die for good this time is still living in the past and hates that she cannot have her old life back Both of them love a good fight have issues dealing with their past and trouble trusting So when Will the leader of the Grimm assigns Jacob to work with Celine you can imagine how each of them felt about itI thoroughly enjoyed watching Jacob and Celine grow individually and come to terms with their past and how they feel about each other You do not have to wait long to figure out what tale Jacob’s story is based on But don’t let that fool you into thinking you know the whole story behind the tale Shiloh does it again and adds that little bit of a twist that makes you say “WOW that is not what I thought it was going to be”Aside from enjoying the interplay between Jacob and Celine I also enjoyed the introduction of the Grimm Rob What little we learn about him has me intrigued and excited to see what his story is And of course Will has intrigued me since day one I cannot wait for his whole story to come outOver all I would say this was a great addition to the Grimm Series Once I started reading it I did not want to put it down There where parts that had me literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next There where parts that made me want to cry and parts that made me laugh Grimm Tidings is the 6th book in the Grimm Series However this book can be read as a stand alone you do NOT have to read the other books in the series to enjoy this one Although I am pretty sure once you have read it you will go back and read the other books This is an addictive series that will make you think twice about the Fairy Tale we all grew up withAs a member of Shiloh Walkers “Street Team” I was sent a copy of Grimm Tidings by Shiloh Walker in return for an honest review Thank you Shiloh for another amazing book I cannot wait for the next one

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    Alyn's review posted on Guilty PleasuresI must admit that I judged this book by its cover before I ever read it With such a yummy hottie on the cover all wrapped in chains I simply couldn't resist I was pleasantly surprised with this story because it touches on not only my love for a good romance novel but also my love for classic literature The story is part of the Grimm's Circle Series and introduces us to a Grimm named Jacob Grimm's are somewhat like guardian angels They are technically ghosts people who have died but are not really dead They exist to show people the lives that could be or could have been if they make different choices Similar to a certain story involving three ghosts showing an old mizer how his choices have impacted those around him and why he needs to change his waysJacob is given the task of training a new Grimm named Celeste After suffering a tragic death she refuses to let go of the life she had and continues to torment the trainers to the point that they simply refuse to work with her Thinking Jacob will just be another trainer to toss her aside she continually puts herself in harms way and dwells on her old life when she can When she takes it a step too far Jacob decides that it is time to push Celeste to the edge and see if she can finally let go of her past and move on to her future In doing so he learns that his feelings for Celeste are becoming too strong to ignore Can Jacob save her from her own sorrow? When is is finally able to show her what she is capable of he realizes too late that he may be able to save Celeste from her heartache but not himself This book really took me by surprise Throughout the story the author throws in hints about Jacob's past life and it kept me curious from beginning to end I love the subtle nods to the classic story his character is based on and how the author uses that mizerly personality as a reason for Jacob's becoming a Grimm My heart simply aches for him when he is finally able to show his true emotions There is something about a strong man willing to let the walls come down to bare his heart that just makes me weak in the knees This was a unique take on demon slayers and I simply love that the author steps outside the box to bring in old stories with new ones A great read with a short but sexy love story that will leave you wondering what happens next

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    I was sent a copy of Grimm Tidings from the author with a promise to do an honest review I'll preface anything else with the fact I'm a huge fan of Shiloh Walker's work I realized before I started reading Grimm Tidings I haven't read all of the Grimm books but had no trouble keeping up with the storyline and think it read well as a stand alone I do plan on going back and reading the couple I missedShiloh gives her readers strong and emotional characters with each story Celine's past and how she became a Grimm broke my heart I totally got her anger through much of the story and really liked watching her grow and change as she accepted who and what she had become Not sure I can really say enough about Jacob I liked him at first and really started to love him as I watched how much it hurt him to force Celine to move on Liked getting of his back story and even laughed a good bit about the story that was written about him long ago I think one of the reasons he understands Celine's ability to move on is because he made the same mistake when he was a young GrimmI loved watching the changes that happened over the course of the story to both Celine and Jacob I could see them growing closer even when both seemed to be in the dark I felt like together they each became stronger Didn't love the fact that Jacob pushed Celine away at times but loved them together once they both got their heads on straightThe Grimm leader guess that's the right term for him Will scares me a bit I know we haven't seen all his power yet and I'm hesitant to give my feelings on him unitl I know However Rob another one of the Grimm totally intrigues me I know I should be scared of him but there is just something about him that makes me believe there is to him than meets the eyeThe official release date for Grimm Tidings is April 24 2012 You can currently pre order your purchase from BN and Samhain Publishing and it will be waiting on your e reader on the release date I enjoyed this latest installment in the Grimm Circle series a great deal and look forward to future books in this series

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    I'll be honest I wasn't sure what I was in for going in to this book I have read other titles by Shiloh Walker and loved them but never read any of the others in this series Mind you I have them sitting in my TBR pile I just hadn't gotten that far I've heard authors say that their series books can be read alone and not in order and when I tried it didn't work I'm normally huge on reading order With this book I just didn't have the time to do that so I took Miss Walker at her word I'm glad I did I have now moved all the others to the top of my pileThe Grimm are guardian angels here to destroy the demons that have come to take over our world Aside from being kick ass fighters at some point in their lives as Grimm's they develop another power as well All seem to be different but I got a glimpse of some in this book and they were greatCeleste is having a hard time getting over her past and moving on to her future She lives for the fight to hopefully kill her once and for all She grieves her mortal life and wants it back It's going to take a miracle to make her see that's not going to make a differenceThat miracle's name is Jacob Making people see their past to be able to move on with their future it's what he does But he's lost in his own past as well He doesn't want to push Celeste but he has to make her seeIn few words I loved this book It is short which may turn some off but not me I liked that I was able to pick it up and read it in less than two days Time isn't always something I have I loved the strong characters and the secondary characters that I got a look at that I really hope to see of in the future Yes the story jumped scenes a couple times but it only took a moment to realize it and continue reading and enjoyingThis book was sent to me by the author in return for an honest review I can't get much honest than I loved it and it's got me chomping at the bit to read the others