books pdf Echoes of Regret (The Telomere Trilogy, #2) Author A.R. Norris –

Fredrica Casales, Relieved Her Participation As An Undercover Agent For The Imperial Guardians Is Over, Strives To Rebuild The Trust She S Lost With Captain Noah Bonney But The Terrorist Plot Was Only The Start Of Their Journey Now The Daring Star And Lady Victory Crews Must Rescue The Scientist Who Holds The Telomere Cure Before The Very Stability Of The Galaxy Unravels If That Wasn T Enough, Fredrica Must Work With Her Former Imperial Contact, Jace McCree As For Jace, He Tries To Keep A Promise He Made Long Ago, But As His Sister Grows Sicker He S Conflicted As To What Decision He Needs To Make, And What To Reveal As They Cross The Galaxy, Battle Rogue Watchers, And Fight Soul Sucking Space Creatures, Both Fredrica And Jace Must Come To Terms With Their Regrets And Decide Whether To Open Their Hearts But Fate Has Its Own Timeline, And Not Always At The Convenient Time

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