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What Could Be Better Than A Free Changeling Online Magazine Free Stories In Our Free Magazine In This Day Of Inflated Gas Prices And Living Expenses, Don T You Think It S Time You Got Something Back How About A Fantasy Meeting In An Abandoned Room Or A Brief Encounter In A Mercedes Benz How About A Trip Into The Exotic With The Lover That Sets Your Passions Ablaze You Earned It You Deserve It And We Re Going To Give It To You ENCOUNTERS, Our Ezine Features Two To Six Page Short Stories From Changeling Authors The Rules Are Simple One Encounter And Nothing That Will Get Us Arrested And Best Of All, They Re Free Check Out Cheeky Changeling For Your Chance Encounter With The Lover Who Ll Make Your Soul Weep And Did We Mention They Re Free

15 thoughts on “Unearthly Love

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    A great quick read.

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    A short about a human that falls in love with an alien and becomes banished with her.

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    Super short 4 pagesAlex, a human, has to punish Elora, the alien No idea why Love at first sight Pretty good story.