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Winner Of Book Of The Year Honor Gold Medal , Gelett Burgess AwardWhimsical Illustrations Bring A Child S Dreams To Life In This Beautiful And Imaginative Bedtime Story Every Evening When He Goes To Bed, The Night Sits At The Child S Bedside And Reads Him A Story Some Stories Are Sweet, Others Are Magical, And Still Others Are Mysterious, But They All Inspire His Dreams As He Drifts Off Into A Peaceful Good Night S Sleep

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    2.5 stars

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    I would ve preferred this to be a series with each book representing one story the mother told the child.

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    BEAUTIFUL illustrations, a magical ride.

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    This was a little dark and abstract I ve seen a few story books in this style lately, they are sweet in an artsy way, but probably not as appealing as traditional styles, at least not to me I found this one a little indulgent, the illustrations are absolutely beautiful, if potentially a little unsettling in some areas, and the story introduces dreams as a kind of mothering companion, which I found endearing It took me a while to realize it was dreams I was reading about, but maybe that s a good thing It s a sweet book, worth checking out, but not a favorite.

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    This book is beautifully intriguing The writing is rather complex and strange But it felt like something might have been lost in the translation.