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Rex Corvan Is The World S Greatest Reporter It S Not The Video Camera Implanted In His Right Eye It S Not His Popularity With News Audiences Everywhere What Makes Him A Great Reporter Is His Determination To Run Toward The Story With A Killer On His Tail, Hopefully Rex Can Run Fast Enough With His Video Technician Kim, Rex Unravels The Mystery Of Matrix Man, A Dangerous Program Controlled By A Secret Group Looking To Subvert The Government They Ve Already Infiltrated The White House With Deadly Results Now, They Re Coming After Rex And Kim If Rex Can Break The Story, It Ll Be The Scoop Of A Lifetime As Long As His Lifetime Lasts Long Enough To Get It Done

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    Dietz, William C Matrix Man Rex Corvan No 1 Roc, 1990.Matrix Man is essentially a Columbo style mystery in which we see the crime early, know who did it, and then watch our investigative reporting team and their faithful computer Martin figure it out This is fun and has action than one might suspect There are three science gimmicks here 1 an AI with enough common sense to make ethical decisions on its own 2 a reporter who has had one of his eyes replaced by a video camera and 3 holography so good that it allows someone to conceal the murder of the president of the United States until the killer has a chance to reconstruct the crime and provide a convincing alibi Real Fake News.