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The Stunning Conclusion To The Electrifying Series The Rainbow Orchid Sees Our Heros Journey To The Roof Of The WorldThe Dangers Are Increasing For Julius Chancer And Friends As They Continue Their Search For The Legendary Orchid, And A Most Unexpected Discovery Awaits Them Beyond The Long Forgotten Uskandagadri Pass Will They Succeed In Finding The Mythical Flower And Make It Back In Time To Prevent Urkaz Grope From Winning The Wembley Orchid Competition And Enacting His Nefarious Plans What Does The Future Hold For Evelyn Crow And Her Gang Of Desperate Villains Find Out In The Concluding Episode Of The Biggest Adventure In Comics

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    Secret societies, hidden kingdoms, conspiring villains, and heroic movie stars The Rainbow Orchid trilogy follows closely in the traditions of the Indiana Jones films and Herge s Tintin graphic novels This is the third volume in a complicated tale with a wide variety of characters Luckily, the author includes a one page summary of the story so far, as well as a page listing the characters including a headshot of each one As such, it is not overwhelmingly difficult to get up to speed without having read the first two volumes of the series The illustration and production style borrows heavily to the point of imitation from the Tintin oeuvre even the size of the book follows Herge s tradition Although the central plotline focuses on a quest for a legendary orchid, there are subplots revolving around the technology of war, cultural sensitivity, the role of government, and generational division The pages, though busy with four levels of panels each, are colored beautifully and laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way There is little new here, but for those who wish Herge was still alive to produce Tintin tales, this will be a welcome addition to graphic novel shelves pro review

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    Very enjoyable The ligne claire style of art is nice and easy to read, and the drawings are often quite delightful The comparisons with Tintin are obvious, but Julius Chancer is in no way a knock off of Tintin, as I have read in a few reviews, but simply another fine representative of the same genre.

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    Concluding volume where our plucky heroes finally set eyes on the illusive rainbow orchid I have really enjoyed this series and think kids who like adventure comics will like it as well I only have 2 small quibbles with this final volume 1 while it is authentic to have characters speaking Kalasha, there is no translation Of course you can tell from the pictures the artwork is really beautiful what is going on, but it is still frustrating 2 The book does not end with the villains facing their well deserved punishment, as one has every right to expect in an adventure tale like this one I felt cheated.

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    In this age of darker and darker comics Garen s opus is so refreshing The author artist has such integrity in his art ligne claire and storytelling The artwork is consistently brilliant and the story keeps this moving along at a pace I couldn t read Tin Tin as a kid but know I would have loved this adventure This review is sitting on Book 3 but you can now get the whole Rainbow Orchid story go now and buy it for a kid

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    The Rainbow Orchid Part Three There s not much to say about this volume that hasn t already been said Part Three is generally well written and illustrated but offers some clunky writing I enjoyed the story and characters but found many moments too reminiscent of Herge s Tintin An enjoyable read but overly familiar 7 10

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    Highly recommended for all ages, I would say Excellent to finally see in the US, as well Get all three volumes, or better yet, the Complete book, as that is available now too The story kept me fully engaged to the end and I have grown attached to the characters The artwork is fabulous too, with it s clear, pure line If you love adventures, can t go wrong.