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This is pretty impenetrable if you haven t read the series and I can t guarantee that it isn t impenetrable if you have I picked it up as a Dreamspinner freebie and was getting interested in the world and the characters when it ended Yes, I know it was a short story and I now know that it is part of a four book series, but it just ended without any hint of resolution Twelve pages of hints about this strange world and the end is an invite to drink together Maybe this meeting is significant in the grand scheme of the series and fills in a plot hole, but it isn t a satisfying read alone story. Nice story Put a human face to Skel and defined a bit clearly the relationship between Skel, Asai and Malick.P.S I do like Mal s protectiveness towards mere humans. A Short Story Set In The Wolf S Own SeriesLife For An Immortal Can Get A Little Dull But Skel Has Just Found A New Spark Of Interest In Wolf S New Null, And He S Taking Another Look At Life, Love, The World, And Kamen MalickNOTE FROM THE AUTHORThis Was Meant As A Free Gift To The Readers Of The Wolf S Own Series It Is Not A Teaser , It Is Not A Lure To Try To Get New Readers To Buy The Rest Of The Books It Is Purely And Simply A Background Story That Readers Asked For, Provided To Them In Thanks For Their Support If You Have Not Read Any Books In The Series, You Will Neither Understand Nor Enjoy This ShortThank YouCarole Cummings Very short story about how Skel and Malick met for the first time. So short But was still nice to get a look into Malick s past. I couldn t care less about Skel and his POV in this did not change my mind but I liked seeing Kamen from his perspective. Lala summed up this story in their review Skel and Asai deserved each other While I enjoyed seeing this missing scene, man, Skel was just not a character I enjoyed spending time getting to know But hey, we did get time with Malick, which is never a bad thing I can t see this story working for anyone who didn t read the first two books, so start with them, then give this short story a try. This review is word for word as that within the review for the Wolf s Own bundle POV 3rd person, one character POVStar rating While it s interesting to see Skel for the first time, in his own POV, the short doesn t really add anything to the overall series Malick is as mysterious, cheeky and yet wounded as he s always been, only with of a newness about it than before Skel is just as manipulative and arrogant as Asai, too wrapped up in his own sense of power and his own needs to really care about anyone else The only thing it did do was make me wonder why Malick even bothered with Skel, how he was able to feel such affection for someone like him and if, in the long run, it was only because Skel caught him at one of the most emotional moments of his newly immortal life Favourite Quote The look could have been anything from disdain to interest to humor to threat Rose and thorn in singularity And yet still, the pulse of potential violence thrumming from Kamen was like a live thing. 3.5 starsToo short to be anything, but I love Malick, and I m glad to get to read about him some p.s Skel and Asai deserved each other. Part of series and shouldn t be read as a stand alone.Very very short, and as I am unfamiliar with the world didn t do anything for me, felt like a chapter out of a larger story.