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Dos primeiros livros que tive ainda antes de saber ler e lembro me que passava imenso tempo a olhar para as ilustra es a inventar as hist rias que elas contavam Un tr s bon Martine, une tr s belle all gorie riche d enseignement. 3 stars The series on the little girl Martine has been one of my favorite child hood books I loved the sweet little stories and the amazing illustrations It s always a pleasure to go back to them and to have a close look at all the little details in the pictures. A sweet adventure When a little bird a sparrow falls from a tree, Anita decides to feed it until he is strong enough Later, he starts flying around the house and Anita realises that he should be free, in nature, in order to live a full life Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 3rd January 2016. Jadi ingat ketika diajari membaca pertama kali ya pake buku ini very cute storyread the english translation for my daughter. O Gato Bigodes S Pensa Em Ninhos, Penas E PardaisMal Uma Pessoa Se Distrai, A Est Ele Em Cima Das Rvores Olha Um Ninho De Pardais O Bigodes D Um Salto, Mas Escorrega E Faz Cair Um Ninho Ouvem Se Uns Pios Assustados