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O Rei Guerreiro Trouxe Paz S Ilhas Mas Por Quanto Mais Tempo Ap S Uma Vit Ria Gloriosa No Campo De Batalha, Artur Parece Ter Conquistado A Uni O Das Ilhas Brit Nicas Agora Ter De Enfrentar As Hordas Invasoras Dos Sax Es, Enquanto Merlim Inicia Uma Demanda Para Descobrir Os Tesouros M Gicos Da Bretanha, Na Cren A De Que Os Poderes Dos Velhos Deuses Ir O Interceder A Favor De Artur Na Batalha Decisiva Mas Artur Esquece Se Que Os Deuses Amam O Caos E Cedo A Fr Gil Paz Desmorona No Momento Em Que Velhas Rivalidades Irrompem E Amea Am Destruir Todas As Suas Conquistas E No Pior Momento, Os Mais Pr Ximos De Artur Preparam Se Para A Trai O Neste Segundo Volume Da Trilogia Dos Senhores Da Guerra, Bernard Cornwell D Nova Vida Lenda Arturiana, Combinando Factos Hist Ricos, Batalhas Intensas E O Velho Mundo M Gico De Merlim

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    4.5 5 StarsEnemy of God, the second book in The Warlord Chronicles trilogy by Bernard Cornwell, and the series so far, has truly been serendipity for me.As I mentioned in my previous review, I ve never bothered to start Cornwell s work, it brings me joy when someone, a friend even better again when it s from one of your favorite authors recommended a book series to you and you loved it That s truly how I feel about the trilogy so far, Cornwell again compelled me with his original and haunting retelling of an Arthurian saga full of heroism and tragedy.The now monk and Christian, Derfel Cadarn continues telling his tale to Igraine, his current Queen about his time as a Pagan, a time when he was called Lord Derfel Cadarn, Derfel the Mighty, Champion of Dumnonia and the beloved friend of Arthur Derfel s tale in Enemy of God begins in the year 495 AD, 15 years after the beginning of his tale in The Winter King and continues immediately from the aftermath of the last battle in the previous book Most of the plot in the book focused on Merlin s hunt for the Cauldron of Clyddno Eiddyn or in modern names, the Holy Grail , driving back the Saxon, Camelot Arthur s glorious years of rule and eventually, why Arthur earned the title The Enemy of God, all told masterfully from Derfel s 1st person omniscient ish narrative To hear the tales told at night time hearths you would think we had made a whole new country in Britain, named it Camelot and peopled it with shining heroes, but the truth is that we simply ruled Dumnonia as best we could, we ruled it justly and we never called it Camelot A lot of heavy realistic topics were brought upon in this book One of the most memorable moments being the complication to choose friendships or to uphold law and oath in the name of peace, even when you know the decision is wrong On instincts, I ll always choose friendship but what if, by choosing to save that friend, you risk killing millions of people Will you still go through with it Or will you follow the law, saving millions of people s lives that you don t know in exchange of your loyal friend s existence Arthur did try to change the world and his instrument was love That topic is very well written but imo, the best part of the book lies on another realistic topic and definitely the factor with the strongest emphasis, religion, specifically on Christianity, Pagan and the mystery of the Goddess, Isis It s only when you re lost and frightened and in the dark that you call on the Gods, and they like us to call on them It makes them feel powerful, and that s why they like us to live in chaos The entire discussion and conflict on religions are very thought provoking It made me think a lot on faith and afterlife, which honestly, unsettled me a bit This goes to show just how well written this book is There is a sense of hope, glory, friendship, and loss that were told While the first half is still slow paced, the pacing is much balanced now compared to the previous book where the first half was so dense with descriptions and minim dialogues The second half has faster paced, the last two chapters or less the last 60 pages of the book , in particular, were damn thrilling despite having only a small amount of actions I honestly don t know how I can tell you just how well written this book is It s simple, beautiful, haunting, and vivid Although every chapter is still very long, with 13 chapters out of 470 pages, it never felt like a slog going through it because Cornwell s prose worked so well for me.The only minor con I had with the book is that I find myself a bit disappointed by the lack of battle scenes in it It s the second book already and I still haven t seen any of Cornwell s supposedly memorable battle scenes This doesn t mean the book isn t thrilling or filled with suspense at all, the second half of the book was so addictive and thrilling despite having minimum actions as I mentioned However, I came into this series expecting to see a lot of war scenes but haven t seen any yet aside from the climax in book 1, which was still too short for my taste Do note that this is just a minor con due to my expectation, for the quality of the storytelling solely never fails to captivate me.Enemy of God is a fantastic sequel to bridge the gap towards the final book in the trilogy, Excalibur I love the previous book, love this one even and I hope the last one will continue the same tradition I totally recommend this for any lover of historical fiction and Arthurian saga You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

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    Book 1 3 Book 2 3.5 sThis darker and less romanticized view of Camelot picked up speed in book two I ve grown to enjoy and this version of the characters and especially the view of Lancelot and Guinevere who definitely don t come out smelling like roses.The clash between the Britons and the Saxons also escalates as does the pagans vs the Christians which in some ways the story starts to form if not a prelude at least a precursor to the Saxon Stories series This series is being done on audio and I ve enjoyed the narrator and look forward to the conclusion in book 3.

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    Bernard Cornwell does not disappoint and once again I enjoyed his book immensely The way he connects myth and fiction in this book is astonishing I applaud his singular storytelling skills and I cannot wait for next and unfortunately final book in this series

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    Just placed my expanded review of this wonderful nook onto BookNest.eu So many dead Their footsteps will not stir a rush on the floor nor frighten the mice that live in the monastery s thatched roof Enemy of God is the second book of The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell It continues the unique historical perspective about the origins of Arthur and his band of loyal warriors For this is his tale, the tale of our dear warlord, our law giver, our Arthur Enemy of God reached the lofty heights of its predecessor and continued to grow past it This wonderful, thrilling, heart wrenching, tense novel contains all of the brilliant aspects of the first in the series, The Winter King It continued to captivate me with many of the same brilliant characters, and a few unique cast members who fitted into the story excellently Fate is inexorable Enemy of God is told from the perspective of Derfel Cadarn, the same as the first in the trilogy He is retelling the story of his friend Arthur, who he accompanied through all his struggles and shared his successes and failures with Derfel has cemented his position as one of my favourite characters of all time with his loyalty, daring, determination and kindness.Cornwell continues to write with that magical prose of his which guides my eyes from page to page as I accompany the characters of this book through their adventures Each scene is so vivid and fluid and there was not one dull moment, for each page was consumed by an interesting event, description or character Many books of this length contain pages or even chapters that disengage me from the story as they can be boring, but this book is an exception.The plot continued to develop brilliantly and had me laughing out loud once again I deeply despise certain characters and cherish others, just what I want from any book I read The novel was filled with plot twists, extremely satisfying moments and times of despair I was weeping at one point of the book which I am sure any former reader of the series will remember with the same sorrow I do view spoiler I HATE LANCELOT hide spoiler

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    Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros Uma obra prima da literatura estrangeira Um dos melhores livros j lidos na minha vida Uma obra sem compara o Esse o nico jeito poss vel de come ar a resenhar esse livro magn fico de Bernard Cornwell Com uma narrativa absurdamente leal aos fatos descobertos pelo autor, somos transportados novamente para a Brit nia de antigamente, onde seus habitantes tentam defender suas terras dos invasores sax es.Dessa vez, al m dos problem ticos sax es, nosso protagonista tamb m ter que lidar, junto a Artur, com o r pido crescimento do cristianismo na Brit nia Esses crist os, al m de serem fervorosos, procuram acabar com a magia dos antigos deuses que sempre estiveram presentes nas ora es dos habitantes dessa terra Para que isso n o aconte a, Merlin empreende uma busca por um caldeir o m gico que tem tudo para dar errado, pois o territ rio a ser desbravado controlado por inimigos sedentos por sangue Voc um idiota, Derfel Mas um idiota bom em usar uma espada, e por isso que preciso de voc se formos andar pela Estrada Escura Ele se levantou Agora a escolha sua Merlin Fiquei im vel quando acordei N o houvera sonho, mas eu sabia o que queria Queria pegar o osso e parti lo em dois, e se esse gesto significasse andar na Estrada Escura at o reino de Diwrnach, que assim fosse Mas tamb m queria que a Brit nia de Artur fosse ntegra, boa e verdadeira E queria que meus homens tivessem ouro, terras, escravos e posto Queria expulsar os sax es de Lloegyr Queria ouvir os gritos de uma parede de escudos rompida e o toque das trombetas de guerra enquanto um ex rcito vitorioso perseguia at a ru na um inimigo espalhado Queria marchar com meus escudos estrelados na terra lisa do leste que nenhum brit nico livre vira em uma gera o E queria Ceinwyn A narrativa, assim como no livro anterior, continua sendo em primeira pessoa, o que important ssimo para fazer com que o leitor se sinta na pele do personagem em quest o Derfel, agora j velho e crist o, est contando e transcrevendo a hist ria de Artur para a sua atual rainha Igraine, e n o h ningu m melhor do que ele para fazer isso, pois lutou ao lado do her i por quase toda a vida.E tamb m acredito que n o s eu, mas todas as pessoas que j leram As Cr nicas de Artur, come aram a nutrir um dio imenso pelo personagem Lancelot Apesar de ser exaltado como um ex mio e leal guerreiro nas can es dos bardos e em praticamente todos os livros que falam da lenda de Artur e todos saberem que o mesmo nunca esteve nem mesmo em uma parede de escudos, ele ainda assim n o possui miolo algum em sua cabe a e faz de tudo para prejudicar os outros, inclusive Derfel Prestem bastante aten o nesse personagem, pois ele ser imprescind vel para o andamento da hist ria N s comemoramos E como comemoramos Porque agora parecia que t nhamos algo por que lutar N o por Mordred, aquele sapo desgra ado, mas por Artur, porque apesar de toda a sua bela conversa sobre o Conselho governar Dumnonia no lugar de Mordred, todos sab amos o que as palavras significavam Significavam que Artur seria o rei de Dumnonia em todos os sentidos, menos no nome, e por este bom objetivo levar amos nossas lan as guerra Comemoramos porque agora t nhamos uma causa pela qual lutar e morrer T nhamos Artur Quem ainda n o deu uma chance para As Cr nicas de Artur ou qualquer outro livro desse autor precisa desesperadamente rever os seus conceitos e as suas prioridades de leitura Vale a pena investir cada centavo do seu bolso e cada minuto do seu tempo em s ries dessa magnitude

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    8 10A slight improvement on the previous novel but definitely a feel of a second book in a trilogy I enjoyed the first book but it took some time to get into and there were a hell of a lot of names to take on board only for the majority of them to die or no longer be involved after 50 pages This one was a little slow at the start and it took me a while to get back into the flow of the style and era but when things got going then the pages flew by.Derfel and Arthur are two very well rounded characters, add into that some of the side characters if you can call Merlin a side character the ensemble make for a great read Lancelot is a dick but to stir those emotions means he s written well Other than the slow start one thing that lowered the overall rating was the weak ending It s a bridge from this novel to the next but the climax sort of felt like a wet fart No point in jumping the gun as there is one novel to go so let s hope for a great finale and move past how it ended.Overall a very good read but a few minor flaws making it lose a little rating overall but looking forward to the finale and how things come together.If you like this try Argincourt by Bernard Cornwell

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    Back 2 back with a series which Ive not done in eons We pick up directly from the end of the prior book, the aftermath of the battle of Lugg Vale Derfel is again front centre retelling his story as an old monk Merlin is at the centre of the politics, others think they control the kingdom but in reality it is the druid his accolade Nimue that pull the strings in the background it s a grand characterisation of the mystical pair.We start with an adventure, as is oft the way with second books in fantasy trilogies not that I would say this series is a fantasy style trilogy for the record I have found, which involves the central character Derfel Merlin, along with others where the recovery of the ancient artefacts of the gods are front centre of the story of course there s a few band guys in the way No fear, Arthur is also involved as are the rest of the gang the Sais Saxons battles are fought, politics are schemed, religions struggle for supremacy, new enemies are found old ones continue to fester Britain is still a divisive place with Derfel at the centre of the action We have a coming of age in this middle book as well, where Mordred becomes King of the Britons, a time of change looms after years of peace AND that is a whole other story..Again, I can t fault it, really enjoying the storyline which is than feasible for the period, the politicking is spot on for me as is the battle of the religions which comes to the fore in this episode.5 Two on the bounce now

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    So,an escape from formal literary pursuits.Cornwell is a consummate storyteller.He distills history,religion,myth,legend,magic and fable.This predates Game of Thrones but is a marvellous re imagining of the Arthurian legends.This is a story of Britain with religious persecution and invasion and immigration and clashes of Kings and clans.A version of the Arthurian saga was filmed in Ireland in or about 1980 by John Boorman.Two of my classmates had small parts so from then the legends always interested me.The movie was called Excalibur and while modern technology and special effects were not as advanced then I think it nonetheless still endures.Tolkien decrees that the architecture of the fantasy genre should be set out in a trilogy so I am moving on to the final book.Pure escapism but in parts a little tedious and repetitive and too many unpronounceable Welsh names.

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    Number two in the Warlord series.This is the warts and all story of Arthur, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and the rest of the round table knights.There is nothing cosy and romantic about this tale Lancelot is a narcissistic pig Guinevere has delusions of grandeur and Arthur wants nothing than to be a farmer.The usual suspects, greed, power, sex, revenge and religion, keep getting in the way of Arthur s aspirations of becoming a farmer.The game s afoot so unleash the dogs of war And nobody does this better than Arthur Bernard Cornwell never fails to entertain He takes a thread of known history and a bit of mythology, adds some literary licence and creates a book you can t put down If you are looking for characters that will elicit emotional responses from you, you will find them all here.Highly recommended for lovers of historical fiction.

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    Enemy of God is a solid 4 stars, maybe even 5 stars I took a little away because I wanted Arthur to be a little cunning and realistic He comes across too na ve in areas where he should not be The portrayal of Christianity and how it spreads conflict is a major theme and isn t pretty But it is probably realistic While this Arthurian tale is not like any others, if you are looking for a Grail quest, you will find it here kind of This part of the tale is told in the warm summertime, when Arthur is at his greatest power Yet the politics and betrayals abound Cornwell covers a lot of ground in this second part of the trilogy The battles and adventures are very good The characters become people you know and you care for Or hate them as the case may be Read it.