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The EMM Marketing Book Of The Year, Anyone With A Successful Business Can Be Certain Of One Thing Competitors Are Looking For Opportunities To Attack As A Result, Defending A Business Is A Critical Task For Business Leaders Indeed, A Good Defense Is Far Important That A Good Offense If You Fail Trying To Grow, You Will Miss Your Objectives If You Fail Defending Your Business, You Can Lose Everything Defensive Strategy Is A Brutal Business The Objective Is To Drive Competitors Into The Ground And Make Off With Their Ideas It Isn T Pretty, But A Good Defense Can Be Very Effective Here, Calkins Shows Business Leaders How To Create And Maintain A Defensive Strategy Including How To Understand And Get Competitive Intelligence How To Determine If Your Brand Or Company Is At Risk How To Create A Defensive Strategy How To Blunt Your Competitor S Efforts And Much Every Business Leader Needs To Understand How To Play Defense And This Book Will Teach Them How To Do It

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    Great book not a common topic for business books, which makes it all the interesting Very relevant to my work, which is all the better

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