Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills: A Revival of Forgotten Crafts, Techniques, and Traditions –

The Mundane And Practical Knowledge That Keeps The World Running Is The Topic Of This Book Given A Little Knowledge And A Little Experience Can Make Jobs Of Creating And Maintaining A Household And Small Farm Very Satisfactory Logsdon Gives Detailed Directions For Carrying Out Many Jobs Around The House And Farm, Providing Many Illustrations Contents Part I Home Improvement The Home Workshop Maintaining And R Repairing Home Comfort And Wood Stoves Part II Home Productivity Making And Making Do Everyday Household Items Food Preparation From Farm Animals Part III In The Yard And Garden Things To Build And Maintain From Septic Tanks To Walls And Fences And Barbeques Garden Skills Part IV Around The Barn Construction Of Coops, Pigpens, Corncribs And Barns Livestock Fences, Gates, Milking, Raising And Training Livestock Part V On The Land In The Fields Pastures And Crops Woodlot Management

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    This is an excellent excellent book Want to know how to put in a cistern He tells you Want to dig a privy He explains it It s big and heavy and looks like a textbook and once I get on my land I m sure I ll be referring to it often.

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    A solid read This is a non fiction reference book, one that I hope I get to use over and over again Imagine your grandparents imparting to you all the things they used to do back in their day and this is that book Things like now a wood stove heats a home, homestead building, gardening, farming There is SO MUCH information on everything and since there is so much, he doesn t go into fine detail You have to figure out the little points along the way My favorite tip i learned scrub your clothes with a good ol washboard i bought one and our family s dirty socks have never been cleaner Many awesome tips and tidbits Ultimately, such a gem of a book.

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    A valuable source of self sufficiency, even though it is outdated I appreciate the level of detail given to the different projects and instructions I borrowed this book from my local library.

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    I m pretty sure this is one of his that I read from the library back in 99 I ve been meaning to add his books to my personal library but I ve been to broke.

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    Not Owned Yet

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    A compendium of lost knowledge.

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    Excellent compendium of basic skills that are often not learned or, in fairness, used in the modern developed world.