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A Collection Of Nine Horror Stories Created By New York Times Best Selling Novelist Scott Sigler, Author Of NOCTURNAL, INFECTED, CONTAGIOUS And ANCESTOR This EBook And Audiobook Only Collection Brings You Of Scott S Thought Provoking Short Stories From His Five Years Of Weekly Storytelling, As Well As A Brand New HUNTER HUNTERSON SONS Story And A Brand New KISSYMAN Tale Scott Still Gives Away His Audio Stories For Free Every Week At ScottsiglerStories In BONES ARE WHITE Passenger Bag Man Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney For The Damned Hero Eusocial Networking You Re A Damn Fool, Charlie Brown Kissyman The Last Song Hunter Hunterson Sons Home Hunter Hunterson Sons The Burger Manuscript

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    This is a review of each short story at a time 1 Kissyman The Last Song This is one of the few short story that s really short and really good One of the things that makes this story so good is because it has the sense of greatness in its characters and of course the main character not that there are many is from the great novel Kissyman The Gentleman 2 Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned This is a dream of an author though I m not sure if it s the best dream or a nightmare, why don t you find out 3 You re A Damn Fool, Charlie Brown this one was too long and it didn t make me interested to know but maybe that s my opinion because I was inpatient when I was listening 4 Eusocial Networking This short baby is about some guys working in a,laboratory making experiments to control ants to use as workers then suddenly a crisis happen read the story you won t regret it 5 passenger It s part of crypt the novel but I don t know why I didn t like it much and I don t think I m listening to crypt anytime soon specially if it s read by that stupid narrator THIS NARRATOR IS TOO SLOW AND BORING 6 Hero This one was okay because it wasn t so long but it would have been boring if it was any longer 7 Bag man Here where superman turns bad wait what does bad mean this short story shows us how humans can see every sin others do but their own or the ones they do so when superman comes for them he s turning bad 8 Hunter Hunterson Sons I never had it for those characters but this one was q bit better and it has facts from real life that makes you continue listen 9 Hunter Hunterson Sons The 15 Burger This one is a little different I think that everyone who enjoys fantasy and have a sense of humour would like this one.

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    Sigler isn t a Stephen King by any means, but he occasionally hits the mark Infected was the story that got me interested, and I ve now become a minor fan This short story collection has a few turns that are King ish and interesting, but too often they go into sci fi future land without any reward Here s the best from this collection Passenger futuristic, combat, so its hot and heavy and stays mostly good The transition happens a little too fast this is one of the few stories that could have actually been bigger, although it ends up paralleling Infected in big ways Chuckles Mulrooney Wins the most King ish award Aside from some silly dialogue choices, it s mostly rewarding Bag Man very King ish, a tad weak but the morality angle adds some worth Eusocial networking okay enough Hero it again languishes in the sci fi future without any benefit, but ended up being almost decent I would skip the rest if I had it to do over Sigler has some great, dark imagination, and I m a big fan of his content to the masses approach.

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    Just as good as his 1st anthology Favorite stories in this one include Chuckles MulrooneyEusocial NetworkingHunter Hunterson Sons

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    Very good collection of short stories Fav stories are Bag Man, Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned, Kissyman The Last Song, Hunter Hunterson Sons Home Thoroughly recommended.

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    Kissyman and the last song A great start for something I really enjoyed but didn t expect at all It seemed so absurd at some points that it didn t even seem horrible or terrifying in a traditional way This story reminded me of a nightmare that could very possibly happen in real life I quickly found out where the horror elements come through the storytelling Since this is the first of Sigler s work that I had ever read, I couldn t really catch onto the style that well besides horror It s different for me because I m not used to horror books in general and this seemed like a curve ball.Chuckles Mulrooney Attorney for the Damned The most definable part about this story was Chuckles Mulrooney as a character He manages to be imaginable in a short amount of time and the story does it really effortlessly He is a lawyer and he should his soul, but the way it s portrayed is like he had spent a lot of money to get where he was at, except he sold his soul which is beyond priceless Even though it s a bit longer, it is definitely from the mind of Scott Sigler.Passenger This is the first story in the book where Sigler doesn t hold back on his fascination with sci fi Deep into the future and advanced technology Extremely detailed and conceptual I feel like I could think about the true meaning for years if I wanted to It kept my interest which just goes to show that he could describe anything in a easy to understand way.Bag Man We go back to the regular scheduled real life stories, similar to the first two This one has very realistic elements and doesn t seem to talk about many physical ideas, but definitely something interested.Beam Up on Aisle Five I liked this one as well, because it was a break from all the stories read so far It does seem Sigler used this one as a basis to just let his thoughts flow onto the page It doesn t take place as a far in the future as the Passenger, but it does still show how much changes and things really seem to faster Eusocial Networking The one thing that stuck out on this one for me was the fascination with ants They were described by him as if he had been studying them his whole life and had a lot of experience with them I could imagine Sigler pondering as a child on the concept of ants and just being over thoughtful on them Although it isn t that horrifying, it does seem to send a message on how Sigler can craft a narrative.Hero One of the static plots of the bunch Not bad, but I didn t get as sunk in as I anticipated This is essentially Sigler exercising his narrative skills in a sci fi universe where anything is possible.You re a Damn Fool, Charlie Brown This portion seemed to move a little bit slower compared to the first two It wasn t what I expected from the title Although it did have its absurd moments, it definitely kept my attention as I continued to read on.Hunter Hunterson Sons Home This became one of my favorites from the start The best way I could describe it is Scott Sigler if he had to make Sci Fi come to life and he had to deal with it The absurdity is always playing off of the fantasy based elements to create the oddest contrast and that is what he does best.Hunter Hunterson Sons The 15 Burger I d say this is my favorite out of all of them Even though it s arguable that it isn t the best, I genuinely enjoyed this side of his writing Hunter Hunterson is a reoccurring character that Sigler seems to reflect so well The difference between this and the first story is that there is just so much that s crude, but very personal and living a fantasy.If you combine all of these stories, you get what is Bones Are White I wanted this to be a sampler of Scott Sigler s abilities and that s exactly what I got I read about a simple hitman who killed a woman, and then about people talking at a dinner table as if it was a comedy skit The only difference is that Sigler could make some of these into full story novels if he wanted to The characters are so well developed and even come off as actually psychotic at times I almost felt like the stories were being narrated by The Crypt Keeper off of Tales from the Crypt because of all the silliness Even though they aren t long, they are without a doubt satisfying to read.

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    This is the first of my Halloween themed reads I have to say, I m a bit disappointed This book series claimed to have strong violence and adult situations but while there were some stories that were graphic The Kissyman most were pretty tame That s not what disappointed me though I was expecting there to be horror, I mean after all the book series is called Bones are White gives the idea that there is going to be some horror, though the science fiction related stories were probably the best ones Hero over all there were some that I just couldn t stand the characters because they were flat out assholes, and don t get me wrong I like a flawed character like that but they have to have something than just the fact that their assholes I have to like or love hate something about you, at least for me I really wanted to give this series a higher rating but most of the time the author narrated his stories and didn t, I think do that great of a job As someone said in another review Sigler s first person narrations aren t his strong suit Glad I checked it out though.

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    Great collection of Sigler s short stories, some narrated by the author himself Scott Sigler is one of the few authors that can pull off narration as well, and he does a fantastic job of it The other narrators are great as well All of the stories we re great but 3 of them I enjoyed than the others Kissyman The Last Song was the first story and a great one Thanks to the author s notes at the end, I ve had a wonderful song stuck in my head since that I d never heard before The other two stories we re the last two Hunter Hunterson Son s are back for two stories Their first story are in Sigler s other collection of short stories, Blood is Red It s about a crazy redneck family that hunts the supernatural This book does contain language probably not suitable for a younger audience lol.

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    The collection of stories was an excellent feature, each story was entirely different than the other and they were all very enjoyable reads Some of my personal heart stopping favourites were Bag Man and Hero, they were such anxiety inducing short stories and were incredibly well written I ll definitely come back to this book whether it be five years from now or thirty, these stories are timeless and so delightful I guarantee I ll find myself back on my device reading these stories again and again.

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    Real good could be 5 stars but the hunter hunterson stories are a bit much Played loose like an episode of All in the Family Ignorance played off as jokes for a bigger meaning The author isn t good enough to use the homophobia or racist stuff in a way that counters the intention Archie was not the hero in the stories.

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    Pretty entertaining collection of stories I continue to be impressed by Sigler.