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Alba Has Spent Her Entire Life Pleasing OthersAs An Upper Class Plebeian Woman In Ancient Rome, That Is Her Place In Life But When Her Husband Lucius, The Owner Of Aprestigious Gladiatorial School, Uses Her Body As A Bargaining Tool To Increase His Fortunes, She Is Faced With Doing As He Demands, Or Finding Herself On The StreetForced To Lay With Masked Gladiators Chosen By Lucius, Alba Is Surprised To Discover Pleasure In Being Powerless Only In The Forbidden Arms Of Caius And Marcus Does She Find Comfort, However Temporary It May BeBut With Lucius Demands Looming And The Threat Of Death For Her Gladiators Ever Present, Will Alba S Fleeting Pleasures Be Enough Or Will Alba Finally Grab Hold Of Her Happily Ever After, No Matter The Consequences

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    My Summary Alba is the Domina or mistress of her home, but really defers to her husband for all things This obedience has left her feeling lonely and unhappy Her husband often finds comfort in their slaves and doesn t come to her any Alba and her husband, Lucius run a Gladiator school, where they train men to fight Because of her loneliness and feeling of being abandoned, she begins to have interest in the Champion Gladiator of the compound One day, the opportunity arises in which she and the Champion, Marcus, have an encounter Since she is the mistress of the house, she demands he satisfy her needs She never expected to have the chance to meet with him again, but her husband has other plans As their familia funds begin to deteriorate, Lucius makes a deal that will secure his family The problem is, the contributor wants to give his money to a family that has children Lucius always believed that Alba was the problem, but because his infidelity hasn t produced an heir, the problem seems to be his So, Lucius comes up with the idea to mate Alba with the Champion Gladiators Even though Alba is thrilled with the possibility of being with Marcus again, she s furious that he is breeding her out without her consent On the first night of mating , she s unsure whether or not the Champion that has been sent to her is Marcus or not, because he is wearing a mask After that time, she meets Caius It turns out that Caius is her masked mate As Alba s feelings for both men grow, she discovers that they too have a relationship based on years of friendship Alba tries to figure out how she can fit into their lives and bring them the same happiness they bring into her life Will there be room for her How can they all be happy together with the threat of Lucius deceitful ways My Take Alright, here are the straight out facts, if you don t like erotica or sexy romance novels, stop reading There s no point This is one HOT book from start to finish However, as you can see from my summary, there is a story there as well I could have gone on about the actual events of the story, but I don t want to give too much away It s been a long time since I ve read a historical romance I love history, but have never been to keen on historical romance So, why did I read this you ask Well, I do like Roman history, so that was one reason I mean, did you all watch ROME LOVED IT The other reason, honestlyone of my best friend s, Andrea at The Bookish Babe, got this book as well and skimmed through it one day She said it was hotter than anything she d ever read That sold me right then and there So, Andrea and I decided to read this book together We tend to provide moral support for each other So, what makes this story great I really did like the actual story behind all the sex The sex had a purpose That might sound silly, but it s true Alba was meant to have a baby, so she needed to have sex It s true that in Roman society at that time, that sex was freely performed anywhere, anytime, but Alba did have standards for crying out loud I mean, wouldn t you want to have the hottest Gladiators in the compound WORDHere s my breakdown on the characters I loved Alba right away I felt kind of bad for her If she had been a woman in today s society, she wouldn t have taken crap from that husband of hers HATED Lucius He was a total sleaze I never trusted him, but you aren t meant to You aren t supposed to like him I also detested his personal guard YUK Now for my boys, yes, MY boys I would take them both and cherish them forever who said that I fell pretty fast for Marcus Here s why.he s a ROMAN GOLDEN GOD Marcus is also the strong, silent type, that actually has a brain I like and need that in man Not to mention that he follows instruction well, if you know what I m sayin Then, there is Caius He s the other ROMAN GOLDEN GOD, but with a sense of humor He s a bit carefree, but man is he sexy On to the smexy I feel that the best way to describe my thoughts on the sex, is for me to give you a list of instructions Items to have on hand while reading this book 1 An ice bucket or be close to a freezer.2 Some type of alcoholic bevy.3 A change of panties.4 Something or someone to relieve thetension.5 Ice, ice, and ice 6 Your cell phone to phone a friend.7 Have the option of leaving the room to sneak in some alone time.8 Don t read this while taking your kids to the park, dr s, or waiting in line at the school 9 Give yourself at least 20 minutes before operating a vehicle.10 Read with a partner, so you can gush about all the sexy parts.Why do I give this advice I give you this advice as a warning You will be in, what I like to call a Gladiator Haze You will not understand anyone or anything around you while reading this book You will feel faint, light headed, beyond turned on, and completely unable to understand life as you know it This story will stay in your mind for days I m blushing just thinking about all the steamy scenes I leave you with this Keep your eyes out for the following scenes 1 Alba bath2 balcony3 sconces4 candlelight by the sea5 bathtub at the innIs your mind racing yet Well, it should be If you like erotic romance, don t walk, RUN to get this book.

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    Warning this review will be on the bipolar side After 24 hours to sit and think about it, I m still jumping all over the place with my thoughts I requested to read this book for very obvious reasonsthe cover for starters The simple fact Gladiator has an s after it cause frankly what s better than one Gladiatordamn straight, two Gladiators and lastly, it is published by Avon so I thought it would be top quality Because I want to talk about so many different aspects of this book I am going to stop myself from jumping all over the shop by doing it in point form First page, first paragraph I was cringing The book is written in first person, and I am NOT a fan of first person In honesty I wouldn t have requested it if I would have known I find it sterile and too restrictive and I continued to feel this way for a large chunk of the book, but by the end I didn t notice it at all The story itself kept me occupied enough not to even remember my dislike of it This story made me mad Not just a little frustrated, but bat shit crazy, heart palpitations, nasty ass mood for the rest of the day mad And no it wasn t from bad writing, it was from the authors ability to make the worst villains known to man I HATED Alba s husband, I HATED Justinus, I HATED Hilaria and I m a lover not a hater I detested these characters so much I pictured myself tying them to a bed and stabbing them with a blunt fork until they slowly bled to death They were horrible and I don t think I have ever hated villainous characters so much It darkened my mood and made me appreciate fluffy romance books where the protagonists skip through the park holding hands Lauren Hawkeye hands down writes truly awesome assholes Even though I hate being angry, I couldn t help but appreciate how emotional Lauren made me about these characters The historical voice of this story wasfloorless I m not one of those readers that takes a historical book and goes through marking off and double checking if the wording is right but to me, this book was extremely well written in regard to the historical voice From start to finish I was transported back in time Yet another aspect that Lauren Hawkeye was entirely convincing on The Gladiators sigh , okay, as bastardly and that is a kind word considering as the villains were, the Gladiators were the opposite I LURVED them yep to the point where I m spelling love the wrong was and putting it in capital letters Lay me on the marble floor and hop aboard gentlemen, I am ready for a ride They were gggrrrooowwlll worthy They were the perfect mix of aggressive strength and ruggedly handsome good looks, and their personalities were just as dreamy They were dominating, possessive in the best quantities , protective, gentlemanly, loving, caring, you name it, they had it The sex Yes, the sex definitely rates a mention It was scorching my panties hot There was no vanilla here ladies, it was double choc chip with peppermint swirls, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and berries It was kinky but it classy from the point of view of someone who reads a lot of erotic romance However it may not be for the erotic virgins It contained m nage scenes, anal sex, near rape, gay sexand I am sure I have missed than I ve listed So the reason for my bipolar seesaw review is that I started this book on the wrong foot I didn t like the writing in first person, add to that the anger this story wrung from me and I would rate it a 2 out of 5 I don t enjoy stories that make me mad and have the ability to change my mood for an entire day However if I rated my love for the gladiators and the kinky, naughty sex scenes, I would give it an impressive 5 out of 5 They truly were THAT perfect to me.And I can t go without giving the author points for her flawless writing She is a remarkably talented author so in the end I have decided to give it 4 out of 5 with a sliding scale for various different reasons as I pointed out If you aren t against feeling the need to stab everyone in sight over emotions brought out in a book this may be a 5 out of 5 read for you.

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    This tale is told first person point of view, Alba s point of view specifically When readers first meet Alba she is a contently married woman living the life that one would expect of an upper class Roman female Her husband owns one of Rome s better Ludas gladiator school I point out that she is content with the way things are She feels they could be better, but she knows that things could always be worse I am still shocked at the difference in the woman at the beginning of this book to the woman at the end When her husband and his physician approach her about her lack of baring a child she soon starts to see her husband as a different person She also starts to see that changes need to be made in her life, but she is not in any position to see to any of those changes Her position is dictated by her husband, even if he makes her feel like a common whore.I loved Alba She is seeing things in a completely different light than she ever has before She knows that her husband is not the man he presents himself to be He is greedy and manipulative He is often cruel and she begins to feel as though she is just another of his possessions His continued poor treatment of her only reiterates this fact repeatedly The only comforts she has are her stolen moments with her two gladiators The fact that a female in this time period began taking charge of her life was exhilarating As with any first person point of view I was left wanting of Marcus and Caius They know their place in this life and don t hope for a change in their status They are happy to have the moments with Alba that they are given, or the times they are stolen This is an erotic romance, there are numerous sex scenes Some of the scenes include male on male, light bondage, voyeurism, paid sex, and anal Alba s time with her gladiators is very hot Her gladiators care deeply for her Their attention to her and her pleasures are exquisite The time she gets to spend with Marcus and Caius makes it so easy to understand why she made the sacrifices she eventually makes to get her happiness.

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    Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceWith the popularity of Gladiators taking over the small screen, I was hoping some of that would spill over into the romance genre I enjoy my Regency Historical Romances immensely, but do like a change of era every now and again Thank you Ms Hawkeye, MY WICKED GLADIATORS fit the bill splendidly The story is told from Alba s point of view fine with me, as I have no problem with that She is the fine, upstanding wife of a prominent ludus owner, Lucius STOP go to the end of the book and skim over the Glossary to acquaint yourself with the terms used Unfortunately, the ludus and Lucius are flat broke, and Lucius is doing his scheming best to make money to keep the ludus afloat They include whoring his gladiators out to a high paying widow, and forcing his wife to lie with a masked gladiator to satisfy the whims of a financial supporter.Enmeshed in this deliciousness debauchery of sensuality, feasting, and violence is Alba s steadfastness in continuing to do what is expected of her However, that soon begins to change when she realizes her husband isn t the man she always thought he was and it is high time she put herself first One of the things that I liked most about this book was Alba s compassion As she sprouts her wings, learns to love, takes charge of her life she never loses the compassion for others There is one point at the beginning of the novel where Alba takes her pleasure where she wants, but then feels guilty for it I felt an emotion that I could not quite define rising in my chest, and I stood, pushing Drusilla s hands away Do not judge me, Drusilla Why are my actions so dreadful Lucius fucks whomever he chooses, whenever he chooses Why should I be miserable, simply because my husband has ceased to desire me I felt tears causing my throat to swell as I spoke, and to my mortification, I felt a hot trickle of tears spill down my cheeks.Yes, Lucius is a snake is the grass and a leopard never changes his spots He is the husband you love to hate.Enter Caius and Marcus the two champions of the ludus Are they or aren t they lovers Which one is the masked gladiator Nope, not answering any of these questions for you I ll just say that the touch of this masked gladiator, this warrior, had wiped memory from mind, filling its empty spaces with ecstasy Yes, there is a bit of male romance Just enough to wet your whistle and leave you aching for .In actuality, I didn t think Ms Hawkeye would make this work Slaves just don t get an HEA with their owners But she did and very well There s here than just sex and gladiators fighting, but, hey, I didn t want to spoil the party I ll leave that to the unstable widow, Hilaria

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    I m trying to think of the right words to write a review for this book, but the only thing that s coming to mind is HOLY SMOKING HOT ROMANS Honestly, I was not expecting this book to be non stop steaminess and blow me away, but Lauren Hawkeye did just that Wicked Gladiators is the story of Alba, an upper class woman in ancient Rome Her husband, the arrogant and inattentive owner of the gladiator training school, freely does as he pleases while expecting her to simply be his obedient and respectable wife Alba is lonely and fed up with her husband s lack of any feelings for her, and decides on a whim to help herself to one of their gladiators The gorgeous, incredibly strong and gifted fighter Marcus makes her feel things she s only dreamt of, and afterwards Alba can t get him and their time together off her mind But Lucius, desperate for the money they need, has made an agreement that leaves Alba s body at the mercy of one of her husband s gladiators Alba is consumed by her feelings, both physical and emotional, for Marcus and Caius In her world, she has no power and the gladiators she loves could be taken from her at any moment, but Alba is determined to find freedom for all 3 of them.I wasn t sure what to expect of this story it starts out with a very steamy scene, and my first impression was that it was really sexy but the character development was going to fall flat So I braced myself for a smut book with lots of sex and not much else, and boy was I wrong While Alba comes across as a snotty rich wife at first, she is actually just an under appreciated woman who is desperate to feel loved and find pleasure for herself She isn t cold and demanding of the slaves and gladiators they house like other women of her stature would be, and I found myself worried for her as she was taking risks to be with the men she loved She was strong, sweet, and intelligent, and deserved better than the treatment her useless husband gave her Marcus and Caius, oh sweet lord these boys just had me panting and fanning myself as I tried to calm my racing heart They were just dripping in sex appeal and raw manliness that makes you weak in the knees, and I absolutely loved the way they were Alba s sensual dreams come true And as I saw of them throughout the story, their protectiveness and love for her just kicked their delish factor up tenfold faints The plot and setting that Hawkeye created for this story were addicting, too, I was completely intrigued by the way these people lived She took time with details, which made the whole setting seem very realistic The descriptions of their home, the gladiator s housing, the lives of the slaves, and the societal norms of the time all kept with the Ancient Roman era I was really impressed with how well this was written instead of the story suffering from the use of so many steamy scenes, I think they actually balanced each other out and actually benefited from each other in this book There was definitely an air of sensuality throughout the whole story, it seemed like at any point someone was either horny as hell or finding pleasure, and it was usually on display The Ancient Rome setting was a neat twist the old chauvinistic, almost animal like view on sex that was used in the story had my heart racing Everyone was pretty much uninhibited when it came to their bodies, especially the gladiators, and HOLY crap was it hot I wasn t sure how I d feel about the m m aspect of this story, but I actually liked how it played out with these characters It s not usually something that I have interest in reading about, but the way Hawkeye made me really fall for these guys first, along with the whole sexually charged atmosphere, made it really sexy Marcus, Caius, and Alba together oddly somehow made the perfect relationship and completed each other I really loved the way Wicked Gladiators ended, I think it was just right for these characters and fit the story perfectly Definitely recommend this to any adventurous romance novel fans out there

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    KcLu s review posted on Guilty PleasuresMy Wicked Gladiators is the first book that I have read by Lauren Hawkeye, and to say it held me hostage would be an understatement This is one of those great books that you are willing to miss sleep for I couldn t wait to see what would happen next Alba is the wife of the pater familias, and they run a ludus a training facility for the gladiators they own She is very bored with her life, but her one joy is watching the gladiators train Two of them have caught her eye, but she can do nothing about it According to the Roman traditions the wife may sleep with any slave she wants except the gladiators, because they must store up their seed to fight better This doesn t stop her from seducing Marcus, the champion of their gladiators, and having her way with him in her bath LAWD all I can say about that encounter is HAWT She feels very guilty about forcing Marcus to sleep with her and betraying her husband, UNTIL her husband comes to her with his new plan to save the lodus from running out of money He is trying to secure the patronage of Baldurus, one of the wealthiest men in the city, but Baldurus wants them to have a child before he will sign off on anything Alba has thought she couldn t have children come to find out the problem was Lucius, her husband He forces her to lie with one of the gladiators until she conceives a child Needless to say she is pissed about that Through this though she finds pleasure in being powerless to not only Marcus but to Caius too, she comes to care for both of them and them her Can she have a life with her gladiators away from the bindings of Rome I hope I was able to tell you enough without giving away too much of the story There is so much to love about this book Oh goodness these gladiators are hot as hell The loves scenes are smoking hot This book is told completely from Alba s point of view please don t turn it away because of that You would be missing out on a true gem

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    3.5 4 StarsTravel back in time to ancient Rome and the time of Gladiators with Lauren Hawkeyes dark and delicious novel, My Wicked Gladiators Alba is wed to Lucius, owner of a school for champion Gladiators A tolerant and dutiful wife she always does what is expected of her from her husband, even though he ignores her A certain Gladiator has caught her eye though dark, strong and handsome Alba can t resist his allure When her husband leaves for business she summons him to her bath chamber knowing that he cannot refuse her Alba is blissfully sated afterwards but riddled with guilt until her husband confides that they are in danger of losing everything unless she can bare a child Formulating a heartless plan for her to breed with one of his Gladiators, Lucian forces Alba to submit Hoping beyond hope that the Gladiator chosen to breed with her is her Gladiator, Alba is surprised by the pleasure she finds in the masked man s arms Disgusted by her husband s greed and manipulations Alba s only joy is her time with her Gladiators but when their happiness together is threaten will Alba find the courage to stand up to Lucian and leave all she has behind to save it What s better than a sexy Gladiator willing to fulfill all your fantasies Two sexy Gladiators of course Told in the first person from Alba, though maybe not happy with her lot she is content a dutiful and docile wife Soon into the story her attitude begins to change though, first when her husband refuses her which inspires her to seek out the Gladiator Marcus Alba still believes that Lucian truly loves her though despite his lack of affections When Lucian coerces her into having sex with a stranger though so that she can become pregnant for the sake of wealth Alba begins to see the truth of the man she married Lucius, talk about a man that you wanted to strangle I give Alba props for holding her tongue and it makes me appreciate living in the time we are in, because I couldn t put up with what she did.Dark, gritty and sometimes depressing readers journey with Alba as she discovers the strong sensual woman inside of her in a world of politics, greed, sexual depravity and bloodshed Her story sucked me right in As Alba sneaks in visits with Marcus she discovers a whole new side of her one discovery is that she likes to be bound waggles eyebrows But she also starts to develop feelings for the Gladiator that is forced to breed with her, Caius, who is fun and gentle However, Marcus and Caius already have a loving relationship together and Alba suffers several doubts about herself because of it Lauren Hawkeye weaves the four different relationships wonderfully and provides scorching scenes that will get your blood firing And though I really really, really, really enjoyed the sexual chemistry and the pages sizzling in my hands I wish emotion was sprinkled between the sex There wasn t a lot of communication between Alba, Caius and Marcus and though understandable with the times and having to steal moments together it affected my ability to connect with the trio until near the end I really enjoyed watching Alba grow throughout the story though the woman we meet at the beginning is drastically different than the one we say goodbye to at the end.A unique and extremely hot erotic romance there are numerous sex scenes and in true Roman fashion they re conducted publicly and frequently in varying styles With M M, M F and M F M relationships as well as some light BDSM, prostitution in a sense and anal My Wicked Gladiator definitely has enough to keep erotica fans entertained Also a plus, there is a helpful glossary of terms at the end With a seemingly impossible HEA the story will keep you turning the pages and on the edge hoping for just that My Wicked Gladiators was an enjoyable read that I am glad I picked up A recommended M nage read

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    Gladiator Delicious Holy Smokes Batman LOL I thought the book cover was hot, MAN that was until I read the story I mean forget about being just hot, no, I m talking body quivering with shattering orgasm hot The story captivated me with the culture of the Roman times between the classes of slavery and how they gained their freedom through fighting which I loved the snippets of action in the book but also how women were treated during this time like they were possessions and in truth you could actually say they were almost slaves themselves in a way since they belong to their husbands and basically had no rights The female character Alba won my heart over as her eyes opened up to what a cruel and deceitful man her husband Lucius really was She finally woke up to find out what true love really was and I was rooting her on as she found love and pleasure in the arms of the two gladiators Marcus and Caius I also admired her because of the way she treated all slaves in general with respect and the fact that she finally found the courage to stand up to her husband Lucius and beat him at his own game by turning the tables on him in the end What is great about great stories like this is that there is always the evil villians and the heroic hero s who save the day and in this case I have to say that I literally felt like jumping in the story to help kick some serious ass I didnt know I could actually hate someone so much as I did Lucius right hand slave Justinus I mean the guy was a sneaky snake who would sell his own mother to get ahead Another person I hated was the high society rich bitch Hilaria who was a major slut and would probably screw her dog in public if given the chance image error

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    Alba and Lucius have been married for a number of years Lucius paid attention to his wife for the first few years they were married, but when their unions failed to produce a child, he deems she s barren and seeks his pleasure in the house slaves.In order to ensure his family is able to maintain the status quo, Lucius negotiates an alliance with another wealthy Roman His stipulation, he will not enter into the agreement unless Lucius is able to get his wife, Alba, with child Due to the family physician s assumption that it is Lucius who is barren and not Alba Because the alliance is important, Lucius decides he will mate Alba with a gladiator of his choosing in hopes that she will become pregnant Alba doesn t like being treated as a possession, but she secretly hopes that she will be mated with one of the two gladiators that she s attracted to While she agrees to the terms Lucius set for her matings, she soon finds herself looking forward to her mating days with her lovely gladiator, Caius But he isn t the only one that Alba wants She has also been with Marcus and longs to have a relationship with both men.This was an interesting story, because it had me wondering if women in Ancient Rome would actually have the type of freedom that Alba had in this story or would be able to dictate the change in her life the way Alba did Sex is rampant in the book, but that shouldn t be surprising considering the time period Men with women, men with men, women with women, it was pretty much a free for all However it was slightly disturbing to me the way certain women of the upper class would treat the male slaves I don t know why them being used sexually should have surprised me, but it did bother me especially since I don t like to see anyone being used like that if they don t want it.If you ever wondered what life would be like for a woman during ancient Roman times, this book could give you a good idea Overall it s an enjoyable read, although it did drag in places.

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    I ll be honest and say that I can t finish this book I think it s only 200 pages per but it s the slowest 17 chapters of my life The plot is 1 star but the sex part is 5 This gave me impressions of that Showtime series, Spartacus, with Gladiators in Ancient Rome setting But while Spartacus has a solid plot made even exciting by all those nekked men their amorous activities with their Domina, My Wicked Gladiators plot is as dry as sand.In a nutshell, Alba is caught in a loveless marriage with Lucius They have a several Gladiators and they need patronage but for them to get it, Alba must have a child first Lucius is sterile so they sought the help of a Gladiator to plant his seed in Alba s belly And they lived happily ever after This is one of those sexy erotic books that have two parts, the sex and the plot, sadly this has too much sex and the plot didn t complement all the steam Don t get me wrong, I love Mommy Porn as much as the next girl but I guess I want mine to still have a story I want to live vicariously through the heroine, empathize with her dilemma, BE her on the duration of the story Sadly the emotional intensity is almost nonexistent in this If I want straight up porn, I ll just hit up one of those porn sites and get my fill Now the sex parts are VERY, VERY HOT You might as well skip the dry confrontations between Lucius Alba and fast forward to the latter s encounters with her Gladiators This book has M M, F M 3 way in every shape or form There s bondage, voyeurism and the basics on Mommy Porn.Would I recommend this Yes for all the sexy scenes but I ll give you a head s up that the plot needs a lot of work too