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Nearly forty years have passed since I began my first mission to Tonga At the urging of many people whom I admire I have attempted to describe some of the experiences and feelings I encountered those many years ago The main purpose of this book is to emphasize the overwhelming need for faith in our lives I realize that in some ways I am describing a time and a place and circumstances that no longer exist Yet in other ways I am describing feelings and challenges that are as old as time and as fresh as the morning sun I am convinced that regardless of the physical background or the decade our life's experiences are cast against the need for love and faith to bring meaning to our lives and reason for our decisions remains unchanged I do not apologize for the time the place or the circumstances described as that was the way it was I suppose most people who have passed through this planet earth have lived and died closer to the type of life described herein than the hectic one we live in America today We all need faith and I know we can learn from others In looking back and reading letters and other items written at the time I have tried to describe how I felt then I had no feeling that I was going into a particularly hard situation or that things were going to be tough I had no thought of doing anything unusual but rather simply wanted to do my best to get through each day doing as much good and as little damage as possible

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