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It S Been Thirty Five Weeks Since Twin Sisters Harmony And Melody Went Their Separate Ways And Now Their Story Has Become Irresistible Twins Separated At Birth, Each Due To Deliver Twins On The Same Day Married To Ram And Living In Goodside, Harmony Spends Her Time Trying To Fit Back Into The Community She Once Believed In But She Can T Forget About Jondoe, The Guy She Fell For Under The Strangest Of CircumstancesTo Her Adoring Fans, Melody Has Achieved Everything A Major Contract And A Coupling With The Hottest Bump Prospect Around But This Image Is Costing Her The One Guy She Really WantsThe Girls Every Move Is Analyzed By Millions Of Fans Eagerly Counting Down To Double Double Due Date They Re Two Of The Most Powerful Teen Girls On The Planet, And They Could Do Only One Thing To Make Them Even Famous Tell The Truth

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    The scariest thing about Thumped a story told about a futuristic dystopia where teen girls have their bodies sold for reproductive purposes is how eerily similar it is to our own world right now Before saying a whole lot , I ll say it s absolutely essential to read Bumped before diving into this one or it will make no sense at all A year out from reading Bumped, I was a little lost for a while partially my fault and partially because the first 1 3 or so of Thumped is the weakest.After Bumped, Harmony returns to Goodside, a community where religious beliefs are law in order to maintain a sort of utopian world it s where she grew up and was comfortable but she s anything but happy here More than that, though, she s due soon to give birth to twins Melody desperately wants Harmony back in her life, and she makes it her mission to rescue her Melody s pregnant, too, with twins, and now the world waits eagerly for their Double Double Due Date While important to the plot, the writing and story here are clunky, but in these moments, Harmony s voice and character shine through Whereas the first installment in this series gives readers a sense of Melody and what the stakes are for her, this book homes in much on Harmony I think for good reason, too While there are a number of important male characters in the story ones that were especially influential in Bumped , I didn t spend much time caring about them in Thumped That s a point of the book, not a point of weak writing I found the conclusions drawn in this book satisfying and relevant It s a world where females teen girls have lost rights to their own bodies It s a world where the government is so concerned about taking care of its citizens that it chooses the way one lives Where people are so fanatical about making money, gaining fame, garnering status, that they overlook the fact every individual is entitled to do and act with their bodies and their lives as they wish to That means if they don t want to be sold for procreation, they don t have to be It means if they want to use contraception, they can and I think it s brilliant McCafferty illustrates this point via condoms rather than birth control, only further amplifying the male female divide and notion of sexual responsibility on this issue It means if a woman wants to breastfeed their children, she have the right to do that It means if someone doesn t want to live his her life under a religious canopy s he don t believe in or don t want to subscribe fully to, s he don t have to Thumped isn t the same as Bumped, in that the story is thinner and the world building is tamer It s still a satire, but not in the degree Bumped was Part of the payoff was seeing how Melody and Harmony came to find themselves as than simply satire and than simply products of their world The reason it lacks in story is because it matters much less than their coming into themselves and their realization they re autonomous and freely independent beings who can act that way More than that, though, the story aspect of the book was precisely what their government and their fans wanted them to tell It was essential in Bumped but because Thumped turns the twins worlds upside down, it was much important for them to break free from the story they felt they had to tell and instead, tell the one they wanted to tell Melody sums it up really nicely I m the only one who will take credit for my successes And I m the only one who will take the blame for my mistakes From now on, I live for me I appreciate how McCafferty offered up a sequel to Bumped, but she does it in an unexpected, fresh, and thoughtful way It wasn t a lazy book at all Full review here

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    I m confused How can Melody be pregnant if she never had sex with anybody. Am I missing something

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    I am honestly not sure why Bumped and Thumped haven t received love from the YA community I wish that they did they offer something lighter, less romantic and certainly different from other dystopian novels on the market Where most of these Wither, Matched, Legend, Divergent, and many offer bleak, dramatic visions of the future where romance and hope should prevail through tragedy, Megan McCafferty works on similar ideas by way of the satire And it in my opinion works beautifully, offering a refreshing yet realistic take on a possible future.Thumped offered a really nice conclusion to Bumped The story was entertaining enough, there was a bit of humor, and I remembered enough of the previous book s new words to be comfortable with them this time There s a great cast of secondary characters, some good and some less than good, and I love all the technologies and products appearing through the story.There is something quite impressive about the future McCafferty has created, which seems to be both too crazy to be true, and entirely realistic Melody s parents, for instance, were awful people, using their daughter for their own profit I kept thinking, where do these parents come from I can t imagine parents could do that to their own child But then, I thought about it again, and I realized that yes, I could absolutely see it We see worse all the time on the news, so why not And that s what satire is a little bit, isn t it Taking a horrible truth, twisting it a little, and forcing you to think on what it hides, what it means The book certainly opens many doors for discussions on sexuality, faith, free will, etc.There were a few things I liked less in the book I found the girls to be a tad preachy, and not really likable I also missed Zen as he was in the first book I would say that Thumped really isn t a book for readers who want to relate to characters and live strong emotions through them the book was, to me, about the world it described and the ideas behind it I also felt that the mission , the great plot around which the book is built, was a bit weak.Despite its flaws, Thumped was a fun book It s short and could easily be read in one session While it didn t make my heart beat a little faster of make me root for its characters, it certainly entertained me Is it for everyone Probably not But for something just a little different and entertaining, Bumped and Thumped are nice picks.

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    Oh, Megan McCafferty How dare you end this two book series now I demand that you write a third Chumped Dumped Humped Thumped picks up eight and a half months after Bumped ended Harmony has returned to Goodside, the religious compound that she called home prior to decamping to Otherside to find her identical twin sister, Melody Harmony didn t leave alone, however she is pregnant with twin girls Meanwhile, back in Otherside, Melody, thanks to ALTERR Artificial Living Tissue Engineered for Reproducing Reproduction , is mocked up ALTERR is a fake womb that simulates pregnancy so realistically that it fools even doctors Babies show up on an ultrasound, even though Melody isn t pregnant But she s pretending to be, and helping her out is Jondoe, the true Baby Daddy of Harmony s twins and the faux Baby Daddy of Melody s.With me so far It really isn t as confusing as it sounds.Also along is Zen, Melody s soulmate, who wants to wage war against in what he calls The Mission protesting against the culture of reproductive profiteering Zen, for all of his zealotry, is a likable boy, and Melody struggles with the intensity of her feelings for him They are both virgins, in Melody s case not for a lack of trying and heavy marketing of her womb, and Zen due to a dogged determination that his sperm not be used against him.The message of Thumped echoes that of Bumped We are in danger of living in a world where teen pregnancy, which already elevates some girls to celebrity status, will consume us to the point that we, like Melody s parents, Ash and Ty, are willing to whore out our children to procreate As Melody observes,Our whole world has gone baby crazy That s what we re dealing with here Not bumps or pregs or deliveries Or whatever other euphemism you want to use to distance yourself from the truth We re making babies We re creating people And we re having meaningless sex to do it And yet we pretend like it s no big deal We pretend we aren t in the business of buying and selling human beings.Part of Melody s enlightenment as to the terrible nature of pregging is due to the Jaydens, the couple paying for the twins she supposedly is carrying Melody is drawn to them Her gut instinct is that they would make great parents, and she truly would like to help them out in that regard But Melody is not the one who is pregnant, and Harmony is back with her husband, Ram, in Goodside.This is a fantastic satire of what we have become and the potential of what we could be, if we continue to prize celebrity over actual accomplishment Parts of this are guffawingly funny, and parts might meld your cold hard heart just a little When Ram makes a life changing announcement, I admit that I didn t know whether to applaud him or laugh at the silliness of the reactions he received Again, we buy into a celebrity culture based on nothing but toothpicks in the sand.My biggest complaint about Thumped is its ease What made Bumped so intriguing is that it asked us to examine that side of us that buys People magazine and reads articles about Jamie Lynn Spears teen pregnancy color me guilty or watches reality television about teen mothers As a high school teacher, I see so many girls get pregnant during the very years they should be free from that enormous responsibility, so Bumped gave me a lot to think about and consider Thumped is not as challenging The bad guys are much easier to spot, and the debate is clear cut There isn t a lot of controversy or conflict here as far as the book s message Oh, sure, Melody and Harmony find themselves in a pickle, and the men in their lives alternately assist and provoke them, but there is no mystery as to what Megan McCafferty wants us to take away from her novel I think I miss that.Still, though, Thumped is a good follow up to its predecessor Melody and Harmony s voices are strong We can see the confused teenaged girls in them What is the right thing to do What do we owe our parents What do we owe God And what do we owe ourselves Melody confronts this with poignancy She knows she s too young to be a mother, but this is her last chance before the virus renders her infertile.And that is why I want a third book Part of me would like the romance of a happy ending There is a cure Melody can have a baby when she s older The Jaydens can have a baby Harmony can have a baby Teenage girls can go back to being teenage girls Teenage boys no longer have to compete against each other for Most Desirable Sperm But McCafferty has said that this is it She always envisioned two books, Bumped and Thumped, and the story is over Even so, she leaves us with a topic worth of thought and discussion Let s not disappoint her, shall we

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Thumped focuses on Harmony as the girls fight their own popularity to save the future they really want.Opening Sentence I face my reflection, an engorged distortion I barely recognize any.The Review You absolutely have to read Bumped before picking up its sequel Nothing will make sense and unlike other authors, McCafferty doesn t waste pages going over the previous novel If you read it, you ll remember it If you skipped it, you ll drown in the world and relationships explained and built up in Bumped In a world where the government is concerned with taking care of its citizens to the point of robbing females of their body s rights, Melody and Harmony s true stories would set off a reaction that would skyrocket them into infamy.As Harmony tries to find out where she belongs Goodside or Melody s world, neither of which make her happy her husband is suffering with her fame Melody, who originally fought Harmony s presence in her life, now fights to find a way to get her twin out of Goodside This story is much Harmony centric, which I liked because I couldn t get along with her as a narrator in Bumped In Thumped, the twin s worlds are turned upside down mainly because in Bumped they told the story the government and their fans wanted to hear.Thumped is still a satire, but not to the extent its prequel was In many ways Thumped falls short of Bumped The worldbuilding isn t as in your face this time around And I don t think I just got used to it I think she toned it down The plot is definitely smaller and contained Even though it involves millions of people Ha This book is not for the lazy reader, though It demands engagement, questions, challenges the reader into thinking about their independence, choices, and autonomy in a world like our heroines It s not a heavy book McCafferty is far too hilarious for that but it s not an easy read either.This book is a lot focused on choices which is odd, because that s what the first novel was about too What I mean is, the girls chose in book one to tell a certain story and in Thumped they re not only living with the consequences but are finally seeing themselves as independent There s a lot of romance with Zen and Jondoe which I welcomed with open arms McCafferty knows how to write heroes and romantic tension If you were dying for lovin in Bumped, I promise you get your money s worth in the sequel.Moral of the story Ladies, you are than the sum of your uterus While I liked this novel better than Bumped, it still didn t rock my world Everything wrapped up a bit too quick and clean at the end for my tastes, but it was definitely a satisfying read all around If you read Bumped, then this is definitely worth picking up, if only to find out how Melody and Harmony s story ends.Notable Scene Look at me, Harmony I m a mess Ignoring the low wail of the kettle, I do as he asks He s slumped over the table now, wearing a desperate hangdog look I ve never seen before Not even his luminious smile can lift him up.He is a mess.He s a bigger mess than I am And I m the adulteress here.FTC Advisory Balzer Bray Harper Collins provided me with a copy of Thumped No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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    Spoiler Free This was a fantastic conclusion to a crazy, refreshing, inventive dystopian series.I absolutely loved Bumped with its wacky vocabulary and its odd concepts of pregnancy in a world where past the age of 18, girls become infertile I could only vaguely remember parts of Bumped so I would suggest re reading it before digging into Thumped However it does all come back to you and the progression of the characters and their lives are clearly explained.Thumped hooks you in straight away and you quickly become immersed in both Melody and Harmony s complicated, confusing lives The switching perspectives between the two twins worked really well and both protagonists had a distinct voice I especially felt that we learnt about Harmony and her life on the Otherside I also thought it was easy to relate to their characters and I really felt so sorry for them They both were trapped by society, its pressures and everyone else s expectations of them The story did have elements of a satire as did Bumped, but in my opinion, it also had of a deeper message in respect to girls and the choices they make with the their bodies Of course, on the surface our society seems so different, yet there are alarming similarities between our world and the world painted in this book McCafferty definitely gives us readers many issues to consider.There was also quite a bit of romance and I loved both Zen and Jondoe The latter was a particularly hard character to figure out, however I can assure you, Jondoe s true intentions are revealed The developments in this book also set a good pace to Thumped so you ll most likely read this in one sitting Overall, this was a fantastic read with well developed characters and some great unique world building.THE VERDICT4 stars A satisfying ending to a unique, dystopian series Recommended to ALL Source received from publisher for review Thank you For of my reviews and other bookish goodness go to

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    I m going to be honest, I don t remember a lot about Bumped I remember I read it, thought it was an interesting concept, and liked it enough to be mildly excited when I saw there was a sequel I have a great love of dystopian fiction but this particular novel failed to live up to my expectations I kept reading, waiting for it to get exciting, for something to happen, and it never did Zen and Melody are supposed to be planning this Mission , this rebellion against society and they hardly ever talk about it, explain what it means or what they are actually doing, except to say that Melody is faking her pregnancy and oh boy is everyone going to be mad about it when they find out I wanted some sense of danger, something to put me on the edge of my seat, to keep me turning the pages and I just felt like nothing actually happened I never felt like I connected with the characters in any way and definitely didn t connect with their world I got that there was technology and girls were paid to have babies but other than that.I never felt like I was brought into their world And I wanted to punch Johndoe in the face for the entire book He was just so syrupy sweet and annoying.Then there was the ending Besides being completely predictable, I felt like I was being beat over the head with the preachy, preachy message Make your own decisions Don t be pressured into doing things Have sex with someone you love I get it It definitely is a light, easy read but overall, I think it was just too light hearted for me.

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    Ja asnem, ve a sprostost tu m 5 , ale pr beh pln odkazov a my lienok o dne nom svete dok e oceni len m lo ud je a k n js knihu, ktor v m do ivota aj nie o d a obsahuje hodnotn my lienku a ke ju n jdete tak zist te, e ju ve a ud nepostrehlo a s stredilo sa na nepodstatn veci.

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    OMG I won this as a goodreads giveaway This is my first one, I can t believe it SO EFFING EXCITED

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    First published on Thumped What can I say about Thumped I read the first book, Bumped, and honestly, I did not enjoy it So don t ask me what compelled me to pick up Thumped and read it, but I did.And I didn t enjoy this one either Surprise, surprise.So I m just going to keep this review short.This book was very frustrating for me In than one aspect First, the relationships between characters Zen, who supposedly loves Melody, doesn t act at all like he cares about her for a while Yes, this is for the benefit of the public, who is not allowed to know about their feelings for each other, but really What teenage boy has that much restraint Certainly not one I ve ever met Also, if he loves her so much, why is Ventura even an issue She shouldn t be able to steal Zen away in any aspect if he truly does love Melody I m also not a fan of Melody s almost permanent jealous state That was extremely frustrating to read Another relationship that bothered me was that between Melody and Jondoe Partially because it is barely developed, despite them living together The only thing we see is Jondoe being miserable about Harmony being gone and Melody trying not very hard to give him hope that Harmony will come back Speaking of Harmony, I like that she was rebelling against her oppressive community, but it seemed so dramatic I understand that it s important and shows her personal growth, but it felt overdone I did like that Melody and Johndoe did show some actual growth as characters, even if it was just how I expected Also, can I just mention the lingo Wow I get that it s part of world building, but that was just painful Everyone in the book seemed so dumb That was really frustrating And the fact that Lib spoke almost entirely in capitals I got extremely annoyed with the character simply because of that.There were a few things I did enjoy, though I really like that Melody has such an attitude with Ventura, that was fun to read It was also impressive how everyone except Harmony, anyway was so completely brainwashed by their society That consistency was good Finally, at least there were some surprises Some things happened that I completely did not expect, which I was very glad for I think one of my biggest problems with the book was that I couldn t seem to get into the characters heads and understand them, which meant I couldn t sympathize or feel anything for them except annoyance It s not that this was a bad book, it just wasn t for me Therefore 2 Stars.