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What Happens When You Have To Choose Between Doing The Right Thing, Knowing Disaster Will Ensue, Or Taking The Wrong Action And Saving Everything You Love Haunted By His Mother S Sudden Death When He Was Young, Ben Gates Spends His Life Trying To Be A Hero, But Can Never Seem To Get It Right Ben S Good Intentions And Sincere Yearnings To Make A Difference Draw Him Into He Mangrove Underground, A Half Baked Eco Terror Plot To Save The Backcountry By Scaring Away Tourists And Transplants After Ben Unwittingly Betrays The Group His Best Friend, Mangrove Underground Mastermind Henry Moton, Goes Missing And Is Presumed Dead In A Wilderness Fire Ten Years Later, Ben Is A Supervisor At The Wilderness Park Henry Moton And His Revolution Are A Local Legend Then A Series Of Mysterious Swamp Fires Erupt, And Keep Erupting, Despite The Park S Best Efforts Legend Gives Way To Conspiracy Theory, And Henry Moton, Still Idolized By Many Locals, Is Assumed To Be Alive And As Hell Bent On Mayhem As Ever Ben Becomes A Man On A Mission Discover Who S Setting The Fires, Save His Hometown, And Exorcise The Ghost Of Henry MotonBen S Riveting Tale Is Told In A Series Of Intertwined Narratives As The Stories Converge, Ben Realizes What He Must Do To Save The Community He Loves And Transform His Life Into Something He Can Be Proud Of Part Florida Eco Thriller And Part Hero S Quest, Mangrove Underground Subverts The Expectations Of Both Genres In Its Tale Of Journeys And Endings And How Getting There Changes You, With Atonement To Be Won By Those Brave Enough To Rise Above Their Transgressions

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    MANGROVE UNDERGROUND is an incredible read It kept me glued to the pages reading for hours in suspense wondering what was going to happen next The author Tim W Jackson did a great job bringing to life the characters lives of fire fighters Ben is the primary character in this story much of the book revolves around the things that he sees, knows lives through While trying to live up to the expectations of Kelly he doesn t want to see disappointment in her eyes again Is one of the fire fighters guilty of setting fire to the campground wilderness park Or is there than meets the eye going on Ben starts to unravel this mystery he has to make a choice in where his loyalties lie All of this goes on while fire fighters are working hard to put out these fires in the meanwhile, you will find yourself so engrossed in this story that you will be finished with the book before you know it I found the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat while I couldn t figure out who was setting the fires why would they do such a thing I m looking forward to reading books by Tim W Jackson He s a great author If I could, I would actually give him a 10 star rating Keep up the good work Tim

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    I picked this up on Little Cayman because the author lives there and the dive shop was selling autographed copies, and the dive shop owner said he d read it and it was good, and the book was a Best Books finalist, so I figured it would probably be worth a look It s a good story enjoyed it on the plane ride home.I heard he s now writing a book that takes place on Little Cayman and I would like to read that too.

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    Good book but a bit hard to follow as much of story not explained until late in book Worth sticking with it I received this book free from Goodreads.

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    A little hard to get used to switching between action and characters interpreting prior events Very good Enjoyable I especially liked the surprise ending.

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    This book s title and cover art suggest a sinister story than is delivered This novel would be a better if refined through tighter editing and careful printing.The initial chapter introduces the myth of the Nunnehi, which according to Georgia Cherokee Indian folklore, are immortal spirit people living under mountains or water who come to anyone s aid in a time of need I kept expecting that lore s revisit in succeeding chapters but when the myth finally appears, there has been scant development for a character s merge into that myth.Some of the characters seem shallow, if undeveloped and predicable, in this conflict over Florida real estate A chief problem I have is with the choice of the protagonist s name When Ben Gates is mentioned throughout the story, I m distracted with images of Nicholas Cage in the National Treasure movies But Tim Jackson s Ben Gates is milquetoast than savvy adventurer.The typesetting throughout could be better The lack of proper line spacing is disconcerting and distracting Run on characters create a stream of consciousness expression in parts but without true literary merit.Jackson uses a nifty writing device to render some of the back story to explain the central characters and the evolving central plot The prime storyline is presented in straight forward third person narrative chapters Following each such chapter, there is one usually provided by one of the townspeople that is printed in italics, which normally would substitute as evidence for that character s direct address to the audience Unfortunately, a few narratives contain overly precise physical descriptions and provide excessively specific dialogues to be believable as true witness hearsay And one chapter Chapter 12, p 123ff uses direct quotation marks in addition to the italics, which necessitate internal, singular quotation marks all of which render the text very uncomfortable reading Another chapter Chapter 14, p 142ff pretends to be a reproduction of a local newspaper article But the entire chapter is printed in italics similar to the other narrations Usually in publishing, periodical quotations are mimicked with single spaced, block typeset Plus, the writing in this reproduction lacks journalistic, reportorial style.Overall, the printing is imprecise, the material is unfocused, the characters are ill formed, and the denouement is improbable Mangrove Underground is not sub rosa, it is substandard.

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