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RE READ 7Still one of my favourite books ever sigh 10 loot kay hansahnalay na STARS If you re given the opportunity to look deep enough, you can see a person s spirit in their eyes but usually, they are guarded, kept safe Not you, my tigress You hold your spirit close to the surface for all to behold and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen LAHN This book This f ckin book It was nothing like any other I ve ever read.From the first page, to the last, I lost myself inside the brutality of this foreign world, inside the complexity of Lahn and Circe s relationship, inside the heartbreak and joy of this very fictional but touched by the sweetest bits of reality story I lost myself in a dimension with goddesses and gods, traditions of rape and execution, war and gore, magic and witches, barbaric and savage nations and their primitive, unforgiving, unique customs I lost myself in one of the most unlikely love stories I ve ever read and lost my heart to a certain violent, bloodthirsty warrior king, carrying the softest and warmest soul insideCirce kisses her father and goes to bed, in their home in Seattle and when she opens her eyes, she is in a paralel world, an alternate reality that is entirely foreign to her She is in a pen with many other women, some terrified, some excited, surrounded by Korwahk warriors, waiting for the Wife Hunt she is forced to participate in She is to be chosen, hunted down, claimed , paraded and taken as wife by a Korwahk warrior, as is tradition. Needless to say, she is scared shitless Dax Lahn is known as a cruel and heartless savage, as the mighty king of The Horde of the Daxshee and as the leader of the terrifying Korwahk warriors He always attends, but never participates in the Wife Hunts But this year one of the woman in the parade catches his eyeA woman with long blonde hair and fair skin that shine under the sun, igniting his blood, watering his mouth, filling him with feelings of possession and want A woman that he chases, fights for, fights with and finally claims as his wifeOut there, King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here, my Lahn kah Lahn is sweet CIRCE Circe is now the wife of Dax Lahn, the Golden Worrior Queen of the Korwahk people and her husband sLahnahsahna , his fearless tigress, and his golden bride Will she ever be able to go back home, to his father and her friends With the fierce pull she feels towards her husband and the weird connection to this crazy foreign nation, will she even want to Kah Dax, kah Tunakan, kah Lahn My king, my worrior, my Lahn Meena, my Circe, kah nahna Yes, my Circe, all yours. Circe and Lahn have so much that stand in their way of a happy life together They speak different languages, they have different moral codes, they have different cultural backgrounds But Circe and Lahn try to communicate and understand each other They learn to accept each other for who they are, and hold on to the connection they both feel in the core of their hearts They reach for a true and strong love, they fight for it and when they finally get itthey never let go He is my kind, he is a warrior, he is my husband and I am proud to say about all HE IS MINE CIRCE This book made me angry This book made me smile This book made me feel hurt and sad and frustrated This book made me go through so many different emotions. What makes this story beautiful is the way it shows us that love can be found in the most unexpected places, with the most unexpected people That love has the power to make a person forgive, forget and unsee a lot of things he or she might have never thought they could That love can help people to overcome all the obstacles on the way, against all odds, and create a connection between them so fierce, no one can ever sever it.You are my golden queen You are my tigress You are my Circe Always, Circe ALWAYS Never will I allow your gold to be taken from me NEVER Understand this, Circe, and NEVER FORGET LAHN You see, one of my dearest friends, Hanife, has been insisting on making me read this book FOR YEARS Of course I, the idiot that I am, judged the book by it s cover and ignored her pleas Now, I am totally kicking myself for putting this book off Once again, it has been proven to me that Kristen Ashley is an amazing author and that she NEVER disappointsWords make marks DEEPER than fists they last LONGER and sometimes NEVER go awayP.S I know it s weird that I ve started the Fantasyland series with Book 2 My buddy told me it s the best book of them all and that I wouldn t get lost even if I didn t read Book 1 first She gave me a little heads up about the PNR element, summarized the general plotline without spoilers before I started and it worked So thank you so much Hanife, baby I love you 5.5 stars I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS BOOK Kristen Ashley never ceases to amaze me with the beauty of the books she writes Seriously, this story is just magical 3 Its a story about two people overcoming extreme cultural differences for the sake of love There were parts of this book that were gruesome, brutal and sickening, parts that were swoony, heart melting and utterly precious and ultimately it told a beautiful story about compromise, understanding and acceptance The story follows Circe, who went to sleep one night in her bed in Seattle and woke up in a nightmare world Literally She woke up in a an alternate parallel universe to ours in a corral with a whole bunch of women, most of whom didn t even speak her language, who were penned there, half naked, waiting for The Wife Hunt to commence.OOThe Wife HuntIt was a nightmare It was a nightmare s nightmare To call The Wife Hunt brutal would be an understatement It is a common practice by the Korwahk people with the purpose of finding wives for their warriors But the way they go about it, to our eyes, from our culture s perspective, is horrific They round up the most beautiful women from both their people and others who they kidnap and, at an appointed time, are let loose in the woods and hunted down by the warriors, raped, and thus claimed as that warrior s new wife.Now, this is something which under normal circumstances would turn me way the hell off a book But I had a lot of faith in KA s story telling ability and so I spent some time prior to reading it trying to understand or come to terms with it.I wont say anything here that will spoil the story, but I will try and give a little bit of a general explanation so that in case you, like me, read that description and kinda balk and start backing away while wondering if there was any way in the world you could ever love a hero who would do such a thing, then maybe this will help you understand him a little before the start of the story.There is a LOT of emphasis made in this book about how this is their culture The people in their culture including the women are happy with it They are a prosperous, thriving culture These are their customs These are their ways Yes, to outsiders, and to us, their ways are savage, brutal, barbaric, cruel, take your pick, but to them, this is their world.And, after the brutal first scene in the book, The Wife Hunt which, by the way, was not very graphic , things do start to gradually change a littleThere are some men, no matter what blood flows in their veins or what teachings were drilled into their heads, who are just good menOur hero, Dax Lahn, is one of those men And for a guy from such a brutal culture, he was actually pretty darn swoony And Circe is just an incredible heroine she is strong willed, fiesty, sassy, deeply understanding and I instantly felt connected to her character And not long into the book, it becomes abundantly clear how proud Lahn is of her, of having found a warrior women And he really does do his best, in his own savage brute way, of trying to figure her out.They spoke different languages, came from different worlds, couldn t understand each literally or culturally and yet they both worked so hard at figuring each other out It was totally, completely, endearing the big brutish warrior King and his Seattle chick Queen.The thing was that regardless of the fact that this was their culture, there was still the issue that that Circe was NOT from it and so Lahn had to learn to make concessions along the way too And whenever he screwed up, I loved that she totally stood up to him Which he, in turn, found endearing it was all just very sweet.But, I ll be honest, some of the stuff that happens in their culture is really hard to accept Reeeeeeeally hard Borderline impossible But I really just tried to go into it with an open mind and realize that a lot of the things that to me, I found demeaning or heartless were really the results of my own culture speaking Its a hard thing to wrap your mind around.It helped though, that Lahn just melted my heart He was just the biggest brute and definitely the kind of guy that nobody messes with and yet, when it came to her, he showed another side where he actually was just the biggest loveable softie 3 And its impossible not to see just how MUCH he caresThis is my vow to you I am your husband, I will keep you safe and I will do it by keeping my feet on this earth, breathing the air and being there to make you safe Do you understand this And I absolutely loved that Circe made concessions in a lot of ways to his culture after all, she was the one who came into his world, but she had a few key things that really didn t sit right with her totally understandably and in an awesome way that just made me want to cheer, stood up to him over and over again Basically, she never lost who she was or her spirit or her character but still found ways to accept him and his culture and compromiseLahn told me that when he claimed me, even in the moonlight, he saw my spirit shining in my eyes and it was the most beautiful thing he d ever seen To me, he was raping me To him, he was receiving a gift he d treasure always This is a contradiction that it is difficult to come to terms with and although it does not heal the pain we felt, a memory seared into our brains, the terror we experienced, I cannot say it does not provide just enough balm to allow me to live with itOnce I got over the brutality of their world or rather, just tried to accept their way of life, I was able to fully focus on the epicness of their swoon And oh my freaking god was it ever EPIC and SWOONY There would be pages and pages on end where I d be grinning from ear to ear.Lahn did do a lot of brutal things, but for some reason, I found myself forgiving him Not excusing or justifying his actions or even accepting them, but understanding and forgiving him And the SOLE reason I felt that was was that I could see and sense all along that he was really, genuinely trying to be a good guy by her standards He was trying to adapt and compromise And yes, there were times when he screwed up, hmmmm, no, like where he really effing f cked the hell up, but he got better, progressively That was his redeeming quality in my eyes.And, let me tell you, when this big guy f cks up He royally f cks up But I loved that he realized it and he was prepared to grovel well, lol, in a kingly brutish swoony way, but still to get earn her forgiveness A big Alpha guy who is Alpha enough to apologize and ask for forgiveness without losing an ounce of his Alpha ness and also, importantly, learn from his mistake is the kind of character I pretty much just fall head over heels in love with.I kind of also think that I might have been okay with the issues in this book than the last one because despite the brutality of them, they are out in the open This isn t about deception or doing something behind someone s back This is just about the clear cultural RIFT between two people who come from vastly different worldsYour king did not break through with me until his touch stopped taking and started giving and until, in our cham, he treated me with kindness He is the mightiest of Suh Tunak, recognized the battle he had on his hands, analyzed it, created his strategy and then he went about winning that battle using any means necessary And my Lahn won that battle I now lay awake at night waiting for him to return When he does not, I fall asleep looking forward to the morning when he will wake me with his hands He is my king, he is my warrior, he is my husband and I am proud to say above all he is mine One of my favorite things about this book was watching both of them learn each other s language KA did an incredible job of creating a believable, beautiful sounding and fairly detailed Korwakh language and I loved that I actually started being able to understand what they were saying without translation But seriously, when Lahn spoke English, even when he only knew a few words, my heart just melted into a puddle of gooRest, babyswoooooonOh shit, yeah He could be sweet.And that sucked You know what sucks I whispered to him, doing it because I knew he would have no clue to a word I was saying It sucks that you can be sweet and when you re sweet you re really sweet That sucks He didn t stop tenderly stroking my hair as I spoke but his eyes dropped to my mouth and when I was done, they came back to mine.Then my heart squeezed when he whispered back, I don t understand you, baby There it was again Sweet.I lifted a hand and placed it on his chest He looked down at it but his eyes came back to mine when I spoke Out there, King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here, my Lahn kah Lahn is sweet His eyes changed, intensity shifting in when he murmured, Fierce warrior, sweet I grinned at him You ve sort of got it Fierce warrior, sweet, he muttered again Honestly, I don t know what else to say about this book except the scenes in it are epic Everything from ceremonies to rides to contests to executions to tender, beautiful private time to hot intense private time I totally fellintothis world andintothis story Lahn and Circe s love was beautiful and romantic and I utterly adored this book despite parts of it being hard to stomach It definitely made my favorites shelf.CASTING PS I found these on Tumblr and take no credit for the fanart For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page Circe Quinn Goes To Sleep At Home And Wakes Up In A Corral Filled With Women Wearing Sacrificial Virgin Attire And She Is One Of Them She Soon Finds Out That She S Not Having A Wild Dream, She S Living A Frightening Nightmare Where She S Been Transported To A Barren Land Populated By A Primitive People And In Short Order, She S Installed Very Unwillingly On Her White Throne Of Horns As Their QueenDax Lahn Is The King Of Suh Tunak, The Horde Of The Nation Of Korwahk And With One Look At Circe, He Knows She Will Be His Bride And Together They Will Start The Golden Dynasty Of LegendCirce And Lahn Are Separated By Language, Culture And The Small Fact She S From A Parallel Universe And Has No Idea How She Got There Or How To Get Home But Facing Challenge After Challenge, Circe Finds Her Footing As Queen Of The Brutal Korwahk Horde And Wife To Its King, Then She Makes Friends Then She Finds Herself Falling In Love With This Primitive Land, Its People And Especially Their Savage Leader Re read April 18, 2017 June 20, 2018 I don t think it could EVER be a bad experienceIt s my yearly visit and I loved it AGAIN I will be back So, Goodreads is telling me that I m re reading The Golden Dynasty for the 21st time Well, that might be a slight exaggeration but it might also be pretty bloody accurate I LOVE THIS STORY I was having a think on why I love re reading, or in a lot of cases listening to an audio for a re read, so much I think re reading is like being a stunt person You know the layout, study the highs and lows and know when the scary parts are coming up You can brace all you like, but you will still feel the impact Sometimes those impacts will leave marks and other times you are so sure you re going to get hurt, you skirt around it at the last moment.Reading, or in my case, re reading for the 21st time still a little shocked at that , The Golden Dynasty is exactly like that I know when all of the bad bits are coming up and I prepare for the impact as much as I can, but still, manage to come away bruised and battered There are a couple of scenes that REALLY affect me I try to make sure that I m in the right place at the right time when the impact happens but I m not always successful There is this one scene at the beginning of the book that I HAVE to be at home for I need to give my full attention and make sure nothing can distract me or take away my attention from it Today, I was on the train when King Butt Head Balder visits Lahn and Circe Now King Butt Head s visit isn t really the problem but Lahn s reaction to the visit had left me a little teary Even after 21 reads I STILL CRY EVERY BLOODY TIME Obviously, I got my timing WRONGreally, really wrong.This will not be the last time that I bring out The Golden Dynasty to cheer me up For me, this is a book that will always take me to my happy place An epic read that takes you from the lowest lows to the highest highs I can brace all I like, prepare all I want, but the impacts will still move me, mark me and stay with me forever Another review view spoiler I finished up the audio for The Golden Dynasty on a high Today was a baking day for my son s birthday He turned thirteen and put a request in for snickerdoodles and a chocolate cake Luckily the boys were at school because it was a teary baking session and I needed to be alone to sniffle in private.As I predicted the narrator was AWESOME She does both male and female really well and I never hesitated in knowing when the characters changed The emotional scenes were done really well and I could hear the anger, frustration, hesitation and passion for each character The narrator deserves special mentioning for her interpretation of the Korwahk language It was like Ms Hooper had been using it for years with no hesitation whatsoever.I loved the audio and I m pretty sure this will be on my regular re listening schedule I can t wait for of this series to come out and I hope the narrator stays the same hide spoiler Of all the books in Kristen Ashley s Fantasyland series, The Golden Dynasty was by far my favorite I love dark, controversial romances that make you love them in spite of all reason This was one of those stories I spent as much time cringing as I did smiling, but I couldn t have asked for I loved this one If you ve read many of Ms Ashley s books, then it goes without saying that the hero is an over the top Alpha Dax Lahn, King of Suh Tunak and the Horde of Korwahk, was pretty intimidating, even by her standards In his world, the men are warriors that are prized for their physical dominance and ability to take what they want, including a wife As they roam around raiding villages, they murder, rob and rape They are barbarians.Circe goes to sleep in her world, but wakes up in a parallel world She has no idea of how she ended up there, unlike Finnie who agreed to trade places with her otherworldly twin in the first book A quick assessment of the situation has Circe, rightfully, terrified She has awoken to a real life nightmare.Along with several other women, Circe is caged Provided only scraps of clothing, she is told that she has been selected to participate in a great Korwahk tradition What tradition The wife hunt.The wife hunt is exactly what it sounds like A group of women are rounded up and dressed in skimpy outfits Then, after being displayed for the Horde warriors, they are releasedand hunted The men track down the women, overpowering any other warrior challengers, and claim their wife right then and there To say the least, this is a horrific, traumatic and uncivilized tradition.This is how Circe comes to be Dax s wife Understandably, she hated him Their relationship developed gradually Eventually, it turned into something beautiful This was a story that appealed to baser urges.As primitive as Dax could be, he revered his wife in his own way This was something that Circe came to recognize and appreciate Granted, she was far forgiving that I could have ever imagined possiblebut it is fiction and a romance, so you knew it had to happen to move the story along.Even as the feminist side of me thinks that I should be appalled by this story, the honest part of me has to admit that I was completely addicted Circe came to wield a great deal of power in her own way, capitalizing upon the great deal of admiration that her husband had for her It certainly wasn t a politically correct type of story, but it was beautiful in it s own right.I fell in love with Dax, right along with Circe Here was this super tough, barbarous bad ass, who truly couldn t understand why his behaviors were so off putting to his new wife Even as he was determined to dominate her, he was saddened to think of his actions crushing her spirit in any way He wanted her to submit to him, while loving the fight and her spirit.If you are looking for a romance with a hot headed Alpha hero, then look no further This book will not disappoint It is by far, my favorite of the books in this series On the other hand, if you are sensitive to darker subject matter, like rape and physical violence, then you ll want to steer clear of this one It is full to the brim with controversial topics All the reason for me to love it, but I know that isn t the case for many readers Be forewarned.Check out of my reviews at MORE than 5 stars It s no secret I am a huge KA fan Love her books Some are good, most are great, and a few are exceptional This is an exceptional read Such an amazing story Loved every single thing about itI went to bed in my bed in a world I understood and I woke up here in a world that was entirely foreign to me, everything about it, and not one thing about it was good And now I was running for my lifeCirce is just a girl from Seattle who woke up one morning surrounded by Korwahk warriors and many other women who are getting ready to be hunted It is the way of the Korwahk, how they choose their brides And Circe gets chosen by none other than the King of Suh Tunak, Dax Lahn Dax Lahn is not just a alpha male, he is the alpha male He s a warrior, a savage, a king Circe is freaked She can t understand Lahn they speak a different language and she doesn t know how she got there or how she is going to get home With the help of a translator who later becomes a friend, Dax Lahn and Circe start to communicate Lahn is crazy about Circe He loves how fierce she is She is his true Golden Queen It takes this couple some time to finally click, but once they do, it s a true and beautiful love They are both devoted to each other Even though their cultures are completely different, they both attempt to make concessions to make one another happy The love they share is deepIf you re given the opportunity to look deep enough, you can see a person s spirit in their eyes but usually, they are guarded, kept safe Not you, my tigress, the night of your claiming, even in the moonlight, I could see your spirit shining from your eyes You hold your spirit close to the surface for all to behold and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seenAs I said before, Lahn is THE alpha male He is PERFECT Being an extreme alpha, we know he s going to be rough, stubborn, protective and possessive, but when he brought out the sweet side, I loved him evenI am your husband, I will keep you safe and I will do it by keeping my feet on this earth, breathing the air and being there to make you feel safe Do you understand this Out there, King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here, my Lahn kah Lahn is sweetCirce was a fantastic heroine She was also strong and tough, but so funny, feisty and quirky She was soft, but she also had what it took to be a Queen I loved how possessive she got over LahnHe is my kind, he is a warrior, he is my husband and I am proud to say about all he is mineA story about two people from two totally different worlds A beautiful love story that was just epically good There is some drama, angst, a lot of action and romance These Fantasyland books have me looking forward to the day my other world twin decides to switch places with me hehe Anyway, this is one of my absolute favorite KA reads A MUST READ Yes, I know this casting is very unoriginal, but I simply couldn t see ANYONE else as Circe and Lahn Re read for probably the 5th time 3.25.146 STARS I gave up my world for you, Lahn I sat at your side through things people in my world would find loathsome and I did it with my head held high I even felt pride that I could endure, that I could be a good queen to you I didn t know how to be a queen but every day I walked amongst your people giving them my time and my ear and my attention, hoping that was what I was supposed to do Everything I did in this fucking place, even before I fell in love with you, was for fuckingyouI don t care how many times I re read this book Every time I read it, it s not just as good, it s better This is my go to KA book for whenever I m in a slump No review, no words, nothing will ever do this book justice It s amazing, incredible, EPIC, out of this world GREAT If you have read it, you know exactly what I mean And if you haven t I really don t know what you re waiting for Dax Khan is the alpha to beat all alphas I m not even kidding Not slightly exaggerating He s just THAT good.I could sit here and regurgitate the synopsis or plot for you, but really that would just kill the experience that is this book And trust me, this is one of those books that needs to be experiencedHaving said that, this book might not be for everyone There are moments in here that were very tough to stomach violence, rape, forced seduction You have to take into perspective that this is written in a land that is MUCH different, it s primitive, it s savage, brutal, and unlike anything you can imagine You have to be prepared to go out of your comfort zone to truly enjoy this book This is just one of those KA books that will wring a multitude of emotions from you There are 3 scenes here that never fail to hit me right in the feels.Ms Ashley s writing is really what makes this story incredible She is able to paint a picture for the reader through her writing, that you experience everything along with the characters Circe is transported to a land much different from her own, and straight into a wife hunt She is forced to get used to their traditions, their ways and their language The way that the language barrier is written is pure genius, because the reader gets to experience learning it along with Circe It s just pure utter brilliance.I m a fan of The Game of Thrones show, and I love that KA was inspired by Drogo and Daenerys to write Lahn and Circe Read only if you ve seen the first season of the show view spoiler I love that KA gave us a HEA that I so desperately wanted for the couple in the show hide spoiler December 29, 2013 Update I decide to give this book another try and I m so glad I did Even though I still struggled with the rape scene at the beginning of the story, I believe this to be Kristen Ashley s best work It s not my favorite but it s brilliantly and superbly written I m so glad I gave it another chance April 12, 2012 DNFI did not finish this book due to personal reasons Because there is no disclaimer at the beginning of the book, I feel the need to let potential readers know about some of the content within the story If you are sensitive to rape and or repeated scenes of forced seduction, which, in my opinion, is a glorified term for rape You might want to read this book with caution April 18, 2012 Update I am aware that certain readers have a profound dislike for Kristen Ashley and her work I sincerely hope that my comments about this particular book will not be used to exploit their cause While everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion about a particular author and or book, I would be distressed if my comments about this particular book were used to hurt an author whom I love and for whose storytelling I have profound respect and admiration You know you ve struck gold when you ve found an author whose every book you experience becomes your newest favorite, and such is the case with Kristen Ashley Every single book I ve read, 21 to date, has become a keeper because the characters and their stories grab hold and just will not let go How is it possible that this happens time and time again, you ask Well, when I sit down to read a book and escape the crap that comes with real life, it s not the properly placed semi colon or comma that makes me sigh, nor is it the perfectly structured sentence that brings tears to my eyes, it s the amazing characters, the characters who stop being just words on the page and become living, breathing people their lives, their stories those are the things that make me content Happy. That s what Kristen Ashley gives me.Every Single Time And this book, like all the others, has given me the very same The Golden Dynasty is the second book in the Fantasyland series, and nothing like any book I ve ever read ThinkGame of Thrones meets Braveheartin Avalon, and that s what you get with this book Vile barbaric customs and traditions, gods, goddesses, witches, magic, plundering, pillaging, executions, and loads of burn up the pages sex make this one of the most intense books I ve read, and Dax Lahn one of the most demanding, frustrating, bloodthirsty, brutal alphas of any Kristen Ashley book And, heaven help me, but I m in love with him Keeping in mind this is a primitive and, what we would consider a barbaric culture, I feel I should mention that this book contains graphic scenes of violence against women, and rape, while never shown on the page, is also part of that culture For those who might be concerned about this and wondering if they should read this story, I ll tell you this The heroine, Circe, does everything in her power to change these things, and is a true champion for the women in this story For these reasons, and many , I so admired Circe Her compassion, her strength, her capacity to love and I mean love hard, made her the perfect wife for Dax Lahn, whose world has no room for beauty, passion, or anything except leading his warriors, The Horde, and ensuring the survival and prosperity of the Korwahk nation.As gory as this story is, as cruel as its warrior king hero could be, this is one of the best of KA s romances, in my opinion The language barrier, the cultural and moral differences so much stood in the way of The Warrior King Lahn and his Golden Queen Circe getting their happily ever after. But they knew what they had, what they could have, and they ached for it, reached for it, bled for it and when they finally got it, it was a beautiful, amazing thing If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads The only thing that could make this book okay is if the author donated all of the money made on it to battered women s shelters to help the women who have suffered the atrocities that she is trying to glamorize in this book Rape is never romantic Domestic abuse is never forgivable Slavery is never acceptable.We start out with a hunt where women are in a corral and are set loose to run for their lives as men on horses hunt them down, rape them, tear off all their clothes, and then display them naked in front of the camp as their capture slave wife She now belongs to him Let the raping begin Many of these women have been captured from foreign lands and have no grasp of the language, so they don t know what their new husbands are saying to them, just that they are in a living hell of captivity and rape with a savage.This is what happens to our hero, Circe But, Circe is lucky because she is raped and captured by the king, Lahn, who considers her his Golden Queen , so he sends in an interpreter to try to communicate with her This interpreter tells her that this is their warrior ways and she needs to get her crap together and start acting right or else things could get even worse for her worse, how So, Circe decides that her captor is kinda cute cuz, don t we all forgive rapists if they are cute, huh, girls , and she starts to like him And, it s all sweet love and happiness Stockholm Syndrome Style Until, he decides that she was bad by not telling him where she was for a while, and he backhands her across the face, knocking her into next week Bring in the magic interpreter She must explain that this, yet again, is just their warrior ways Plus, he s ho ot cuz, girls, if your boyfriend starts smacking you around, you just gotta forgive him It s just the way he is He s passionate You don t gotta leave him cuz he s got such strong feelings And, he feels bad He won t do it again unless you make him mad again, cuz he s passionate So, of course, Circe forgives him and true love travels on.This book is determined to degrade women in every possible way and act like it is somehow forgivable because it is all part of this savage culture But, here s the thing The author made up this culture She decided to create this culture of violence against women I just have to ask myself, Why And, why does everyone like it and excuse the atrocities in this book I just don t get it.