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As The White House S Organic Gardener, Casey Calhoun Is Up To Her Elbows In Dirt But When Someone Starts Tampering With The Presidential Vegetable Garden, Embarrassing The First Lady And A Hard Nosed Investigative Reporter Is Found Dead, Casey Realizes That The Next Thing Buried In The Dirt Might Just Be Her

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    UPDATE For a book I thought I would never go back to,not to bad I am glad I decided to pick this book up again and give it another chance From were I picked up at to the end of the book,it definitely made up for the first half of the book Rating 3 StarsAlthough the first book in this series was alright I just found this book, too much blah, blah, blah and not enough action in the storyline for me I only made 130 pages in before called it quits Such a bummer.Not rating

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    Casey Calhoun works at The White House as the assistant gardener In this installment we are focused on the First Lady s Kitchen Garden It hasn t been classified as an organic garden yet, but Casey is using organic procedures as they work toward that goal There are rumors running rampant in the media about the garden It is being said that Casey is replacing plants to make it seem that the plants are growing faster than they actually are and that the ground is full of lead making the vegetables grown there dangerous to eat Casey thinks it is funny that with all the issues the nation is facing the vegetable garden is such a high priority with the press.There definitely is something going on in the garden as red peppers are popping up where green peppers are supposed to be and cabbage is growing where lettuce was planted Casey is very confused when in addition to the different plants the garden is being vandalized during the night.Then an investigative reporter is found dead with Casey s name in his notes She doesn t haven t much time to dig into all the details as the first harvest of the garden is right around the corner and it is going to be another big press event There is much going than a few garden incidents Someone seems to think Casey is the key and knows who the killer is, she is having one close call after another She d better hurry up and figure out what s going on or she may find herself planted right between the eggplant and cauliflower.Dollycas s ThoughtsWhen I reviewed Flowerbed of State I said couldn t wait for the next Casey Calhoun story and it was well worth the wait Who knew a little kitchen garden for The White House and a pesky reporter could cause so much trouble Its got all the makings of a fabulous mystery especially in the hands of this author.I love a strong female protagonist and Casey fits the bill If the Secret Service Training Sessions don t make her want to quit her job there is no way a murderer running around the gardens is going to either She is right in the dirt with this one I loved it St James writes a fast paced cozy mystery with twists than all the varieties of bell peppers Toss together a little humor, romance, a pregnant first lady, and some Secret Service Agents with some unpredictable volunteers, an organic garden expert, a few secrets and a dead body and you are in for a bountiful feast for your reading pleasure.This cozy gets my highest recommendation, a perfect escape, and it should be in your in your hot little hands as you prepare your own gardens Definitely a must seed story

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    The Scarlett Pepper is the second book in The White House Gardener Mystery series And a very enjoyable addition it is.The time is getting close to the day that the First Lady will be harvesting from the Kitchen Garden, with the press in attendance Casey Calhoun, along with the White House Garden volunteers are busily doing last minute work in the garden One of the volunteers, who is also the wife of the Press Secretary for the President is very concerned about an article that is being written Griffon Parker Casey then has a heated discussion with Parker, in front of witnesses and that evening Parker is found dead Then out of the blue a Scotsman who has an organic gardening show is brought on board without consulting Casey, bringing further doubt to her organic methods.There are also mysterious happenings taking place in the garden, too Signs of digging going on which of course the First Dog is being blamed for, but then red peppers are growing where green ones should be.Casey has to be careful, as she is not sure she can trust some of those people she has in the past, including Jack a Secret Service member assigned to the White House But Casey and Jack soon start to trust each other and begin to work together to solve the mysterious events taking place on the White House grounds.I enjoy reading mysteries that take in and around at the White House, as I can only imagine that things are much difficult than is portrayed in the books Which is very understandable for security reasons.Looking forward to reading the next book to she how Casey and Jack handle becoming better friends , if Casey can begin to get closure on her parents deaths when she was a child and of course being a dog lover, looking forward to tidbits on the First Dog.

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    Second in series Casey Calhoun continues to work in the White House gardens and still manages to find herself in trouble The series is an easy read and I find it interesting to imagine the setting from visits to DC.

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    3 Good

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    Love the series Rereading again

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    The is the second book in the Casey Calhoun, White House gardener series The story line is terrific, and the mystery is mixed in with numerous clues The back story of Casey s murdered Mom, and murderer Dad, adds a lot to the emotions of the story BUT, the editing is not as good in this second book I would love to give this 5 stars because of the characters and story line, but the average editing causes me to go 3 stars on this second outing That being said, I m definitely looking forward to reading book three OAK AND DAGGER.In this book, Casey is being plagues by reporters who never seem to get their stories straight, causing Casey to seem like a less than terrific gardener Then a mystery murder party plan becomes a reality and Casey was the inventor of the means of the murder Unfortunately, one of the main reporters plaguing Casey, is actually found murdered as the murder mystery party was planned When intrigue is caused by other pesky, and physically attacked reporters, Casey finds herself caught between being the murder suspect and being a potential murder victim herself Because of her past with her parents, she has definite trust issues which interfere with the help others are offering her Lots of who s and whys add great interest to this mystery in the White House gardens Presidential quotes heading each chapter, and interesting guard ending tips within the story line, add much to the enjoyment of this book also

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    I really liked this book it s a nice blend of gardening, mystery, and a hint of romance The Washington D.C White House setting makes for a fun backdrop to the story as well I guessed the culprit about 2 3 of the way through, but that didn t detract from my enjoyment of the story or the characters, all of whom are well written, lively and likeable What did detract from my enjoyment, and the reason I didn t give this book 5 stars, is the way the main character, Casey, latched on to a suspect and was just silly about it as the reader you know she s wrong the real killer is never suspected to early in the book, so watching her constantly accusing the wrong person adds nothing positive to the story whatsoever, is just an irritant to the reader, and makes the protagonist look stupid I also thought the angst over family history was a tiny bit overplayed, but that was a trifle compared to the silliness of having to spend half the book reading about Casey making an idiot of herself with her false accusations.I ll look for the next book with the hopes that Casey will have learned some restraint and objectivity in time for the next murder investigation.

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    Though I found the White House gardener Casey Calhoun a little giddy and off centered when it comes to solving mysteries, she clearly is a dedicated gardener, devoted to excellence in tending the vegetables in the First Lady s organic garden Casey thinks she has discovered the killers of two reporters in the White House Press Corps and pursues that trail relentlessly In the meantime, she tries to find out who is sabotaging the vegetables in the White House garden, discovers the secrets of another female reporter who narrowly escapes death in a hit and run, and attempts to put all the facts together, putting her own life in danger Far from being the crafty sleuth, however, Casey seems to fall into the solution to the crimes by accident An enjoyable cozy if you don t mind being exasperated with the main character at times I enjoyed reading about the White House garden itself, the Secret Service personnel, and the press corps, assuming that the details are true to life their duties, methods of work, volunteers at the White House, etc.

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    I wanted to like this I love the Washington DC setting I like that the book used that setting There weren t any wacky friends one of my pet peeves these days Casey s the main character s behavior annoyed me in a couple major ways One if she d just asked a few questions, the mystery could ve been cleared up sooner And her refusal to believe a few people also prolonged the agony The book would ve been shorter, sure, but less annoying Maybe Casey s past was supposed to explain her tendency to jump to and stick to conclusions without careful consideration, but it came off as a way to compensate for poor plotting Also, one of the main characters was supposed to be this big hearted person, but nothing in the character s behavior or words really showed that.