Read Audible Affairs of Steak (A White House Chef Mystery, #5) Author Julie Hyzy –

Peter and Ollie join forces to solve a crime, making for quite an unusual duo when one considers their friction filled working dynamics I was also happy with the relationship developments between Ollie and Gav That one has been a while in coming Overall, good mystery, great recipes, and some very interesting dynamic changes in the White House. It was a fun read I liked Ollie being forced to work with Peter Sargent the fussbudget And yes, Gav is growing on me White House Chef Olivia Paras And Her Arch Nemesis, White House Sensitivity Director Peter Everett Sargeant, Must Work Together To Solve The Double Murder Of One Of The First Lady S Assistants And The Chief Of Staff Before They Become The Next Victims Of A Merciless Assassin With A Secret Agenda Book number five in the White House Chef mystery series featuring chef Olivia Ollie Paras Ollie and colleague nemesis Peter Sargeant are checking out venues for an event to honor the Secretary of State As they go to check out one location, the find the First Lady s assistant and the chief of staff in the banquet hall s kitchen both murdered Cozy mysteries are my go to brain candy I enjoy this series though some of the situations Ollie finds herself in seem rather implausible In addition to the central murders there s also the apparent kidnapping of the Secretary of State s father in law, and Sargeant s rather odd nephew who seems to be stalking Ollie in hopes of landing a job at the White House There are plenty of suspects, some romantic sexual tension, workplace drama, and a great cast of supporting characters.As a bonus, the author includes some recipes at the end of the book In this episode the focus is on puff pastry and all the delectable dessert, appetizer, or main dish treats one can make using it. This edition of the Whitehouse Mystery had a lot of characters to follow and it was interesting to see the different aspects that pulled out from it I am happy that Virgil is being put in his place, I m shocked no one has punched him in the nose yet I loved seeing Ollie and Peter hash things out, it was wonderful Gav Where I got the book freebie at networking event.This is the first book I ve read of Julie Hyzy s White House Chef series, so once again I began in the middle of a series with no knowledge of any of the characters This wasn t a problem, though, except as stated a bit later.White House head chef Olivia Paras and a co worker make a grisly discovery in a restaurant kitchen, and once again for, like all mystery series heroines, she has a knack for getting involved where she shouldn t , Ollie is in trouble Add into the mix an unexpected task, unpleasantness and rivalry among co workers, and a couple of fragile relationships ex and current , bake for 277 pages in the high heat of the Presidential residence, and the result is a crisp, enjoyable mystery read.The book started out pacy, slowed down a little bit in the middle, but then kept up the action pretty well right to the end Hyzy is not one of those writers who strains credulity by piling up increasingly impossible situations, and she keeps all the action within plausible bounds, so there was less life and death drama than I am accustomed to as a regular reader of historicals I learned quite a few things about White House protocols, which was pretty interesting, although I m distressed to think that relationships between staff members could possibly be quite as conflict ridden as Ollie s are She may die of work related stress before one of the bad guys gets her.As I found when I read Grace Interrupted, I had a bit of trouble getting to know Ollie This, as with Grace, could simply be because the first books of the series are loaded with character development, leaving room for action in the others Also, I wish I d seen food in the novel After all, Ollie s a top chef At least I d have liked to have glimpsed one truly spectacular dish There are a handful of intriguing pastry related recipes at the end of the novel, though.Final verdict is that I d wholeheartedly recommend this series to mystery fans Hyzy s a good writer, and delivers her story with clarity and directness. So, I debated between 3 and 4 stars Still can t decide I really do enjoy this series I wish, though, that the titles were different Somehow these titles imply pretty mindless, fluff books you can read with only half your brain And that really isn t the case with these The silly titles almost do a dis service to the books.This series has been fun The characters are fairly real, the dialogue interesting and the plot complex enough that you really want to keep reading to find out who done it I enjoy the fact that the books are clean without being sappy and require a bit of mental investment to follow all the threads And if you pay attention, you can surely see that most everything that happens has a purpose I ve liked these books enough to read all 5 in the series Interestingly, I chatted some months ago with a lady from another state who was bemoaning the lack of these and similar books at her local library How fortunate I am to live in an area that places distinct value on public libraries and acquiring all kinds of books for people to read Anyway, I ll be for sure looking for of Ms Hyzy s books to read. After discovering a body at a venue being considered for a White House event, the White House s Executive Chef finds herself once again in the firing line and needs to team up with the persistent thorn in her side, Sensitivity Director Peter Everett Sargeant Nothing particularly new or original but this series is consistently entertaining and at book 5 is still pretty good fun Onto 6. Wonderful book Lot of fun, a cheesy romance and a good twist at the end Love this series This one was interesting with Ollie teaming up with her usual adversary Peter Sargent The mystery kept me guessing and as always there was an exciting finish.