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A Life LessHers Grace Mills craves being perfect almost as much as she craves raspberry scones In fact her life would be perfect if only she could lose ten pounds if only the pastry café she co owns with her sister would turn a profit if only the hottest guy at the gym would look her wayAnd then if only comes true Grace is suddenly straddling two lives an alternate reality where she's a size two weathergirl celebrity and being chased by the hot guy Only Mr Gorgeous isn't very nice and she doesn't get to eatanything much less bake In her other life she's starting to realize her sister is less than happy running the family café and hunky Carlos the gym's janitor seems to have a secret crush on her Maybe there's to him than meets the eyeGrace is living two lives and it's beginning to cost her Is there a way to pick onethat's perfect?76000 words

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    I was totally in the mood for something different and since I rarely read chick lit I opted to give this one a shot Reading the summary it sounded like your typical chick lit but with enough originality to make it interesting plus there’s even  Magic Treadmills I won’t expand upon that I’ll let you all read about that interesting funny tid bit Craving Perfect tells the story of Grace Mills a baker in a pastry café that she co owns with her sister Kathleen Grace and Kathleen are quite close considering they are the only family each of them has left after the deaths of their parents Grace is constantly ‘craving perfection’ and is always trying to lose weight so that she can hopefully catch the eye of the hot guy at the gym Max that she’s been ogling over for several weeks Which kind of turned me off from this novel and Grace in general because it’s than a little obvious that Max is a superficial jerk but don’t worry you’ll end up loving Grace just like me One day when Grace is at the gym she hops on one of the brand new treadmills Yes The Magic Treadmill and proceeds to black out and wake up as someone completely different She comes to and finds herself the spitting image of perfection read Barbie and engaged to Max But is what she’s always dreamed of actually what she wants in the end? This book was GREAT and I loved it super quick fun light read that took me maybe 24 hours to read Yes I slept I loved how the author developed the characters and I loved how I ended up loving Grace in the end Carlos was plain adorable and I loved how infatuated he was with Grace even with the extra weight she always said she needed to lose The writing was spot on and completely enthralling It was interesting and extremely original story Low Point The one and only low point in the novel that made me cringe but still didn’t manage to lower the 5 star rating was the professions of love after the very first date You just don’t say I love you after the first date It’s corny clichéd and it totally makes me flash back to my junior year of High School and how I agreed to go on a date with this guy because I totally loved his car and he told me he loved me after the first date In case you’re wondering yes I did learn my lesson One word of warning there is a lot of talk about raspberry scones You will end up with a massive craving for them I know I sure did To make matters worse there is even a recipe at the end I'm running to the store to buy raspberries right nowDon’t miss out on this little gem of a novel Highly recommended as a light summer read Interested in of my reviews? Visit my blog

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    This is a very good story with an excellent moral Be careful what you wish for it may not be what it's cracked up to beGrace is a bit chunky doesn't know how to do her makeup doesn't date tends be clumsy and has a huge mega crush on this hot guy at the gym An obsessive mega crush Not a day goes by that Grace doesn't ogle him and wish she could attract his eye She wishes she looked like one of those perfect chicks cause then he would notice her right?While she's pining away for this dude however someone else is pining for her the gym janitor Carlos Grace begins a romance with Carlos but due to circumstances getting tense at home Grace takes an easy out She hits the strange paranormal gym treadmill and escapes to a parallel universe where she becomes CallieCallie is blond a size two rich works for the news and that hot guy at the gym is her boyfriend GraceCallie now has it all or does she? Is it all worth watching her calorie intake to the point that she has to keep a calorie diary? Is it worth not having a sister at all? Is it worth having a bff that's after your job and your boyfriend? Is the hot gym guy Max all she thought he would be?It's not None of it is worth it or what she expected and when push comes to shove Grace just wants to be Grace and she wants her Carlos back but Carlos doesn't like her as Callie She's gotta make a decision and when she makes it she better hope that treadmill is still there and doing it's magic or she may be stuckA great story that made me think There's to life than being or looking perfect that beauty is in the eye of the beholder that you can't have it all no matter what Thought the Max obsession was a little overdone and weird Thus four stars instead of five but I recommend this

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    An inspiring tale of finding yourself living life and letting goLiz Fichera sure knows how to draw you in and keep you glued to the page Especially in Craving Perfect her new release due out July 25th 2011 The heroine of this enchanting adventure Grace Mills is disillusioned about her life and wants “the perfect life” For her this is weighing 10 pounds less having success and being noticed by the buff hunk at her gym Suddenly Grace finds herself in an alternate reality where she has all that and and its perfect or is it? Follow Grace as she jumps between these two completely different worlds trying to figure out which one really is her perfect life In one she is just plain Grace Mills baker extraordinaire who no one seems to notice well except maybe Carlos the hunky janitor at her gym in the other everything is perfect she is the stunning news woman Callie Collins who is noticed and beloved by all and nothing could be better or could it? This book earned all 5 stars that I awarded it Once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down It made me laugh it made me cry and it had me cheering for the heroine from beginning to the end Its hard finding the perfect life but someone has to do itFAVORITE QUOTEI was alive unfortunately Today wasn't my day to die No dear departed relatives would welcome me into a white light It was just another day to be humiliated Typical

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    Craving Perfect is a terrific read and Liz Fichera does an incredible job of making you laugh before feeling a huge lump in your throat as you root for the heroine Grace Mills Grace is the girl every female wants for a best friend She’s kind funny and sentimental she’s a tad overweight and she loves raspberry scones As you read her story you long to walk into the pastry café she co owns with her sister Believe me you can almost smell the pastry She’s determined to lose those ten extra pounds which is why she visits the gym where the gorgeous Max Kramer hangs out And talking of gorgeous there’s Carlos the janitorThen through a quirk of fate and a touch of magic Grace suddenly has what she’s always craved the perfect life Except it isn’t quite as perfect as she thought it would beThis book made me laugh out loud Several times It reminded me that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence and it made me think about family and how much they mean to us all A truly great read I loved every word Oh and just when you think you can’t last another second without one of Grace’s raspberry comfort scones butter yoghurt raspberries or Elena’s Sopapillas you’re supposed to give half to a friend but who’s to know? you’ll find the recipes included at the back of the book

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    Craving Perfection is a great read and perfect for sitting on the beach in the garden or curled up in a chair If you have seen the film Sliding Doors you will love this book Plenty to smile and laugh at EnjoyI did

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    Review originally posted at Book Lovers IncI decided to give this one a chance thinking it would be funny contemporary romance à la Bridget Jones and I really needed something funny And let me be honest I just adore the cover It's pretty and I can be shallow that way So perhaps I deserved that book because I was being shallow that definitely hit a nerve with this story In Craving Perfect we meet Grace an overweight single woman owning a café with her sister She loves her sweets and just can't keep her hands of them Still she isn't happy with herself She slaves away in a gym nearly every day to lose another pound She wants to look like the perfect girls she sees parading around the gym and she hopes that losing weight would finally make Max Kramer her secret crush notice her She's obsessed with Max and finally gaining his attention even though he is what we can openly call the biggest jerk on the planet He's shallow and only notices the perfect ones of us He even thought bad of Grace and never made her feel like someone he would chooseBut well we know how secret crushes can be I can remember doing something like that at the tender age of 13 but now? Not so much I really don't see how a grown woman can delude herself that much And she really thinks she needs to lose weight or she will never get what she wants I do understand where that came from in our present society but on the other hand she keeps on treating herself to a scone every time she sees Max I have to say she really irritated me Perhaps it's because I'm overweight too but never actually felt so strongly and contradicting about it I know that I'm still worth something and attractive even though I don't fit the ideal of society On the other hand we have Carlos a law student working part time as a janitor at the gym He's a nice and caring guy but most people judge him wrong because of his appearance He's latino and has tattoed forearms so mostly everyone things he's one of those troublemakers who aren't able to speak one word of fluent English I really loved Carlos he's what saved this book for me Finally someone not so shallow even though he judges the pretty people pretty fast too but I will ignore that for now He likes Grace for what she is the person behind all the doubts and low self esteem He likes her for being funny and sweet I don't want to say much about the story let's say it's not really a contemporary story It has a certain in loss for a better word paranormal touch Those give Grace the possibility to see her situation from a different angle and give her the possibility to realize that being perfect won't make your life perfectThe love was like a side story sometimes it crept in the center though I loved to see Carlos and Grace together Their chemistry was hot and also adorably shy at times The way they discovered each other made my heart melt I would have loved to see about that and less about Grace and her self esteem Craving Perfect was a fun read It often made me think of Bridget Jones but on other times it was just too shallow for my taste I really wanted to throw it against the wall when I saw slim equals perfect one time I usually like a not so perfect heroine but usually I do because they don't focus that much on becoming something they just aren't Grace was too contradicting for me There is nothing wrong with wanting to reach your goal but please stick to it then With a bit less shallowness I would have liked this one way Still it was fun to read and the love story was cute The love takes a backseat in this one though appearance and Grace struggle with it are the focus If you like to read about this topic this book is something you should definitely check out

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    CRAVING PERFECT by author Liz Fichera is a fantastic escapeI was completely blown away by Grace Mill's run on the treadmill and she went to the gym just to ogle Max's hot body Well a girl has to have an inspiration to lose weight Imagine a girl rewarding herself strawberry scones after a vigorous workout But she was craving the perfect body and the perfect manAnd when she got her perfect body she found out that she could never eat enough Her favourite occupation of baking was not of use to her after getting her perfect body Guess what? She also found out that Max was not so perfect after all Craving Perfect is a lovely story of sisterly love and responsibilities and of getting what you crave forLiz Fichera did a fascinating job with this story It is liberally spiced with humor pathos and heartfelt emotion It is potrayed with vivid atmospheric details I felt myself in the Java Cafe Grace ran with her sister Kathryn and could taste the coffee

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    Grace Mills is just like the rest of us her family life has its own dramas she's seeking love for herself and she wants that hot guy at the gym where she works out religiously The only thing is when the opportunity arises for her to have exactly what she wishes for well she finds herself in a dilemma Grace's tale is a great reminder that sometimes beautiful lives don't bring you happiness and that the Adonis you seek is standing right in front of you Oh and if you don't know what sopasillas are you soon will my friends

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    'Craving Perfect' by Liz Fichera is a wonderful novel that takes you on a magical treadmill ride Downtrodden Grace isn't happy with her lacklustre life and yearns to be someone people pay attention to And then after a spectacular treadmill fall she suddenly is But is perfect really all she hoped for?With likeable characters a yummy hero and a cracking storyline that keeps you turning the pages for me 'Craving Perfect' has the perfect ingredients for a delicious summer read

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    Really cute book When the alternate life of Grace first occured I was ready to put the book down It wasn't explained it was annoying and lame I liked the way it jumped back and forth between the two main characters and that kept me coming back Once the other life was explained I sighed with relief and I was totally into it then Very close to being a 5 star book