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In life horse fancier and antiues dealer Glyn Cole caused a heap of trouble for his girlfriends their jealous partners and his creditors His two year absence from the close knit Berkshire horse community has been something of a relief Broken bridges have been mended lives have been rebuilt And his disappearance has been a miracle for one individual in particular the person who killed him But now Glyn is back in bizarre circumstances A record breaking storm has ripped his corpse from its ingenious hiding place How did he get there and how did he die? Many have benefited from his absence but who is no longer sleeping so soundly at night? It seems that even in death bad boy Glyn is as much trouble as he ever was

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    Right at the start we learn what happened to the body The rest of the book is the police finding that out Then we realise we don't know so much after all A compelling complex tale with sympathetic characters The racing bit was not integrated with the plot but very enjoyable all the same

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    Brilliant mysterycrime thriller based around a racing yard and an antique dealer In the opening pages the reader is duped into thinking they know who the killer is When all is revealed I discovered I was only partly right Very enjoyable read Although the story involves jockeys and race trainers the story is not directly connected to the racing world I preferred it to the Dick Francis books I've read and think it has a much wider appeal for crime readers My first book by Francome but it won't be the last

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    35 stars

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    While this book was okay I was hoping that it would be similar to the Dick Francis books Unfortunately that is not the case

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    GreatI really enjoyed reading this book and haddifficulties putting it down I havent read many of his books butI certainly will now

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    The body of Glyn Cole was very cleverly hidden and might have stayed that way for centuries to come had it not been for a freak storm thus revealing the fact that Cole had not just disappeared but was actually murdered This information causes some unrest in the horse racing community as the body was found on the land of a well known trainerStorm Rider starts with how the body was hidden and makes you think you know what happened Then an excellent mystery develops full of plot twists secrets and misunderstandings as well as some very interesting characters This is a really well plotted extremely entertaining read keeping you guessing for a very long time

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    3 12 stars only half way through so far so good

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    An easy read and well worthwhile for a few hours escape in a book