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4 starsHe isn t my man Girl, it don t matter you don t think he is, he thinks he is Therefore in Badass Motherfucker Land, that means he isThis is a book that truly surprised me with how much I enjoyed it 26% in or so I thought the hero was a bit rapey, but then it got so so good and I ended up loving Luke.Rock Chick Revenge is about former fatty as she put in her own words Ava who goes to an old friend Luke with a problem her best friend is having Right away Luke is than happy to reunite, in fact he all but abducts Ava into his lifeI m not stupid, I know your heart s involved in this and I ve never, not once in all the time you ve known me, given you the idea that I won t handle it with careMy weakness with romance is an insecure heroine and angst This book had heaps of both so I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved Ava and her journey, how she didn t just give in to Luke and believed everything right away Their relationship took work and Luke was willing to put in the time.I also thought this book was funny as hell and almost no one pissed me off which is a miracle cause with this series, normally someone is pissing me off I got frustrated at some times with how Luke treated Ava, but later he than made up for it and I ended up loving him Even if he was a little bit rapey.I think I m off to binge what s left of KA s back list I don t wanna run out but her books are hitting the spotAva, you missed it when it happened so I ll clue you in Last night, around the time you fell asleep against me, you became mineFollow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter Re read Review August 28 29, 2013.I ve had trouble picking my favorite Hot Bunch hero, but after my re read of the first 5 books, I can say, without a doubt, that Luke is the one Of all the men so far, he s the most similar to the men of the Colorado Mountain series, and I adore them Luke is super bad ass Alpha yes, with a capital A and he s the most crude and outspoken and intensely sexual of them all And that right there, my friends, is why I m in love with him, and why he s numero uno, comprende I fell hard for Ava, again Such a sweetie I just adore her, and she and Luke together are perfect Such a great story, start to finish Now on to Rock Chick Reckoning, Mace and Stella s story Original Review Those of you who read my reviews know that I normally go on for paragraphs, close to chapters except when it comes to Kristen Ashley books The reason for that is twofold 1 There are just soooo many things to love about her awesome books that I can t seem to do them justice, even if I ramble on for pages.2 There are already a bjillion reviews out there, all singing her praises, so I m doing you a favor by not making you sit through one of mine not for too long, anyway.That s why I keep em short So here goes Ava ADORE her Luke Abso fecking lutely in love with him The Story All kinds of awesome Lot s of extra time with other Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch guys LOVE THAT Secondary Characters They don t feel secondary, ever I love each and every one of them and unlike some books, they never, ever, EVER feel like filler.So that s why I love this book, and why you, if you haven t already, need to climb on the Kristen Ashley train Woot Woot ROCK ON 4.5 stars If you re a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads Ava Hates Men, She Has Reason And She S Vowed Not Only Never To Get Involved With Another One Again But Also To Exact Vengeance On Her Best Friend S, Lying, Cheating Husband Since Luke, Ava S Childhood Crush, Is Now A Private Investigator, She Thinks To Enlist Him But Changes Her Mind At The Last SecondToo Late, Luke Knows She S Up To Something And He S Already Seen Many A Rock Chick Try To Fight Her Own Battles Without The Hot Bunch Stepping In He S Having None Of It She S Having None Of Him The Clash Of The Rock Chick And Hot Guy Begins But Luke S Got The Advantage He Has Handcuffs And He S Not Afraid To Use Them squeeeee I LOVED THIS BOOK What a winner This is tied with books 14 for fav in the series so far It had me laughing out loud, squeeing out loud , tearing up, grinning for pages on end and fanning myself from the hotness seriously, KA sure knows how to write make up sex PURE WINI m not lettin you go I m not lettin you push me away and I m not giving up I m gonna keep working until I piece together what they stole from you I m gonna keep at you until you let me in I m not gonna stop until you tell me you re mine, until it comes straight from your mouth, preferably when I m deep inside you and you re lookin at me like you look at me when I m close to makin you comeI apologize for the long gushy review I just really loved it and had to share PAva has known Luke since they were kids But he went off to become a professional Badass fairly early on, and so they never actually got together Unfortunately, her experience in life has led her to believe that all men are pretty much scum But when her best friend s lying cheating scumbag of a husband finally pulls one stunt too many, she decides to find Luke, now a professional investigator Badass and enlist his help to get some dirt on said scumbag He of course is than happy to help but Ava is nervous and wary about dealing with him due to some of her personal insecurities But it soon becomes very clear that that was only the tip of the problem iceberg and when things blow up, and he realized she isn t going to share, he hand cuffs them together and takes them home to figure things out and theBadass Motherfucker Courtshipbegins DI ll put money down that she s livin with him in 4 days 3 days A week, she s got spirit I shook my head, I needed to focusand go, go, go I opened the door.Before it closed behind me, I heard Luke say strangely, Tonight Then everyone laughedI ll say this first I LOVED LUKE Seriously WOW What a character 3I ve known you since you were eight I ve liked you since you were eight, he said I fell in love with him since we first saw him several books ago in the series but he really just shines in this book God I love a man who is not only insanely HOT, brutally honest, defends his woman to the ends of the earth and takes no shit from anyone about anything, but at the same time has a deeply soft side that with which he deals with Ava He just was seriouslyfunctional , and a totally swoony over protective Alpha Badass yes, with a capital B who was really creative with his handcuffs and had no problem literally ripping the clothes off his girl waggles eyebrows.I just loved how tolerant, understanding and patient he was with Ava He really truly understood how how deep her hurt goes and how much it has made her wary and untrusting and he s just so willing to show her through determination and rock steady efforts that he s not like the other men who have hurt her before and that he s absolutely, 100% seriously into herAva, you missed it when it happened so I ll clue you in last night, around the time you fell asleep against me, you became mineLol, but it was hilarious to finally see Luke deal with a woman of his own We have been waiting for so long and seeing him handle it was hot as hell, hilarious and heart meltingJesus Christ, he muttered to the ceiling All those times I sat in the office and laughed my ass off at stories of Lee, Eddie, Hank and Vance They should have fuckin medals And honestly, a man who calls his woman babe just melts my heart 3And Ava Gah she just about broke my heart with her cuteness at times while other times I just wanted to throttle her But she was a totally awesome addition to the Rock Chick group a strong, independent character with a big heart In the beginning she does do some things that are a bit annoying but, given some of her life experiences, her general wariness and mistrust of men is understandableHe isn t my man Girl, it dont matter you don t think he is, he thinks he is Therefore in Badass Motherfucker Land, that means he isAnd what makes it okay is that Luke sees riiiight through her so her behaviour doesn t actually ever come between themYou wanna taste me he murmered.Yes, I wanted to taste him I would pay every penny of Aunt Ella s inheritance to taste him No, I lied.He did a full grin this time, a full satisfied grin It was hot, so hot my knees totally buckles and he took all my weight into his body Liar, he whispered, knowing he had me And he just keeps relentlessly working at their relationship, never giving up on her, and yet never giving in to her insecurities, until she feels safe enough to let her walls down and truly give her heart over to himDaisy said to me that I was trying to find ways to protect my heart but I was doing it wrong She told me the best way to protect my heart was to trust it to someone who will protect it for me.More silence but his body went completely still That s you It s always been youTheir chemistry was intense You totally felt it They had a bit of a rough start lots of interruptions buzzers, phone calls etc lol , but once they finally came together fans selfOh my God, you totally need to fuck him or you re going to spontaneously combust And they worked through the bulk of their issues by about the 70% mark so we got to see them completely and acceptingly together as a couple for a good chunk of the book Seeing them deal with some very painful and serious events that happen totally made my heart clench It was heart meltingly beautiful, at times very emotional and utterly squee worthy.KA is just absolutely BRILLIANT at writing families and conveying deep connections between characters She is very subtle and direct in her writing style but you FEEL their emotions so strongly It just feels so real Her writing style is like no other It hide nothing, implies nothing, its just in your face, straight up awesome story telling that sucks you right in.This book was a bit emotionally deeper than the last few It had my throat choked up and my eyes all misty than a few times Ava was reeeally hurt in her past and the tone come through in the story despite its overall typical Rock Chick lightness Something about it just really had my heart reaching out for both her and Luke.The humour and the banter was just off the charts Very few other writers have every made me laugh or squee as much as KA has Everything from the vibrator burial scene to the betting pools over how it would take Luke to give Ava the business to Smithie getting treed by rabid rottweilers so much fun And of course, lets not forget the healthy dose of typical KA kidnappings, hostage situations, rescue missions, etc.I love how, as the series progresses, we see and of the characters What a HUGE core group there must be at least like 25 of them and just the dynamic of all of them together makes for some absolutely BRILLIANT scenes.Some pretty serious stuff goes down later in the book involving one of Ava s psycho ex s and when it does, seeing, literally e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e come together and mobilize to be there for her and Luke was so beyond heart warming mega shivers it led to pages and pages of utterly squee worthy scenes Including the first INTENSE Alpha showdown between two of the good guys and also what has to be THE most EPIC car chase scene in book history I was grinning like an idiot when I was reading itSwear to God, these boys should be locked up It isn t safe, men with that much testosterone coursing through their blood free to roamI just love how all the Hot Bunch men in this series are the total macho Alpha badass do not mess with me men on the outside but are all heart meltingly soft and sweet on the inside SERIOUS SWOON MATERIAL have I used the word brilliant yet lol BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANTI figured the Nightengale Investigations job application form had the question Are you hot Yes No If you answered no, please exit the buildingoooo and there is a wedding at the end of this book I won t spoil it with telling whose it is but it actually took me a little by surprise even though I ve read all the books in order So beautiful Can t wait for the next book When this series is over, I m gonna be seriously sad.Here s how I see Luke and Ava Excellent re read and just what I needed.I still ended up crying for a better part of the last 30% of the book.With Ava and her soul searching and Luke trying to convince her that he s one of the good guys and handling her with care Luke being someone the only one she can show her soft spot and KNOW he ll protect it because he s considered her precious cargo since he was 17.Just and absolute YES for me for this book, and that s obvious because this was my 10th re read of it. My favorite Rock Chick book since the first one Why I have loved Luke for many books now, for one reason Secondly, I love the Rock Chick world and crazy characters How can I not love a book that has this quote Tex shouted, Jee zus, huggin and cryin and badass motherfucker showdowns in livin rooms and takin a break from the action to have Sunday breakfast with your man s mother, what the fuck We gonna take a side trip to the mall next or do we want to find this fuckin guy Actually, I could use a side trip to the mall, Sissy put in I could go to the mall too, Daisy added We goin to find Jeremiah Olivia asked, following us Yeah, after the mall, I told her. See, a group of girlfriends taking time out of their catch the bad guy schedule to go to the mall I can totally appreciate that Priorities, you know.So, in this book ,we have Luke, the hottie from the last few books, getting together with Ava, a girl who lived across the street from him from the time she was 8 years old Ava was a fat kid with glasses and grew up staying fat and feeling like crap about herself She also had a crush on Luke since childhood and decided, after seeing him as an adult, that she was going to get her crap together, lose weight, and finally take a shot at him Of course, life came along and she ended up with another guy who totally ruined her faith in men She s sworn them off But, after getting into a jam, she tries to hire Luke to help her Of course, Mr Alpha decides that she is his Me man You woman Me want Unga Bunga Okay, so maybe that s not exactly what he says, but it is what he means.Of course, the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch the guys have seen this scenario play out many times and they know exactly how things are going to go downSo, we had a pool Everyone threw down money on when they thought Luke would nail you Mace won five hundred dollarsSo, did he nail you or did you just sleep We just slept New pool Shirleen shouted. And, Shirleen gets to be Ava s Rock Chick mentor because it s her turn It is epic Shirleen is absolutely awesome We arrived and Shirleen was on the phone, handset in the crook of her neck, peering into a hand held mirror, plucking her eyebrows.She dropped the mirror and tweezers upon seeing us Dorothea, gotta go, my girl s here with her girl We gotta lock old Sissy down so the Italians don t get her Long story, I ll tell you laterAnother later epic moment is when the famous girl who Indy tazed in her book, and Daisy fought and Jet tazed in the last book, shows up And, there is the best car chase scene ever with cars involved than the Indy 500.The only downsides to this book There were two First, there are so many people quoting Luke saying I never expected to want you in my bed, but I always knew I wanted you in my life like it is the sweetest, most romantic thing ever I didn t feel that way at all He says this after telling her that he always thought she was pretty, even when she was overweight, and that he always liked her personality And yet, he then says he never expected to want her as anything than a friend Why Because she was overweight and not attractive enough for him He said that she was pretty, funny, and kind.but it wasn t enough while she was overweight He never wanted her in a sexual way until the only thing that changed about her was her weight That s kind of shitty, really How s he going to deal with her pregnant, or what if she can t lose her pregnancy weight right away The best husbands are the kind that remind a girl that she needs to lose a few pounds, right girls The other problem I had with it showed itself to me after reading something written by my friend, Karly made me notice how Luke reacted when Ava had been inappropriately touched by her ex It suddenly became all about him She was even afraid to tell him what happened because she was worried about his reaction Then, she had to try and calm him down and reassure him as if HE were the victim It was weird I get that any man would be angry in this situation, but he reacted like it was a personal affront that some other man dared to touch his property Um no just no Center of the universe You mean my Throne Room...E.T.A Oh yeah, wtf is with Ava answering her phone yo every time What, is she is twelve year old boy trying to sound cool What grown up woman answers her phone like that every.single.time I mean, when she was happy, sad, angry, in the car with a kidnapper, at the hospitalSo freaking stupid Luke said to Ava There are two kinds of women The ones you go to bed with and the ones you wanna wake up with Lots of the first, not many of the last If a man s lucky, he ll find the last Wow, loved it This was my very first taste of the Rock Chicks series and a friends to lovers story My GR friends know that I m not a reader who feels the urge to read a series in order And Rock Chick Revenge can be read as a stand alone Unfortunately, Kristen Ashley s Play it Safe didn t work for me and I am really happy that I m back in reader s heaven Again Admittedly, some parts of this story were a bit far fetched and it was a bit OTT at times as well but then again, who cares Holy cow, Ava can throw sass Yes, Ava babe, you can glare all you want but it is true Ava s got attitude and then some She knows how to use her mouth uh, pun intended She is funny, sweet, caring, and bitchy as all get out Luke YOWZA Love this guy Another badass, hot as sin, fabulous specimen of a man He s very, verrry bossy and demanding, yet extremely gentle, tender, and protective Luke is a nice guy who s trying to protect and keep Ava safe He does it in an ultra pushy, unbelievably blunt, tough guy, macho man way Aw, yes, I already mentioned Ava s mouthYou leave me cuffed, I ll never speak to you again, I told him Babe, now he sounded amused, that s a good thing You got a mouth on you What follows suit is the famous Ava Barlow Silent Treatment and I enjoyed it If you re in a bad mood then you should read Rock Chick Revenge Jeez, this was loads of fun, fun, fun and I had a good laugh This story is filled with so much banter, lots and lots of witty dialogs, great characters, and quite a lot of action and drama It felt like an action filled love comedy Honestly, don t take this story too seriously Even when they had a serious situation I just knew we d be back on track in no time flat I loved to see how Luke and Ava locked horns and when the Barlow Bitch Blood started to flash through Ava s veins woot It was incredibly entertaining A total blast Further, I was so mesmerized by the amazing Luke Lip Fog as well And guess what A Bad Boy pursuing a Rock Chick with competition on his ass means trouble trouble with a capital T.The sex love scenes were steamy, sizzling hot, and well written Even in bed the banter was ever presentMake you a deal Tonight I ll bring the cuffs Whoever manages to get the other cuffed to the bed gets to play That was hardly a good deal for me You just pointed out the obvious, you re stronger than me Babe, you re not using your imagination I have a good imagination, Bad Ava reminded me, her voice dripping with anticipation.Me too, Good Ava surprised me, her voice sounding dreamy.I smiled slowly.Then I said, Deal He touched his lips to mine, eyes open, and murmured, Never thought life could be this sweet Ava had to wait than twenty years to finally declareI love you, LukeI think it was so worth the wait Rock Chick Revenge is another compelling and great story written by the amazing Kristen Ashley Highly recommended if you re in need of a hilarious, sweet, action packed, and fast paced love story Enjoy Meet my Luke YUM Reread on 9 11 13I still feel exactly the same way I felt the first time I read this book, only I m even in love with Luke now Ava too, but let s be honest, none of us care about anything than Luke here, lol No Seriously I must say, this has been my favorite book of this series I ve read all of these once back in January except Ally s, and there just isn t a comparison to Lucas Stark I love when alpha men are blunt, straight to the point, but sorta the lethal silent type as well I have loved all of the Hot Bunch and Rock Chicks, but for me, Luke and Ava will always hold a special place in my heart Original Review written January 2013Luke Stark has ruined me for all other book boyfriends After meeting him a few times in the other previous books, I was really looking forward to him getting his own story, WOW, there is no comparison to him BY FAR, my favorite book of this series so far I am in LOVE with Luke Stark Literally, I could go on and on Ava Babe, I m tellin you, you re gonna admit you belong to me because you belong to meLuke, please, let me go home No fuckin way Luke and Ava are just perfect The story begins with Ava coming to Luke to ask for help with her friends crazy soon to be ex husband Ava has some insecurity problems not to mention she has decided to hate men from now on Luke and Ava had grown up across the street from each other as kids until Luke graduated and gone The last time they had spoken was when his father had died and she promised a beer later, but later never came NOT because of Luke, because of something Ava overheard So now it s new Ava and new hotter Luke and as in all the Rock Chick books, a good dose of trouble We get of the Rock Chick crew, of the newly named HOT BUNCH, yum plus a side dose this time of car chases, kidnappings, and a hostage situation Not to mention Ava had a crazy ex who Luke went after that seriously backfired And let me just say the way Luke and Ava handled that situation was perfection.Of course we get all of the hilarity out of this installment just like the others Smithie finds himself tree d with two dogs standing guard Tex still yells at the customers and plays favorites on who is next in line and the girls still like all of their shopping, gossiping, and bad ideas It was just the most awesome book So awesome, I don t really know how to move on to the next one This is the way it is for us right now I know you fixed this place up but I m not givin up the loft so we re gonna have to work somethin out about where we live, eat, sleep, and fuck We last, you re gonna have to give up the Range Rover, they re dangerous because they roll easy and I don t like you drivin it We go the distance, we re havin a small wedding, I m not fuckin dancin and I want three kids, all boys, but if we have a girl she s not datin until she s twenty five, especially if she looks like you, got me Luke ummm, yea, I would have jumped him.This man was sex on a stick the entire book Doesn t beat around the bush and says exactly what he wants and does it OMG, the guy wanted payments and punishments and I was trying to get in between him and Ava and take her them for her, seriously I was beggin for my chance at a Luke Lip Fog image error 5 I need cookies stars OMG I love me some LUKE STARK Okay now thats out of the way, on to the review Ava Barlow is a changed woman After being a little overweight, wearing glasses, and having mousy brown hair most of her life, she has decided to make a change Five years ago, she saw the man she has always had feelings for, Luke Stark, at a funeral After some crude comments from her nasty sisters, she vowed she wouldn t see him until she transformed herself And thats exactly what she did With her transformation came a lot of man trouble A lot She has terrible luck when it comes to men So she s sworn them off No men for Ava, just her b.o.b But now, her best friend Sissy is in trouble Ava wants to help her, but she needs help Help from Luke and the Hot Bunch I just love Ava s reaction when she meets all the Hot BunchI figured the Nightingale Investigations job application form had the question Are you hot Yes No If you answered no, please exit the building Luke cannot believe his eyes He doesn t even recognize Ava at first Ava The girl he s known since she was eight and he was twelve Someone who has always been there for him apart from the last five yearsI ve liked you since you were eight years old You made me laugh You understood me You looked out for me when no once else fuckin bothered and you acted like you thought I could move mountains and I needed someone who thought that about meBut this isn t exactly the same Ava he remembers, and not just looks wise Ava s past has made her a bit bitchy towards men, Luke included Luke will help Ava, but he wants to do than help her He wants her, in his bed, as his womanYou ve been mine since you were eightIt isn t easy for Ava to trust a man Not after she has been burned so many times But she trusts Luke She just doesn t want to get hurt She s worried he has feelings for someone else and she knows if she gives him the final piece of herself, and he destroys it, there will be nothing leftLuke, you have to know, it won t be like the other guys If it s you, it ll be worse My voice went softer, lower, barely a whisper If this goes bad, it ll destroy meWhen it s all said and done, will Ava be able to give Luke herself, trust him Or will she stay determined to keep her heart safe and be alone Let me just tell you right off the bat there will be a lot of quotes and gushing from here on out I love these books LOVE THEM This book, and Vance and Jules book are both my favorite so far, I can t choose I just love everything about them The HUMORHow the HOT BUNCH works He isn t my man Girl, it don t matter you don t think he is, he thinks he is Therefore in Badass Motherfucker Land, that means he is Ava s inner dialogue good Ava bad Ava Oh my goodness, Luke s massaging your arm Isn t that sweet Good Ava trilled in my ear Jump him Rip his pants off Bad Ava shouted in my other ear Overall, Ava was just pretty funny Fuck buddies don t have rules It s like being in a fight club The first rule of fuck buddies is there are no rules I was making this up as I went along I had no idea if fuck buddies had rules I d never had a fuck buddy I d never even wanted one Hell, I didn t want one now And so was Luke You leave me cuffed, I ll never speak to you again, I told him Babe, now he sounded amused, that s a good thing You got a mouth on you Then of course, theres Tex D I ain t cuffin Luke to no bed, Tex boomed, tearing me away from my intriguing thoughts Fuck, I m not cuffin Lee or Vance to a bed, either Those boys would lose their badass motherfucker minds I got a girlfriend and fifteen cats I get tortured and killed, who s gonna take care of Nancy and my kittiesThe SEXYYou re gonna be in my bed and not like last night I m gonna give you a taste of me and I m gonna take than a taste of you I m not lettin you go I m not lettin you push me away and I m not giving up I m gonna keep working until I piece together what they stole from you I m gonna keep at you until you let me in I m not gonna stop until you tell me you re mine, until it comes straight from your mouth, preferably when I m deep inside you and you re lookin at me like you look at me when I m close to makin you comeAnd the SWEETLuke made me SWOON Get this into your head Ava, I m not gonna do anything to fuck this up between us but I m also not gonna let you do anything to fuck it up either Life s too short, I m through talkin This is happening, we both know it, we both feel it and you even admitted it Ava Babe, stop fighting itThen there is the action there is always some action in a Rock Chick book This one has plenty Between Sissy s problem s coming to bite Ava, to her crazy ass ex coming back in the picture, there is never a dull moment We catch up will all our favorite Rock Chicks, and members of the Hot Bunch Then we get to meet a man named Ren I loved Ren Can t wait to read about that guy I loved the history between Luke and Ava Luke was sweet, sexy, protective, and I couldn t wait for him to give those little smirks He was patient with Ava Ava worked my nerves at time, but all of her actions and the way she tried to guard her heart were done for a good reason I understood her I ended up liking her a lot She was tough, and super funny.The ending of this one was fantastic There is a wedding, pregnancy, and engagement but you will have to read to find out who does what Once again, another five star Kristen Ashely book This woman s writing and story telling abilities are just amazing I am so happy I still have three Rock Chick books to go If you haven t read this series, give it a go Get this into your head Ava, I m not gonna do anything to fuck it up between us but I m also not gonna let YOU do anything to fuck it up eitherLukeBtw, that quote is basically the definition of this book DAva constantly tries to get out of it, while Luke does everything he can to stop her DAnyway, she is great and funny, loved her Bad Ava and Good Ava Luke is the bestest of them for me 3 No wonder this is my favorite RC bookJesus Christ, he muttered to the ceiling All those times I sat in the office laughing my ass off at stories of Lee, Eddie, Hank and Vance They should have fuckin medalsIndeed DDDD buddy read with Glam 3