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She S Ready For The Ride Of Her Life Lauren Grahame Is Looking To Reinvent Herself After Leaving Her Cheating Husband, Lauren Moves To Carnal, Colorado, And Gets A Job As A Waitress In A Biker Bar Called Bubba S It S A Nothing Job In A Nowhere Joint Until Tatum Jackson Walks In Lauren Has Never Seen A Man With Such Good Looks, Muscles, And Attitude But When He Insults Her, Lauren Doesn T Want Anything To Do With Him Too Bad For Lauren He S Also The Bar S Part Owner And BartenderWhen The Rough Around The Edges Tate Meets The High Class Lauren, He Thinks She Won T Fit In At Bubba S Yet There S To Lauren Than Meets The Eye, And Tate Soon Sets His Mind On Claiming Her As His Own Before Long, The Desire Burning Between Them Is Heating Up The Cold Mountain Air But When Violence Strikes The Town, Tate Must Reveal A Dark Secret To Lauren One That May Put An End To Their Sweet Dreams 5 stars Contemporary Romance Romantic SuspenseThere are a lot of reviews for this already, so here are some of my random thoughts.The Bad and The Ugly Yes, it s an editing nightmare that at times made me want to whip out my red pen and go crazy with correcting remarks There is way too much and occurring too often inane detail, especially about the heroine s wardrobe, outfits, hair, makeup, getting ready, routine, etc I understand that her self esteem and makeover were a significant component to the story, but I still think an easy 50 pages of random stuff could have been trimmed It was annoying to me how the heroine constantly answered the hero with Sorry , and also how she repeated Tate s name over and over again like Kate Winslet s Rose continually said Jack , Jack , Jack , Jack all throughout Titanic BUT, despite those annoyances, here s why I still rated it 5 stars.The Good The story has a frenetic hodgepodge of themes chick lit self discovery, steamy contemporary romance, small town drama, family angst, crazy exes, serial killer suspenseyou name it But amazingly enough, it works I was sucked in and thoroughly entertained The hero is an ex football star, ex cop, bounty hunting, bar owning, tattooed badass, uber alpha biker He s growly, sometimes mean, often pissed off, possessive, and fond of saying or perhaps I should say grunting Babe and Ace to communicate a wealth of things, rather than expressing or explaining himself There were times I wanted Lauren to smack him and send his ass packing to the curb But DAYUM Tate is f n HOT The heroine is insecure, funny, flawed, sweet, sometimes cranky and bitchy, caring, and most of all, genuine and endearing Laurie is easy to identify with because she s so real I could see myself laughing over manis and martinis with her Cute scenes with Buster the cat, aka, Princess Fancy Pants Tender, heartbreaking moments with Tate s son, Jonas sigh An unforgettable, quirky cast of secondary characters Great dialogue, snappy banter, humor, and emotion It made me laugh out loud at times and tear up in others And oh yeah, the steamy romance between Tate and Laurie is truly addictive.So it s not perfect, but I still loved it and will definitely read by this author I had a hard time casting my perfect Tate, mainly because he s so impossibly gruff, badass, and smokin hot But I think Hugh Jackman could portray him fairly convincingly, especially if he acted all Wolverine broody, growly, alpha badass and got some sexy tats He particularly looks the part in these pictures YUMMY Addendum after further Internet exploration for the perfect Tate This is Tate in all his beautiful, badass, bounty hunter glory sigh 4 Special Stars Since I ve been sick for days now I don t really feel like doing a huge review This one will be shorter and to the point Kinda I really enjoyed this book It was angsty, dramatic, and suspenseful without being over the top or driving me crazy I loved Tate although not as much as Max from book one I loved Lauren than Nina from book one I thought Tate and Lauren had a great relationship full of passion I will say this book had a lot of similarities with book one Both heroes said Babe as a response to almost every question asked them by the heroine like every 6 or 7 sentences Both heroines say ummm uhh and sorry at least 10 times a page And they all talk in half sentences For example here is what it was like I made this sentences up not a quote from the book You doin Sorry You doing Tate Babe Tate Sick of telling you babe Ummm Shut it and kiss me At times I would have to reread things to try to figure out A where the hell the first part of all the sentences went and B I had to try and decode what each Babe Tate and Laurie meant I am guessing this is going to be one of those author s quirks that KA does a lot I just hope it doesn t get annoying Right now I kinda just laugh and shake my head at it but I have a feeling it will get old fast Now here are a few real quotes from the book showing you what I mean making the one I made up pointless but what the hellUm I started He cut me off You curl into me Sorry I asked My back, he replied Um I paused then repeated, Sorry You curl into my goddamned back, Lauren, he ground out and his arm around my waist gave me a rough squeeze I was uh Lauren and Tate Tate I snapped His knee came up, parting my legs Bet, way you catch fire, make up sex ll be hot, he muttered We are not making up and we are not having sex His head came up, I saw he was grinning and through his grin he said, Babe Babe yourself I spat Lauren and Tate Not fun sleepin alone, he muttered into my ear as I pulled against his hold but he was stronger than me and he switched our direction so we were heading to the bed Let me go, Tate, I demanded, my hands shoving at his arm Gotta learn to get over it, Ace, he told me Tate and LaurenEven with the above mentioned KA quirks I still loved this book I loved all the secondary characters The bar gang was great Tate and Lauren made a great couple I really thought Tate s son Jonas was too cute and there are some really fun moments between Jonas, Lauren and Tate Tate s Ex was a crazy bitch and I wanted to reach through the kindle and beat the crap outta her But she was a well developed crazy bitch ex written in a way that made her feel real too I liked their HEA but not as much as Max and Nina s I kinda wish they would have had a baby I know they aren t in their 20s but she was only 42 she could still have a baby Bottom line I loved this book but I loved the first one better. EDITED December 15, 2011 and January 1, 2012On the one hand, I agree that the story needed better editing On the other hand, Tate would say Who gives a flying f ck I wholeheartedly agree, Tate I didn t mind at all I LOVE this story and I could easily forget those minor issues Tate with beard Tate without beard How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams by Bram Stoker What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us by Ralph Waldo Emerson H.U.G.E 5 stars EXCELLENT TERRIFIC FABULOUS GREAT WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL REALISTIC EMOTIONAL. Wow, did I miss anything I absolutely LOVED, LOVED Sweet Dreams Jeez, what s not to love about this story It was an enlightening reading experience Irrevocably Sweet Dreams is my favorite book to date Ever Tate, you uber hot, badass badass with a capital B , sexilicious specimen of a man awwww, you are definitely the epitome of Mr Hotness in high perfection You are such a bossy, demanding, and annoying jerk at times, yet you are so caring, protective, sweet, and tender my stomach just flipped Again YUM dreamy sigh Speaking about attitude Seriously, Tate, you re talking about Laurie having attitude Yeah, man, what about you, huh You ve got a serious case of attitude Tsk tsk The hero is the personification of a badass biker bounty hunter, and therefore he likes to use the f word regularly Please, don t let it put you off Basically, I don t like that either, however in this case it suited the hero, and I wouldn t have it any other way Tate stayed true to his character and everything he said and did helped to show the reader what a wonderful man he is I d like to alert you Don t jump to conclusions too fast in the beginning of the story It s what Lauren did Tate said something nasty, but I forgave him, since he had some serious s it going down in his life As the story unfolds you ll get to know him better and even Lauren will have to admit that she made a mistake Don t judge too fast Just sayin Admittedly, I am always so focused on the hero, yet Sweet Dreams features a superb heroine Wow, Lauren kicks ass Even when she is kind of lost in the beginning of the plot, she can hold her own She is sassy and a real smart mouth I adored this woman And Tate will help her find herself again she has to get rid of her being lost.Sweet Dreams lives and breathes dialogs lots and lots of wonderful and hilarious dialogs This story put a smile on my face, and there were many laughing out loud moments too I was glued to the pages and I truly regretted the fact that it had to end eventually Boy, I can t get enough of these two On top of that, the author did a very fine job in developing many secondary characters as well They re complex, yet so endearing BTW, the story is told in first person POV and my advice to those who don t like that read it nevertheless It was truly perfect And after awhile I didn t even notice it any I was so focused what would happen next that I didn t mind at all.I loved the author s detailed, very engaging, and colorful writing It never felt contrived it was real and emotional She writes like she d paint a picture a very vivid and colorful picture, that is There s certainly nothing black and white about her story Do you remember how it feels to look at a wonderful picture You think you ve seen everything and then suddenly in a corner you ll discover something new With that said, reading Sweet Dreams felt like discovering a good picture, a very interesting and enticing picture Frankly, it was a very long read about twice as long as a usual novel , and Ms Ashley was always able to keep me on my toes She did it with such ease and lightness wow, I was in awe Honestly, there was never a dull moment throughout the storyline The pace was very good, it never dragged but there was no need to rush things either.The character and plot development were exemplary the sex love scenes were well written They are not very long but they showed desire, passion, sensuality, hotness, and love Sheesh, they had such terrific chemistry and they really needed each other and they showed it And Tate got hands and a mouth mmmm I was salivating Actually, there was a lot of touching and it felt so real I was right there and every word and every touch just leaped off the page And their necking was so sweet dreamy sigh again Additionally, it was rewarding to read about their everyday business for instance when they went shopping I felt like I was there and I was silently laughing when Tate had to push the cart actually, he was half lying on the cart and Mr Hotness was not at all amused Ehm, Tate, do you remember chick territory LOL Further, it was so endearing to read about their family dynamics Lauren s family is wonderful Sweet Dreams just grabbed me and I couldn t let go any The characters will stay close to me Tate, I promise you a very special place in my heart and I love you to pieces Always.Ms Ashley came up with some funny names La La Land coffee shop , Sunray Goddess Sunny, a hippie woman , Shambala Shambles, a hippie guy , Bubba a guy and the name of the biker bar , Chantelle that s a town BTW, Chantelle is also a French brand for lingerie , Gnaw Bone another town , Wood another guy, hmmm sorry, but my mind is wandering elsewhere Brief synopsis Lauren Grahame is sitting in her parked car outside Bubba s biker bar in Carnal, Colorado She looks at the window of the bar In it there s a sign that says Help Wanted In the little white space at the bottom of the sign is written, Waitress Lauren enters the bar and applies for the waitress position As long as Lauren can remember she thought something special was going to happen to her She felt that it had to be something special, something huge But it didn t She waited and it didn t happen Even when she tried to make it happen, it still didn t happen Eventually Lauren gives up, since there isn t anything special out there to happen Boy, was she ever wrong Lauren had a husband, a home, a job, and friends Lauren s husband cheated on her for five years with her best friend he divorced her They had to sell their house and after ten years of being with someone, she was alone She quits her job and drives around and arrives in Carnal Lauren gets the job And she finds something special and huge in Carnal Tate Jackson enters her life He is 44 years old and one of the bar owners Tate works as a bartender and bounty hunter Their first official meeting sucks, because she overhears Tate saying Behind closed doors Jesus, Krys, maybe you wanna talk to me before you hire some sorry ass, old, fat, suburban bitch to drag around our goddamned bar Admittedly, I was so not pleased to hear that, but as I mentioned before something bad happened to Tate, and he will apologize for being such a jerk Just cut him some slack.It seems that Lauren went from a pansy assed dickhead her ex to a badass bounty hunter in the space of a year D Aw, there is so much to LOVE about this story, and there are so many, many memorable dialogs between Tate and Lauren I put my memorable quotes lines in a spoiler You may read them though, since I didn t include any spoilers Enjoy view spoiler Tate said You want sweet dreams, lose the attitude and you might find I ll give you reason to have them Like I said, when I get pissed I say a lotta shit I don t mean and what I said about you I didn t mean, he repeated, beginning to look as impatient as he sounded And like I said, you re old enough to learn you shouldn t do that, I repeated too, probably also looking impatient That isn t me, he replied Well, then, this obviously is eating you and that s your consequence because I have feelings and you walked all over them and you can t order me to shake it off so you can feel better It s there, burned in my brain and I can t just forget it because you tell me to So you have to live with that You can t and want me gone, say it now because I m beginning to like Betty and I met Shambles and Sunny and I m having dinner with them tomorrow night and I d rather not make ties when I m going to need to hit the road because my boss is going to get rid of me Shambles and Sunny he asked Shambles and Sunny, I answered but didn t share Now, can we just move on and do our best to work together and all other times avoid each other or do you want me to go He moved forward an inch and I again fought the urge to retreat Forgiveness is divine, he said softly and I d never heard him talk soft He had a very nice voice but when it went soft, it was beautiful.This also sucked BTW, in the beginning a lot of things sucked D I mean Lauren uses this word sucks I m not divine, I returned I m also not Ace and I m not Babe I m Lauren You don t like my name, don t call me anything at all Now can I clean the danged table I had my head tipped back to look him in the eye but I could tell he was expending effort to hold his whole body still.Then he said in that soft voice, I m sorry, Ace Me too, I replied instantly being clear I didn t accept his apology Ace Tate shouted, both Wendy and I jumped and twisted our necks to look his way You cashed out or what Tate asked still in a shout I m cashed out, I shouted back You wanna socialize for the next hour or are we gonna go He was still shouting and I was acutely aware, due to the fact that the noise level declined significantly, that the entire bar was listening Keep your pants on I yelled.The noise level disappeared Babe, get your ass over here, Tate ordered Patience, Captain, I m talking to Wendy, I shot back Ass Over Here Tate commanded.I looked at Wendy and snapped loudly, He s so darned bossy Two men and a woman sitting at the bar close to us burst out laughing You better get your ass over there, Wendy advised, I rolled my eyes and stomped across the bar His smile got even bigger Yeah, Ace, a day of you cryin in my arms, sleepin in my arms, kissin you, feelin your body, smellin your hair, your perfume, only so much a man can take I ran for an hour, hard, didn t even fuckin warm up, it didn t touch it Come back, deal with that fuckwad, that s her ex and you re standin there, all legs and hair, wearin my shirt Seriously Only so much a man can take Two of us in this room, Ace, two keycards, he said and my eyes went to him When they did, he jerked his hand, finger extended to the door Know what this is A door I asked stupidly A peephole, he bit back then moved his hand to flick the security latch closed Know what that is Captain He advanced and the aggressive way he did it made me retreat It was dawning on me he was pissed and he wasn t pissed at Brad that s her ex He was pissed at me.I stopped when my legs hit the chair to the desk He stopped when he was in my space I tilted my head way back to look at him You got great hair, babe Tate Thick Tate Soft Tate, I whispered Shame it gets hacked off with a knife after some guy rapes you with that knife He finished on a roar.My body jolted Tate There s bad guys out there, Ace Bad Do things to you that ll make you glad you end up dead You don t open a goddamned door not knowin who s behind it I thought it was you Well it wasn t Tate Which one are you I whispered What he asked Are you the good guy, the sweet guy who takes care of me or are you this guy who s kind of a jerk His answer was instantaneous I m both those guys, babe Your job is to get used to it There it was, another order Not even an ultimatum Just, get used to it I loved this bathroom scene this is only a little part of it Jesus, Laurie, baby, look at you My eyes followed his, mainly because I wanted him to keep at me and I d do just about anything he told me to do to get it.But what I saw made my heart skip and my legs fail.Tate, dark, tall, behind me, his hands on me me, blonde, my face flushed, my eyes hooded, tucked tight against him A perfect fit, made to be there A perfect match, made to be together.Made to be there.Made to be together.We looked great.We looked hot.We looked beautiful.My eyes went to his in the mirror.And she said too bad you ll have to read it awwww, I know, I know I am such a tease LOL Tate to Lauren s ex Then you shouldn t have thrown her away when she was your wife Now she ain t Now she s somethin to me and I don t let men I don t like get close to her and I gotta tell you man, I do not like you It isn t that it s too soon, you re on the back of my bike, it ain t too soon You can buy sheets You cannot install blinds um I mumbled Can you explain the difference Sheets are chick territory, he said without delay You gotta use tools, that s dick territory Oh, I whispered Don t tread on dick territory, he advised So, um is a paintbrush a tool I asked cautiously If you re paintin the side of the house, yeah If you re painting mud colored paint in a room, no It s terracotta, I said softly Whatever, he muttered, his mouth twitching Or, the paint chip called it Mexican horizon The blue is dawn sky Definitely chick territory, Tate replied, losing the fight with his grin What aboutpictures for the walls I asked Chick, he answered instantly Umcould I ask that, instead of you getting angry and being a jerk, maybe you give me a head s up when I m doing something stupid I wanted to play ball, he stated in a way that my body got very still and my eyes, already locked to his, became glued there It wasn t the money It wasn t the fame It was the game The goddamned game I didn t feel like I was breathin right if I wasn t playin or practicin Felt like life was still, someone hit pause, then I d put on my pads and jersey and walk on the field and then everything would come alive Dad and I were Eagles fans since I could remember Puttin that fuckin jersey on, Christ, LaurieChrist Three weeks, after fuckin you, knowin what you taste like, what you feel like, the sounds you make when you come, three weeks I m on the road and all I got is a couple minutes of your voice on the phone every night Fuckin you, that s all I can think about, like a teenager, at night in the dark, it s the only thing in my goddamned head So I jack off, hopin to cut through it, but nothin compares to you Then I know you can t sleep so I can t fuckin sleep wonderin if you re sleepin That shit s whacked and I come home, fuckin beside myself it s over So we find out about each other and who we are together I m gonna piss you off cause I can be a dick That s who I am And you re gonna piss me off cause, babe, you got attitude That s who you are And that s who we re comin out to be together And I m all right with that because, with what I had before, even when you re a bitch, I like it But when you re not, it s a sweetness the like I ve never tasted You said you were waitin for something special and he took away your chance to figure out that you were carryin it with you all this time You are special, Laurie Two kinds of women get under your skin The ones who do damage, they don t feel good there but once you re fuckin stupid enough to let them in you got no choice but to take the time it takes to work them out Then there are the ones who don t do damage, who feel good there, feed the muscle, the bone, the soul, not rip it or break it or burn it The ones you don t wanna work out Wow, this was so hilarious Brad Lauren s ex ignored Hayley she s Brad s ex girlfriend and looked at me, he did a top to toe and back again then his gaze moved to Tate I m here to tell you I m suing you, he announced.Jim Billy, Nadine, Steg, Wing and my eyes moved to Tate.Tate stared at Brad then he said, Come again I m suing you, Brad repeated For what Tate asked Alienation of affection, Brad answered.Without hesitation, Tate threw his head back and burst out laughing.Then he looked at me and remarked, You re right, babe, this is fun Ignoring Tate s comment, Brad declared, You stole my wife Tate looked back at Brad Yeah, bud, I did Brad pointed at Tate and his voice was raised when he proclaimed, See You admit it He threw his arm out I have witnesses Not that any judge ll hear your case, seein as Lauren divorced your ass before I alienated her affection, but you manage it, I ll pay the fine In the meantime, I ll keep alienating her affection You should know, and feel free to share it with your lawyers, Tate continued magnanimously, schedule s comin out mornin and night Usually, in the mornin , she sucks me off or I make her come in the shower Night, man shit, that s even better Definitely worth the fine Sorry, it s just too long I have to cut it off But it continues like that This is the good life Brad Part of it, Tate replied instantly, taking his fists from the bar, leaning into his forearms and asking softly, in a tone meant both to challenge and provoke, She ever ignite, lose so much control she d attack you Climb on top and fuck you so hard she can t breathe I watched Brad suffer that blow because I hadn t, not even close We d had good sex but not that good and Brad was extremely proud of his sexual prowess He was convinced he was the best And he knew, with Tate s words, he was wrong Jesus, you re disgusting, Brad muttered, calling up revulsion to save face She does that to me, Tate continued Fuck off, Brad snapped All the fuckin time, Tate pushed Fuck off, Brad repeated It s fuckin magnificent, Tate declared Thanks, honey, I whispered and grinned at him when his eyes came to me.I was actually expressing gratitude, although embarrassed by his conversation, but I was also kind of joking to get in Brad s face.Tate wasn t His expression was serious when he said, You are, Ace Fuckin magnificent hide spoiler Okay, THIS is my very last Kristen Ashley I know I said that the last time I tried her, but this time it s for realsies Kristen Ashley is super popular with all my friends, and I ve met her in person she is very sweet , but I m just accepting the fact that I hate her books I bought this one to try in paperback I ve tried her books in every format, attempting to see if I could like them , but I ended up rage highlighting passages instead of enjoying the story I think Kristen Ashley and I fundamentally have different tastes on most topics.Now I m going to get REAL critical up in here, so if you are tempted to fight on KA s behalf, please don t read on I thought, buying the paperback, that the editing would be improved Spoiler alert it wasn t I m talking run on sentences, grammatical errors, lack of punctuation it was hard to read at times My next issue is sort of bitchy, but I couldn t stand the endless wardrobe descriptions I mean, every single item of clothes the MC wore, we got a detailed description I m talking head to toe I m surprised her bra wasn t described with each outfit And and here is the real catty part , but the outfits were all hideous 90s style strange clothes I actually went to check the date of publication because the wardrobe felt 25 years out of date the book was written in 2011 Finally, I think Kristen Ashley and I just don t see eye to eye on what s healthy and attractive male female interaction I found Tate to be impossibly rude, pushy, and smug I wanted to punch him in the face My type is nerdy, intellectual guys preferably with facial hair and glasses , and Tate was the muscle obnoxious guy of my nightmares I don t care that KA makes Tate right most of the time and Lauren bashfully wrong I couldn t stand him I DNF ed the paperback at 350 pages too long , and I won t look back I m out goodreads instagram twitter blog HUGE 5 starsTo say I love Sweet Dreams is an understatement This is one of those books that not only captures your heart and imagination, but brands itself on you personally and will always, in someway, be a part of you Sweet Dreams encompasses everything I love in a romance novel It s chock full of richly developed and unique characters, excellent and witty dialogue, steamy but tasteful eroticism, and captivating and exceptional storytelling This book is a self published work and there is no arguing it needs a major editing overhaul The prose is verbose, ambiguous, and even jarring at times It s full of typos, run on sentences, punctuation and spelling errors It s a big ol mess BUT, I m afraid a good editor would inadvertently change what I love so much about this book It s rawness and personal tone, as well as the author s intimate connection with the reader The cast of motley characters in this book are multi dimensional, fascinating, and simply spectacular The two main protagonist, Tate Oh My and Lauren, complement each other perfectly and their steamy chemistry radiates off the pages I found myself eagerly looking forward to their passionate, heart warming, erotic, and witty interactions They definitely earned a spot as one of my all time favorite couples The secondary characters were just as enchanting as the protagonists and made this story even better I honestly can t rave about this book enough These characters will alway have a special place in my heart I can t think of a better gift an author can give to her reader I most definitely recommend this book If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads Sweet Dreams is the second book in the Colorado Mountain series and another fantastic read As is the case with the first book, The Gamble, there are already dozens of awesome reviews, so I ll keep mine short, and still try to list my favorite things about this story.1 Tate is an asshat He s got a foul mouth, short fuse, and he s over the top alpha He s honorable, hard working and completely devoted to his friends, family, and those who don t piss him off He is, in a word, perfect 2 The writing, however, is not perfect, but the story is I love the people of Carnal Colorado with all their quirky kinks and kinky quirks Hippies, stalkers, alchies, and killers, adorable kids, annoying exes and bikers out the ying yang Sweet Dreams has it all It s about 15 million pages long give or take but it s still too short 3 It s hot, it s sexy, it s dirty, but it s such a great love story, in a biker kinda way One of my favorite lines in the book is when Tate tells Lauren,I get back, Lauren, you re on the back of my bikesigh So romantic So there ya have it, a few of the reason I love this story and didn t want it to end I hope you ll give these books a try so you can discover for yourself what an amazing series it is If you re a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads It s still FIVE STARS Re read TATE was hot the first time around TATE was hot the second time around To be honest, I am not sure how many times I have read this book, at least 4, maybe 5 TATE is still hot Fucking Hell, he is one of the hottest Alpha Males I have ever read It never gets old Even though I know the story I know the other characters I know the bad guy.It s Tate and Laurie how can it get old Love the house descriptions, love the clothes descriptions, love the Home Store visits, the jewellery, the belts, the shoes, the hair Is he an ass Of course he is He is Tatum Jackson Did I care No, I did not I love him Fuckin you normal is hot.Make up sex is un fuckin believable.Drunk sex might just kill me Anyway, what to read next That is the question image error TATE IS ON AUDIBLE Listening to Sweet Dreams I love this book 3 It took me about a week to get through all 25 hours of this audible book, but it was awesome Just as good as the first time around xoxo5 Dreamy Stars I LOVED THIS ONE Tate Jackson where have you been all my life Friends, I am a certified KA addict I love all her stuff, but this one just went to one of my top KA favorites Lauren has spent the last few months of her life in her car, looking for a place to settle After suffering the ultimate betrayal, her husband cheating on her and leaving her for her best friend, she lost her something special She had to get away from her old life Lauren eventually stumbles into a small Colorado town where she makes friends with the owners of the local motel, and gets a job as a waitress in a biker bar This is the perfect place for her Small, unknown, nothing going on That is the life she wants Then she sees him, Tate Jackson Tate is part owner of the bar she works at He is tall, dark, handsome and makes Lauren melt He is also a bounty hunter, ex cop, and most of the time, an asshole The two get off to a rough start Tate comes into the bar mad, says some things he doesn t mean that Lauren over hears As time goes on, he apologizes over and over again, eventually, she gets over it The time Tate spends with Laurie, the he likes her, the he wants her They have a lot of obstacles to jump through Family issues, evil ex s on both ends and a serial killer on the loose to boot Despite it all, Lauren has never been happier than when she is with Tate He s the only person that can give her Sweet Dreams I love it when a book is long, but it doesn t feel long This book took a while to read, but I loved every page I didn t want it to end Everything about this book was great, but the best part, hands down was TATE JACKSON 3Which one are you I whispered What he asked Are you the good guy, the sweet guy who takes care of me or are you this guy who s kind of a jerk His answer was instantaneous I m both those guys, babe Your job is to get used to it He could be such a jerk, seriously But I loved this man He was sexy, sweet, protective, alpha male and just amazing His debating with Laurie about the blinds was too funnyIt isn t that it s too soon, you re on the back of my bike, it ain t too soon You can buy sheets You cannot install blinds um I mumbled Can you explain the difference Sheets are chick territory, he said without delay You gotta use tools, that s dick territory Oh, I whispered Don t tread on dick territory, he advised I also love his bluntnessYou just told him I fucked you, Tate cut me off Yeah, I did And one of my favorite things was Jonas, and Tate s relationship with him view spoilerCan you ask your son to stop calling me hot Calls em like he sees em babehide spoiler Re re read April 13, 2018Tate Do you love me Laurie Yes Tate That s it Yes Tate, that is it Geez, I love this audio No change on my rating, just wish I could add bonus stars for re reads Re read July 7, 2017That re read never gets old Tate is still one of my FAVOURITE macho alpha male heroes who is far from perfect but still manages to make my heart swoon.What s a girl to do Move on to a re read of Lady Luck, of course Baking day became something to look forward toI have read Sweet Dreams a few timesany real KA fan has When the audio version became available I snapped it up and couldn t wait to get started.Tate, as KA heroes go, is up there with the best A strong, virile and attractive man who knows what he wants, goes after it and takes no prisoners until he gets it He doesn t show himself off in the most flattering way when he meets Laurie for the first time, and TBH I was devastated the first time I read it I couldn t see how he d redeem himself after the hurtful things he said Luckily, my faith in this author was strong, so I settled in to see how and what he does to make things better.Laurie is getting over divorcing her douchewaffle ex when she hits Carnal and decides to settle for a while She approaches the local bar and meets Crys the part owner manager who eventually gives her a chance Laurie settles in well and makes lots of friends.Tate and Laurie together are smoking hot We see their feelings grow for each other which helps them deal with the storms heading their way Both Laurie and Tate have ex s that don t want to let go Laurie has to deal with a family member getting sick Tate has work and family commitments and there s a serial killer on the loose.I really enjoyed the audio version The narrator does a wonderful job of changing her voice to suit each character and it was clear when each change happened I sometimes feel the story with audio In this case I definitely did I was sniggering, sniffling and snorting out loud enough to draw my family s attention I had to remind myself numerous times that my nine and twelve year old sons couldn t hear the foul language or the sex scenes that were making me squirm.Most of my listening was done while I baked This gives me double the pleasure I love to bake for my family and I love to read listen to Kristen Ashley I don t think I will ever tire of Sweet Dreams Tate and Laurie together in Carnal, always leaves me with a smile on my face.This review and can be found at