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Adapted From One Of Bob Marley S Most Beloved Songs, One Love Brings The Joyful Spirit And Unforgettable Lyrics Of His Music To Life For A New Generation Readers Will Delight In Dancing To The Beat And Feeling The Positive Groove Of Change When One Girl Enlists Her Community To Help Transform Her Neighborhood For The Better Adapted By Cedella Marley, Bob Marley S First Child, And Gorgeously Illustrated By Vanessa Newton, This Heartwarming Picture Book Offers An Upbeat Testament To The Amazing Things That Can Happen When We All Get Together With One Love In Our Hearts

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    Relying on the lyrics of her famous father s song, Cedella Marley celebrates the healing power of love to transform lives and even landscapes I particularly liked how the change comes through the example of a young girl who enlists her family, friends, and neighbors to clean up the community and create a green space which they all can enjoy The storyline shows that anyone can change the world by starting with a small part of it The mixed media and digital illustrations are colorful and filled with energy, love, and enthusiasm as the characters become caught up in making their community better.

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    I m not sure what I was expecting from this one, but I didn t really get it, in any case Drawn in by the beautiful cover illustration, I went into this thinking that it would basically be the lyrics of Bob Marley s song with accompanying pictures It was, but there was just something missing.I read the synopsis after I read the book, and I realized I totally missed the part about the girl enlisting her community to transform her neighbourhood for the better I didn t really get that from the pictures There were a lot of people just standing around or hugging or simply looking happy When I went back and looked again, okay, there are a couple of kids throwing away trash and some adults gardening, but those things are kind of lost among the illustrations of people sitting around playing music or joining hands and staring at clouds I mean, it s cute, but it takes a lot hard work to fix up a vacant lot than this book would imply The illustrations are okay The cutest one is probably on the cover The rest were a little over the top Everyone s so darn happy that one might wonder if they ve all been sampling the Kool Aid put that many smiles in one place, and everyone starts to look a little deranged.I just have to mention the formatting It could be the result of the conversion to e book format, but the end result was a book that looked like it hadn t been edited at all There were capital letters in odd places, missing apostrophes for possessives Also, the formatting left most of the pages as small rectangles in the corner of my screen, which was not very appealing to look at.Overall, I was a bit disappointed While the idea behind this was a good one, the execution fell a bit short.

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    This book for very young children is adapted by a daughter of Bob Marley from one of his most popular songs The illustrations by Vanessa Brantley Newton are bright and cheery and show a diverse collection of people celebrating the joys of cooperation and community The song One Love expresses these sentiments, and was named Song Of The Millennium by the British Broadcasting Corporation One love, one heartLet s get together and feel all rightAs it was in the beginning One love So shall it be in the end One heart Alright, Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right In her notes at the end of the book, the author explains I think everybody has a happy song and One Love is mine Yet, in many ways, it s everybody s happy song When my father sang One Love, he felt it all the way heart and soul, mind and body He thought a world united by love was possible, and it is All we ve got to do, he said, is Give a little, take a little My father wanted people to embrace one another and take care of one another That was and is the message of One Love.

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    Bob Marley s daughter has written a wonderful tribute to her dad with this adaptation of his song, One Love The illustrations are bright and show a diverse neighborhood sharingone love Sing the book Read the song for SRP 2015

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    A book that would have been better with a CD of the song.

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    Originally posted at Cedella Marley, Bob Marley s oldest child, brings her father s well liked song, One Love, to life for a new generation In Cedella s adaptation, a determined little girl shows her family, friends, and neighbors how love and teamwork make a community a better place Vanessa Brantley Newton s colorful illustrations nicely extend the story and almost pop from the page.I was curious about Cedella s process for adapting her father s beloved song Thankfully, she s here today to explain her process Thank you, Cedella One Love has one of the songs of my father s that children love to sing The chorus is so catchy and happy, and children naturally respond to the message of One Love they see the world as a place to love and are surrounded by people who love them.But, the song s original lyrics have some words and themes that children might not understand, so I wanted to create a version just for them, that keeps true to the spirit of the song, but that is fun to sing and at their level of understanding.I worked through the lyrics line by line and thought about all of the ways that children feel and show love They see love in nature, what the flower gives the bee in their homes what my family gives to me And the last line, when your hand reaches out for mine because there s something so reassuring to a child to have their hand held, and knowing when they reach out there will be someone that will hold onto them.Of course I had to keep the chorus the same, One Love, one Heart, let s get together and feel alright, not only because it s beloved by so many, but because it s the truth of the song None of us are alone, and we can feel alright when we reach out to others and work together.I m thrilled that many children many hearts will now not only be singing one love, but reading it too.

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    Sometimes the smiles on an illustration can make your own face light up I found that was definitely the case with One Love Cedella Marley takes the basic lyrics of her father s well known song and put together a short and endearing little book A happy little brown girl with dreadlock pigtails is joining along with her family and neighborhood to build One Love Park , while she remarks on how she find love throughout her world Small nods to Bob Marley are found within the pages as his likeness is found on coffee mugs and posters When the little girl goes out to play with friends, they notice that someone has left garbage and debris all over the ground The children then begin picking up the trash, and then asking that the adults and community members pitch in Beyond that, the book has a very clear focus on green living , and each character takes part in building the park.Some neighbors carry new plants and greenery, while others wear shirts that say Live Green.All of this story is carried out through the illustrations, as there is very few lines of actual dialogue I would have liked for the words to be cohesive, rather than so abstract, but they were sweet ideas of loving family, community and nature The only repetition found here is in the One Love, one heart,Let s get together and feel alright that is found on almost every other page At times, I found it hard to find a rhythm in the book, which was unfortunate for a book based on a song, and was a minor thing that made it perhaps not as great as it could have been in my opinion Like I said though, the illustrations are inviting and happy, and feature a multi ethnic character group I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a simple, easy addition to their collection A storytime based on love, recycling, or families, would find this book right at home.

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    I enjoyed this book The book is an adaptation of the song One Love by Bob Marley, a West Indian Musician who helped shape the way the reggae music industry and the Rastafarian movement is viewed across the world The book would be excellent for promoting a family environment inside and outside of the classroom Its vocabulary is simple and the illustrations depict a wide variety of people The book is basically the lyrics to the song, but the illustrations help make the picture You have a Caribbean American child who with the help of her immediate family and other community members build this wonderful park for everyone to use Although the words in the book never say it, you and children can follow along with the pictures I choose this book because it shows the Caribbean American side of the Caribbean culture It tells the story of someone not directly from the West Indies but someone who s whole identity is a mash up of Caribbean and whatever other culture they identify with, which in this case is American The book doesn t portray any negative stereotypes which is often hard when talking about Bob Marley or Jamaicans in general One of the only criticism of the book, is that the words are limited to only song lyrics I feel like the book could ve been developed to include a thicker and richer explicitly stated plot, and not one that came mostly from the illustrations The characters in the book are all from diverse backgrounds, which would ve been lovely to be stated and not left for reader s interpretations from the pictures But for the level of the book and the purpose of this verse based book it is a high quality children s book and I would recommend it.

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    I loved everything about this children s book The illustrations are radiant and the words are so powerful I will definitely be using this in class with my young students

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    This was a cute book, written by Bob Marley s daughter and based on his famous song One love The illustrations were lovely, but didn t always match up with the words In fact, much of the story is metaphorical Textually, she talks about how one love gives to many different things Such as the one love her parents give her, or the one love Mother Earth gives to the trees Pictorially, the story is saying one love is community giving back and keeping the earth clean, and planting things, and just enjoying each other in the process of living Overall, I believe the illustrations were the most engaging part of the book, they characters were lively and inviting There was a lot of diversity, too, so people of every race are represented in the same cheerful and positive helping the community tone Overall worth the read for young children I don t think it would keep interest for readers past first grade due to the textual simplicity of the story.