Free Prime Symbology Author Michelle Snyder –

Excellently researched and illustrated A fascinating journey into prehistory decoding symbols of lost secrets left to us by our ancestors Dragons, Unicorns, Cyclopes, Sun Moon, and Green Man are a few of the symbols decoded Maps, timelines, glossary, and an index make this an excellent resource A five star production. Our Understanding Of Today Rests Upon The Foundation Of Our Understanding Of Yesterday In Symbology Decoding Classic Images Symbols Like The Cyclopes, Green Man, And Valkyrie Are Placed In Context Of Climate, Time, And Location This Process Is Crucial To Decoding The Information Ancient And Prehistoric Symbolic Language Contains Complete With Maps, Timelines, Glossary, Index, And Bibliography, Symbology Is A Valuable Reference For Students Of Visual Language, And Illuminating Reading For Seekers Fascinated By The World Of Symbols