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Aintimate and academic take on historical photography that others I have read lately, and intentionally so The authors successfully avoid the big, common, and public for the private and personal Covering all neighborhoods and most ethnicities, The only puzzling omission was a complete absence of any mention of Prohibition aside from a single, tangential reference to some closed breweries in a single photo. This Is A Book About Philadelphia And About Photography, But It Is Not The Usual Book About Either On One Level, This Is The Pictorial Story Of A Great Industrial Metropolis In Transition It Is The Story Of A Railroad City, A City Of Trolleys And Subways And Horse Drawn Vehicles, As It Gradually Succumbed To The Automobile It Is The Story Of A City Filled With Neighborhood Industry Giving Way To Suburbs, To Commuter Travel, And To A Change In The Very Nature Of Work It Is The Story Of A City Spreading Out, Expanding And Doubling In Population In Fifty Years It Is The Story Of Urban Exuberance And Vitality Where Ethnic Groups Mixed And Mingled, But It Is Also The Story Of Slums And Poverty, Crime And Conflict A Philadelphia Family Album, Filled With Pictures Of Ordinary People, Still Philadelphia Focuses On The City Of Immigrants And Industry, Not On The Lives And Houses Of The Wealthy