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Freshman Nimura Kensuke Has The Ability To See Ghosts, And His Life Changes When He Meets Kagura, A Girl With The Power To Summon A Ga Rei Called Byakuei The Two Work Together To Find Evil Spirits And Devour Them With The Ga Rei Under The Auspice Of The Ministry Of The Enviroment S Supernatural Countermeasure Division Ga Rei is one of those books that is going to, by it s very nature, be divisive for some folks It does have similarities to otherfamous works such as Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho, but that is not so bad as some might think It is based on the mythology and folklore of Japan, so of course there will be some things in common with other works similarly based.This is the story of Kensuke Nimura, who has been plagued with the ability to see spirits Due to how distracting they can be, such an ability is not exactly helpful for his social life Enter the main character of the story, Kagura Tsuchimiya, and things take a turn for the wierder, but perhaps better, still.Kagura is an agent for a government group that exorcises evil spirits in order to keep people safe Of course, this all freaks Kensuke out, but he finds himself nonetheless joining his new friend, at her job Part of this is that he has feelings for her Kagura is beautiful and though she could kick Ken s ass with ease strangely naive and innocent For the latter reason most of all, he will not leave her and wants to be there for her Thus the adventure begins.I liked two things especially about this manga The first is the art It is absolutely beautiful and also very well done and appropriate for the scene What I mean is that the normally beautiful and detailed artwork will turn dark for violent scenes and really zany for comedic scenes The art is just detailed and very fun to look at.The other area of strength is the characterization You really get drawn into these characters lives and care what happens to them We don t know much about the main leads, but what we do know is enough to make us care So perhaps it s less characterization andcharacter dynamics or characterization between the protagonists.There is not enough yet to criticize about this manga so far, except for maybe rushing the story a bit at the end of the first volume, and some problems in pacing Other than that, this manga is quite good and so far, at least subverts the guy is stronger and saves everyone cliche so common in much of action fiction.I look forward very much to the next volume. It was okay The main characters felt very lukewarm and the battles formulaic They were easily defeated 90% of the time The hero spends most of his time in utter confusion and only managed to pull through in the last minute because of this unexplained power of love The heroine started out strong but became this indecisive weak character halfway through If the characters were better I d have enjoyed this . When I saw this manga, the cover attracted me, read the synopsis, and loved it evenBut when I finished reading Ga Rei Volume 1 I realized 1 It s a total ripoff from one of the most famous mangas Bleach 2 It s a total ripoff from one of the most famous mangas Bleach 3 It s a total ripoff from one of the most famous mangas Bleach 4 It s a total ripoff from one of the most famous mangas Bleach 5 It s a total ripoff from one of the most famous mangas Bleach I can t believe that a book can be so similar to another It s practically the same story It has every little detail which bleach has It s just that the characters are different But the things that happen, story, the sword and the place which the ghost go to rest their souls, its all the same I can t believe it I only have one thing to say about this book It s a TOTALL rip off DON T READ IT Unless you haven t read Bleach