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Rosalind Thought She Had Her Life All Mapped Out A Job She Loved, A Reliable Fiancewhat Could She Want How Was She To Know That A Handsome Stranger Would Burst Into Her Life But There Was To Jack Than Met The Eye He Offered Romance And Passion And Challenged Rosalind To Accept Dared She

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    Rosalind had vowed to never allow herself to lose control of her passionate nature like her mother Both mother and daughter had been devastated when her father had abandoned them So Rosalind was very content to be engaged to reliable Anthony, a man she respected and she knew would never leave her Ah, but then her life is shaken when a dark dangerously attractive man enters her life, and with on devastatingly electric kiss, Rosie s not sure about anything The harder she tries to chase him away, the harder Jack is determined to show her that staid Anthony is not the man for her Jack s keeping his own secrets and when Rosie discovers who he truly is, she lets her passionate temper explode with startling results.I loved these two The banter between Rosie and Jack is delightful and had me chuckling Jack takes great pleasure in shaking Rosie s resolve to keep her emotions in check And Rosie can t help falling hard no matter how hard she fights it Both are stubborn and after some heartache find their HEA.

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    Rating 3.5 starsThis book was a 4 star read for most of it until the unfortunate last half where the heroine acts so stupid She is engaged to a safe man, a man unlike her father who left them to follow his dream of music when she meets the hero He seems like a drifter to her and dangerous, yet she can t resist him It was obvious that the hero was falling for her and she falls for him but when she learns he is wealthy she acts stupidly, first she attacks him, doesn t tell him she is no longer engaged, which kind of prolongs the book.

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    This was such a delight to read, a oldie but such a goody Rosie has the perfect life all woman dream of having that will allow for her future to be exactly what she dreamed of as little girl.She has the good job that she actually loves and the stable, reliable fianc e that she needs to make it all work But the arrival of a oh me oh my sexy stranger Jack that btw the author so very nicely delivers to us as a kiss o gram really loved that touch Liz lets Holly realize that she craves the forbidden.And yes ladies I am talking some seriously dangerous passion that invokes a lot that simply flirtation.The characters were strong, independent, and so much fun to read about.I loved seeing how Jack draws Holly out of her don t touch or I will break covering and lets loose the woman behind the business suit This is the perfect book to put you in the mood for dangerous romance This book was re released under a new cover 4 5 star review

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    Another oldie but a goody This release of a 1994 romance was a pleasure to read The hero Jack Drayton is a charmer of the best kind Rosie Parry is stunned by her reaction to this stranger she thinks is a kiss o gram from her office co workers But she had no intention of endangering her plans to marry her boss Anthony Anthony is the stable, ideal husband type, unlike Rosie s dad who abandoned his family for his music career years ago.Jack is clearly of the same ilk but somehow Rosie can t push him out of her life entirely This a a flirty, fun read with lots of lovely emotion as we see Jack pull Rosie out of her comfort zone He knows she s hiding behind her prim suits and severe hairstyle.I really enjoyed this read, as I do with all Liz Fielding s stories While sweet they still have a real sizzle in the interactions between the characters and a nice line in banter that keeps the story fast paced and interesting.

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    This one made me laugh out loud An absolute treat A sweet romance with a real comic element.I think we all know someone like Rosie, if we re not like that ourselves Someone who dutifully signs up to marry a nice reliable man, steering clear of those heartbreakers who would wreck your life without a second thought Except that Mr Right could be Mr Wrong if you don t get with him for the right reasons, i.e because he makes you truly happy.When the sedate Rosie Parry looks up from her desk to find herself being serenaded by a handsome saxaphone player, she thinks her life has gone as crazy as it s going to get She s wrong It gets worse And worse And her boss and future husband Anthony Harlowe is none too pleased But he become even displeased when he chances upon Rosie and the saxaphone alone together in a most unexpected place.As I said before, this is a writer on top of her craft Her timing is impeccable The story flows smoothly, with a few surprises along the way Rosie and Jack just jump off the page and their love story will delight you.

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    When saxophonist Jack bursts into Rosie s office with than music on his mind, it kick starts a rollercoaster of a romance Gorgeous Jack plays with than his keys as he flirts with and seduces engaged estate agent Rosie until the poor girl is left not knowing her major from her minor.Humour combined with simmering passion makes for an entertaining romance that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy I loved it

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    Was a cute story, but I really wish people would just take the change and communicate the first time, even if it hurts in the end.

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    Loved itLoved the unique situation, watching it unfold to become a great tale of misunderstandings, lovely sexual tension, and a happy ending What could you want from a love story

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    The emotional games n assumptions this couple made about each other I wanted to see how it ended