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When The Hot Tempered Han Hye Won Accidently Insults The Handsome Jjang Gangster Of Han Hwa Go, Sun Woo Bin Decides To Pay Her A Visit With His Entire Motorcycle Gang, Ready To See Some Blood So How Does That Lead Up To A Kiss And The Infamous Captain Begging For A Date Do You Want To Try

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    Definitely I love Manhwa, because is full of imagination and I can see different points of view that make me understand some reactions cof Gale cof.This story is a bit weird sometimes but I loved Woo Joo In, Hyung Bin and Si Woo Their reactions, their intentions, their feelings, their picture it was worth reading even if it were just for that.

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    Ok i really really liked the plot of this manga There was very little humor, plenty of fighting and drama mystery of the past for the girl I ve read up to volume 5 which i think is the ending because they haven t updated the manga since 2010..If it was the ending, it kinda sucked because you had the boy saving the girl, surviving his injuries and then it shows how the boy s best friend was reminiscing how he had come upon this same girl in the past while he was trying to commit suicide and his being there saved her from being raped and then after his recollection he returns his focus to the present and is nearly hit by a car, but he gets out of the way..and as he is thinking how happy he is to have lived he actually gets hit by another car.then it shows them going to his funeralvery very corny

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    I have no idea why I started reading this now Out of all the Japanese mangas I should be reading, leave it up to me to find a Korean one P Nonetheless, I really liked it and I ll start reading volume 2 Even though the beginning was slightly disturbing and weird I hate it when guys are too violent and scary Let s hope that changes.