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A Young Man Is Found Unconscious In A Remote Forest He Is Over Seven Feet Tall, His Skin Covered In Thick Hair, Which Reminds Onlookers Of An Animal S Pelt When He Wakes In A City Hospital, He Is Eerily Uncommunicative Speculation BeginsDoctors Want To Run Tests On Him, The Media Want To Get His Story, And The Public Want To Gawp And Prod When A Young Woman Befriends Him And He Starts To Talk, His Identity Seems To Grow Complex On His Release From Hospital, Events Drive Him Into Hiding Yet How Can A Young Man Of Such Uncommon Appearance Find True Refuge A Moving, Compelling Story About Society And Our Reactions To Difference, Convincingly Evoked, Beautifully Written

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    From the first pages I was hooked into the story of Bu, the over sized fur covered young man found in the bush.The characters are well developed and recognizable in this well written novel You get the feeling that the author really knows human nature at its best and worst There s Bu s innocence, the doctor s and other s inability to accept that what Bu thinks could be true, Sandrine s sometimes misguided compassion, the publics comments and reactionsAnd the ending not what I wanted but perhaps inevitable.

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    Fantastic idea for a novel yeti like man found injured in South Westland and brought into hospital appears to understand things but doesn t speak until a young woman comes in and befriends him.There s so much you could do with this, and Emma Neale has explored various tracks medical interest, media interest, fear and violence from people encountering Bu As the story progresses, Bu s memories of his growing up come out, which fill in some gaps in the mystery This part his childhood, parents and how they came to adopt him and live in isolation felt authentic.I felt that the author explored various ideas but left them hanging There were also a couple of perspectives thrown in that were not needed the school student doing a project, for example I enjoyed Bu s and Sandrine s perspectives and thought it would be better just to focus on them, and perhaps the doctor s point of view too Well written but I finished feeling unsatisfied.

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    Now that I ve read the whole book I think the early chapters in the Hospital were my favorite, and were ultimately what made me finish the novel It was all very well written, Kiwi colloquialisms were used well without being cheesy, there were none of the quintessential kiwi bloke stereotypes that drive me crazy in New Zealand storytelling and there were some real gems of characters, like the hospital nurse orderly Latu.Unfortunately the story didn t seem to go anywhere There wasn t an overriding point to the tale and the ending read like the author herself didn t really know where she was going with it The switching between perspectives was a little disorientating, especially since some of them didn t have to much of a reason to be featured, like the student and the hunters.However it has re sparked a desire in me to read New Zealand fiction, so that plus the beautiful prose has lead me to giving Fosterling three stars.

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    An interesting concept, and rather lyrically written, but ultimately, this novel felt a little flat It did not explore any particular idea in detail, sneaking out of situations that could be classified as inappropriate and concluding in a manner that was not entirely satisfying Ultimately, it was an intriguing idea with a poorly conceived plot Still, yetis in Westland, what can I say

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    I kept hoping that this would get better, but perhaps I need to leave it and come back to it another time.I really found that, at best, it was a young adult novel mostly because of the storyline and the focus on young people.Another day I might give it another go In the meantime, I visited a second hand bookshop last weekend, so I have lots of reading to do

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    This felt like a young adult novel to me I enjoyed it for that novelty as well as for the quality of writing and story I would recommend to a teenager but probably not to my friends.