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The Qwardian Known As The Weaponer Has Been Constructing A Shield From The Remaining Traces Of The White Lantern Energy And Has A Mean Vendetta Against Sinestro And The Reason Why Will Shock You For His Retribution, The Weaponer S Targeting Sinestro S Daughter, Soranik Natu But First He Ll Have To Get Through Kyle RaynerIn This Volume The Green Lantern Corps Is Caught In The Middle Of All Out War Between Sinestro And His Fear Mongrels, The Sinestro Corps, Against The Weaponer And The Thunderers Of Qward Can Kyle Rayner, John Stewart And The Rest Of The GL Honor Guard Prevent The Destruction Of A World And Save Soranik Natu At The Same Time Learn Why No One In The Universe Messes With Sinestro And Lives To Tell The TaleCollecting Green Lantern Corps This is solid story about an old ally that Sinestro betrayed coming back for revenge The Weaponer forged Sinestro s original power ring with the promise that Sinestro would help his people So, the Weaponer kidnaps Soranik Natu, Sinestro s daughter, and girlfriend of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner The battle ensues from there as John Stewart, Ganthet, Boodikka, and Hannu face the Weaponer, his people and the entire Sinestro Corps to get Sora back.This was a muchinteresting storyline than the Alpha Lantern stuff, but fell a bit short of the main story This is partially due to the somewhat forced Brightest day tie ins that really have little to no place in this story They could have been taken out and the story would have been better for it In there place I would have like to see somegrowth from Sora and Kyle We did get some interesting ideas about relying on weapons to fight your battles, but I think there were some glimmers of character growth that could have been taken farther That said, I do like the Weaponer and I can t wait for him to return, hopefully asthan a grunt. Ending ruined it. This was pretty decent even if it felt super rushed The Weaponer is a powerful weapon s creator who decides he wants to exact revenge on Sinestro Sounds like a good idea since Sinestro is basically Hitler Except the idiot decides to take Natu as his priosner after beating the shit out of her and Kyle This is a bad idea as Sinestro really doesn t give much of two shits about anyone but himself This leads Kyle and his friends to rescue her but this brings a war with them Overall, this is pretty fun I think the characters kind of act, well, out of character at points Also everything feels a bit rushed to lead up to the great green lantern war So all the pieces moving to quickly to relax and enjoy the stakes But the fights are fun, the art is great, and Kyle gets to shine a bit So overall worth checking out for fans of green lantern A 3 out of 5. One of the weakest stories to come out of the Brightest Day which makes this an infant with hemophilia The only redeeming quality is the artwork Grade D