download books The Brightwood ExpeditionAuthor Kay L. McDonald –

Really great story of the very early days of the Oregon settlements Just finished re reading this and it still holds up. From First To Last, The Brightwood Expedition Makes Enthralling Reading, Rich With Historical Detail Marlette Brightwood Came From A Sheltered Life In Philadelphia To The Unmapped, Untamed Oregon Territory InHer Guide Was Ross Chesnut Some Said He Was A White Renegade, Or Had Indian Blood, But No One Doubted His Abilities In Battle Or Conquests On The Field Of Love Marlette Had No Intention Of Surrendering To This Man She D Despised At First Sight And Ross Would Not Take No For An Answer From This Woman Whose Life Was In His Hands The Brightwood Expedition Is A Soaring Novel Of Passionate Romance Set Against The Majestic Grandeur Of The Northwest Frontier