[PDF / Epub] ✅ Registered nurses use of teaching techniques to mitigate low health literacy By Lorene Payne – Multi-channel.co

More Than A Third Of United States Adults Have Low Health Literacy, Defined As An Inability To Understand And Act On Medical Information Thus Inhibiting Optimal Health Care And Resulting In Less Desirable Outcomes This Research Quantified The Self Reported Use OfSpecific Best Practice Teaching Techniques By Registered Nurses To Mitigate Low Health Literacy Challenges Of Their Patients A Survey Was Administered To A Random Sample Of Registered Nurses In Texas NIn Which They Reported Their Previous Week S Use Of The Techniques During Actual Patient Care Using Simple Language % , Assessing What The Patient Already Knows % And PresentingOrConcepts At A Time % Were The Most Commonly Used Strategies Techniques To Assure Understanding Were Employed Only About Half The Time Asking The Patient Family To Repeat New Information Or Provide A Return Demonstration Of A New Skill % , Following Up In Subsequent Shifts Or Visits To Confirm Understanding % , Or Asking How They Will Follow The Instructions At Home % The Lowest Frequency Technique Employed Was Using Visual Aids, Ie Pictures, Models Or Videos % Nurses Perceived The Techniques Effective At A Much Higher Rate Than They Actually Used Them, And Reported Not Knowing That Many Of The Techniques Are Effective Their Responses To Perceived Effectiveness Included A Surprisingly High Admission Of Ignorance Of The Benefits Of Three Of The Techniques Those Answering Don T Know To Whether A Specific Technique Is Effective Or Not Using Visual Aids % , Asking The Patient Family How They Will Follow The Instructions At Home % And Underlining Key Points In Patient Information Handout % The Variables Of Level Of Education, Years Of Experience And Place Of Work Showed Statistically Significant Correlations With Only A Handful Of The Teaching Techniques The Results Of The Survey Can Be Used To Improve Nursing Education About Patient Teaching To Assure Best Practices Are Understood By The Nurse At The Bedside Further Research Would Be Beneficial To Explore Why Nurses Do Not Utilize The Teaching Techniques At A Level Equal To Their Perceived Effectiveness Even Importantly, Research Is Needed As To Whether The Use Of These Teaching Techniques Actually Results In Improved Knowledge, Increased Compliance Or Better Health Outcomes For Patients With Low Health Literacy