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Perhaps As Early As , Austen Began To Write Poems, Stories, And Plays For Her Own And Her Family S Amusement Austen Later Compiled Fair Copies Of These Early Works Into Three Bound Notebooks, Now Referred To As The Juvenilia, Containing Pieces Originally Written BetweenAndFrom WikipediaThe Rd Volume Of Juvenilia Includes Evelyn CatharineCover Image Back View Of Jane Austen, Watercolorby Cassandra Austenfrom

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    Enjoyable, but not worth a reread if only Catharine had been finished, I probably would have counted it up there among her finished novels I was really enjoying it, and am sad that I will never get to read its conclusion As for Evelyn, it was funny amusing, but I didn t particularly like it much beyond that no characters to attach to or really like, but that s kind of the point, I think, in that story and a lot of her stories in the Juvenilia They re meant to be fun and absurd, for the most part Only Catharine and The Three Sisters in the first Juvenilia really had likable characters to counteract the unlikable ones.

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    Worth a read

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    Of the two stories Catharine Or The Bower stands out for me Catherine strikes me as one of the few of Jane Austen female characters who does not breath solely for clothes, high society.

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    All three volumes are just great A must for all Austen fans.