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An exemplar parody.The first one reminded me of Voltaire s Candide.I think the history one was awesome Even comparable to Dicken s History of England for children Asten s version could be the one for teenager.The writings in this volume already evolved from the first book Although I don t know whether the Juvenillia 1,2,3 were arranged according to the time of writing order.Really something for a teenage writer But then, the teenager is Jane Austen. Perhaps As Early As , Austen Began To Write Poems, Stories, And Plays For Her Own And Her Family S Amusement Austen Later Compiled Fair Copies These Early Works Into Three Bound Notebooks, Now Referred To As The Juvenilia, Containing Pieces Originally Written BetweenAndFrom WikipediaThe Nd Volume Of Juvenilia Includes Love And Freindship Lesley Castle The History Of England A Collection Of Letters Scraps The Female Philosopher, The First Act Of A Comedy, A Letter From A Young Lady, A Tour Through Wales, A TaleCover Image Back View Of Jane Austen, Watercolorby Cassandra Austenfrom Enjoyed itthan the first Juvenilia, especially the History A lot of it was very amusing, though I m unsure I ll reread it any time soon, or at all Still, definitely worth reading at least once. Man she wrote some really random crap Very interesting to read a little convoluted at times and very random audiobook. The humor is much broader andobvious than in her better known, complete novels, but it s the first time that Jane Austen made me laugh out loud and consequently look like a crazy person, since I was listening to this as an audiobook The humor tendstowards straight up parody than comedy of manners, but Jane Austen s precise writing is nonetheless apparent Definitely worth a look Amusing stories told through letters I have to say the charm of her characters in the novels is clearly a big draw for me I even liked Lady Susan It is clear her writing style is developing when she wrote this Lesley Castle i ll need to re read to getout of it, i got a bit bored by the catty conversations If you are a true Austen fan you will like for what it is