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Maureen Smith can do no wrong Everything she puts out is just on point The cover of this book just says it all It had a wonderful love story, hot sex scenes, and of course they lived happily ever after since this is a romance novel I wish the story was a whole lot longer though, but it is a Kimani book, so that s what is expected I can t wait for Maureen s next book I loved this story from start to finish Xavier and Neveah story show how misunderstandings can get out of hand Along with secrets that can hinder you and make you lose love ones and lots of time Excellent read. Neveah Symon Has Achieved Success Beyond Anything The Houston Native Could Have Imagined And When Xavier Mayne Taps The World Famous Artist To Design A Mural For His Family Owned Community Center, Her Fame Comes Full Circle Except Neveah Shares A Stormy History With The Former Bad Boy Can She Resist The Suave And Seductive Entrepreneur S Sensual Assault And Protect Her Heart This Time Around This Up From The Street Brother Has Never Been Able To Stay Away From The Ambitious Texas Beauty Th Irteen Years Apart Has Only Made Xavier S Desire For Neveah Even Stronger And Hotter Now That She S Come Back Home, He Isn T Letting Her Get Away Again Together, Can They Overcome The Sins Of The Past And Create Their Greatest Masterpiece A Love Meant To Last For All Time I liked this book but I didn t really start to enjoy it until around chapter 9, and I started off not liking the main character Xavier because of the way he handled his relationship with Neveahbut there s always a twist.Go figure Sorry Maureen have to put you to the side just picked up a Brenda Jackson Where are we Who are we What makes us tick To find these anawers we have to go around the world and back. have come to the conclusion that those Mayne Brothers are just off the hock Xavier show s up at Neveah s art after being tipped off about her being there with a request for her to design a Murial at the community center that he works at Her apprehension in seeing helping him relates to the painful past that they share, yet haven t let go of yet Couple that with a lustful home girl and there is bound to be drama and secrets.Neveah and Xavier s road to redemption is filled with distraction along the way.This story is a perfect example of what can happen when we decide to let the go of the past and embrace the hope of a new future. There was so much drama in this book Neveah is a world renown artist who fled a broken heart She finally returns to the US only to run into the one person she ever wanted to see again Even in disguise Xavier recognizes Neveah right away Of course she wants nothing to do with him but that is not gonna stop Xavier Xavier black mails Neveah s best friend and co owner of the gallery into helping him get Neveah alone Not going to spoil the story but there is muchto it Check this one out Overall, it was borderline between I didn t like it and okay I thought Xay was sexy however Neveah was a pill I also thought the storyline was unbelievable.13 years later and your still bitter That s unattractive.I m also mad that 13 years ago the heroine didn t think to question all the folks that keep calling her telling her what her man was doing Really But your going be mad at him She needed to understand that apparently those woman wanted him and would do anything to remove her from the picture so why were you mad at him and not the females.I m sticking with my overall rating Had potential but didn t live up to it. This is one of my favorites by Maureen Smith It was a perfect romance I loved the characters and the fact that there was no unnecessary drama to the story Oh, and of course I appreciated the delicious love scenes