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As England Descends Into Civil War, John Tradescant The Younger, Gardener To King Charles I, Finds His Loyalties In Question, His Status An Ever Growing Danger To His Family Fearing Royal Defeat And Determined To Avoid Serving The Rebels, John Escapes To The Royalist Colony Of Virginia, A Land Bursting With Fertility That Stirs His Passion For Botany Only The Native American Peoples Understand The Forest, And John Is Drawn To Their Way Of Life Just As They Come Into Fatal Conflict With The Colonial Settlers Torn Between His Loyalty To His Country And Family And His Love For A Powhatan Girl Who Embodies The Freedom He Seeks, John Has To Find Himself Before He Is Prepared To Choose His Direction In The Virgin LandIn This Enthralling, Freestanding Sequel To Earthly Joys, Gregory Combines A Wealth Of Gardening Knowledge With A Haunting Love Story That Spans Two Continents And Two Cultures, Making Virgin Earth A Tour De Force Of Revolutionary Politics And Passionate Characters

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    Virgin Earth is the second installment in Gregorys Tradescant duology, written about the somewhat elusive Tradescant gardeners to the royals The Tradescants, being that of John and John Junior Tradescant, who have a lot to be accountable for, in today s plants and trees in the Uk Let me start by saying that this very novel is one of the greatest reasons I love Historical Fiction as a genre Gregory is remarkable at writing about history, and the reason why I love it so, is that at the end of every book of hers, you are much knowledgeable before you started reading it I come away from these books retaining so many historical facts As much as I would love to take her books as gospel obviously there is much fiction entwined into these novels to make them enjoyable and entertaining, however I spend majority of my time back and forth from Wikipedia to see if did that really happen , most of the time it did However, as hard as it is sometimes is I have to refrain from Google so as not to ruin the characters story I found this book remarkably relevant to this moment in time, as this book focuses on the time period of the Civil War, documenting the demise of Charles 1 through his gardeners eyes I am not so familiar with this part of history, however with the current state of affairs in Britain right now, I dare not say the dreaded B word , I did find it all most relevant Are we not a country divided Gregorys writing as always is an absolute pleasure to read I am a true fan of hers and will continue to preorder and impatiently await her new novels, I just find that she transports you to a time long ago and brings to life these fantastic historical characters The way she weaves a story around them in utterly astounding and sometimes you have to remind yourself that majority is fiction I would highly recommend this book, the characters seem true and relate able, if your fascinated with battles and monarchy this will entertain you This novel is also based around the beginnings of Virginia and a large chunk focuses on the Native American tribes and how they lived It really is an enjoyable history lesson If you love history like me then you will simply adore Philippa Gregory like many of her adoring fans, myself included.

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    Both of these books, Earthly Joys and Virgin Earth, about the Tradescant family in 17th century England were absolute page turners for me I learned a great deal about English history of which I was unaware, and Gregory filled in many unknowns for me through exellent story telling I m a true Gregory fan amongst thousands of others, to be sure

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    Really informative about England 1638 onwards, Charles I what a self absorbed monarch he was , the English civil war, about Virgina US and, of course, about the Tradescant gardens It s a real shame that the Tradescants were swindled out of their three generation s heritage by Elias Ashmole and their original Rarities museum is now know as Ashmoleum Museum at Oxford 3.75

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    This is the second and final book in the series of John Tradescant and his son gardeners to King Charles I It s not just a fabulous book, full of strong, believable characters and vivid, beautiful descriptions of the many plants, trees and flowers that they discovered and planted, it s also a really interesting history lesson I got so caught up in this family s story that I then went on to read about them and their legacy Chances are that we all have, or have seen, some of their plants at some time and I personally find that quite exciting sad middle aged woman s review right here And besides all that it s a fab story What could you want

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    This is the sequel to Earthly Joys, and I must say I liked it much better John Tradescant the main character from Earthly Joys has died and his son, John has taken over the family business of gardening for the king He travels to the New World three times to bring back rare plants to England I was disappointed with the way he treated his wife Hester She is so good and patient with him, and he just takes him for granted I was also disappointed with his affair with Suckahanna, a Powhatan woman when he was in Virginia At least John was able to make up his own mind with his relationship to the king unlike his father I was saddened to hear about the death of his son and how in the end John lost his entire inheritance to Elias Ashmole As always, Philippa Gregory bases her books on historical events and this book follows the reign of King Charles the Last and the major wars faught during his time as king The Tradescants were a real family and there are a few varieties of plants named after them today.While I was reading this book, I planted my bulbs for next spring, and I thought about how hard the Tradescants worked in their gardens removing all of the stones from the soil I sure could have used their help with all the stones in my garden I also thought about how they transplanted to many plants even large, mature trees Kind of fascinating

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    I liked The Other Boleyn girl, so I thought this would be a good, fast read The first 1 3rd was mildly interesting I was hoping the character development would continue, but it abruptly stopped when she started focusing several chapters on the Royalists vs Parliamentarians It didn t really seem pertinent to the main storyif there was a main story Gregory could have removed the entire middle of the book and saved readers from a 650 page book that ended up being a waste of time in my opinion It was really challenging to read this novel because I was waiting for it to pick up again It never really did Characters that seemed like they would get an interesting treatment were put aside Even John Tradescant was underdeveloped, in my opinion There was a frustrating unbelievable lack of response or emotion from some characters and annoying, drawn out, ok we get it overdramatic responses from others One of my least favorite novels, ever.

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    Having read Earthly Joys , I took this one with me on a 14 hour plane ride thinking I would really enjoy it Not so much The characters made me mad, there was way less gardening and way war, and it just wasn t what I expected it to be Further, the ending was terrible Had I been at home, I might have thrown the book against the wall Not wanting to get thrown off the plane, I had to force myself not to.

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    The history was fascinating but the main character is a schmuck

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    I am a historical fiction fan I have read some of Philippa Gregory s bestsellers, and I ve liked them, but not loved them Books like The Other Boleyn Girl are what I call pop historical fiction, and while they can be enjoyable, historical fiction purists typically find them disappointing That s why I was surprised to enjoy Virgin Earth as much as I did I didn t just like this book, I loved it Gregory s research about England and colonial America during the reign of King Charles I laid a fine background for a novel about a gardener to the king, John Tradescant, and the struggle for survival in an era where conflicting loyalties were not welcomed.I also greatly appreciated the author s knowledge of plants of which I have a little myself , and the love of botany that the main character shares with the reader Virgin Earth is a stand alone sequel to an earlier release called Earthly Joys I m definitely going to put that novel on my TBR list There is so much to enjoy about Virgin Earth, it is exciting, historical and definitely a page turner It is right up there with the works of Edward Rutherfurd and Sharon Kay Penman.

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    If you enjoy Phillipa Gregory s historic fictions, you will enjoy this one This is technically a sequel to her book Earthly Joys, but I never read Earthly Joys and I don t think you miss anything they are described as free standing The book takes place during the early to mid 1600 s during a period of civil war in England A royal gardener, John Tradscant, sets off to the royal colony in Virginia in an attempt to escape not only war torn England but also to escape some tragedy in his personal life The book goes back and forth between Virginia and England and the main character goes back and forth between his love for England and the new world back and forth between his loyalty to the King and his disgust with the King back and forth between is feelings for two women Frankly, this guy got on nerves at times The book is rather long, but held my interest and I particularly liked the historic detail on the Virginia colony as well as this time period in English history If you enjoy gardening, you will appreciate all the botanic references and there are a lot of them