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Bender S Dictionary Of Nutrition And Food Technology, SeventhEdition, Remains The Essential Reference Book For Anyone Interested In Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Science, And Food Technology The First Edition Was PublishedYears Ago And Contained , Entries This Seventh Edition Now Includes Over , Succinct, Authoritative Definitions The Study Of Food And Nutrition Covers A Wide Range Of Disciplines, Including Agriculture And Horticulture, The Physiology And Biochemistry Of Nutrition And Metabolism, The Technologies Of Food Processing, Social Sciences And The Law, Clinical Medicine, Disease Prevention, And Health Promotion Anyone Involved In The Study Of Nutrition And Food Technology Will Inevitably Find Articles And Lectures That Cross The Boundaries Of Individual Subjects And Use Unfamiliar Terminology And Jargon Benders Dictionary Of Nutrition And Food Technology Provides The Perfect Solution This New Edition Includes All New Terms And Techniques, And Reflects The Change Of Focus In The Study Of Nutrition From Curative To Preventative Techniques, Including The Increasing Interest In Functional Foods This Dictionary Also Includes Old Terms That Have Become Obsolete, In Order To Assist Those Referring To Earlier Literature Nutrient Composition Data And Tables For Recommended Nutrient Intakes Are Also Provided, Making This Book The Most Comprehensive And Up To Date Desk Top Reference Available For Those Who Need To Know About Nutrition And Food Technology

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