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Dr Margaret Mitchell, A Widow In Her Mid Forties, Having Returned To Ireland From New Zealand AfterYears To Nurse Her Dying Mother, Phones The Police With A Sense Of Dread And Foreboding Her Daughter, Mary, Had Gone Out With Some FriendsHours Ago She Has Not Come HomeTwo Days Later, Margaret Receives The First Anonymous Phone Call Margaret Is A Psychiatrist Who Has Worked In An Institution For The Criminally Insane She Understands What She Is Hearing And Is Filled With TerrorA Week Later An Old Man Is Walking His Dog Beside A Canal And Finds The Body Of Mary Mitchell Half Submerged In The Water She Has Been Raped, Tortured, And Beaten To DeathInspector Michael McLoughlin, Who Has A Reputation As A Drinker And A Womanizer, Is Assigned To The Case Although He Was Once A Successful Detective, There Are Now Doubts About His Stability He Is Immediately Struck By Margaret S Beauty And The Force Of Her Personality, And Becomes Obsessed He Watches Her Constantly, Hoping The Killer Will Turn UpThe Killer, Jimmy Fitzsimmons, Is Arrested And Transfers His Desire To Damage And Kill To MargaretJimmy Confesses And Is Charged With Murder The First Day Of The Trial Arrives As Margaret Watches The Legal Teams Assembling, She Realizes That Her Past Is About To Catch Up With Her The Story Unfolds With Suspense And And A Tremendous Surprise

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    This is a story of a 20 year old girl who is viciously raped and murdered and how her mother tries to find justice and then revenge on the guilty man So many twists and turns made for a great mystery, but I thought the author was very wordy at times I never, ever saw the ending coming

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    Mary, Mary eh This is the second Mary, Mary I ve read this year, the first being the well known James Patterson novel Both crime thrillers, this particular one severely lacked the thrilling part of that pair.So, Margaret is a psychologist, she moved to New Zealand when she was pregnant with her daughter Mary, and has just recently moved back to Ireland to take care of her sick mother Mary has just gone missing and eventually her body is found dumped in a plastic sack in the canal The story isn t so much about Mary s disappearance as we find out quite early on that she had died, but about the investigation and even so about the repercussions after the perpetrator is found and arrested.Because unlike other crime novels, this book focuses on the aftermath so than Mary herself, it should have had of an impact on me that it did The unusual perspective was meant to spin a different story than the ones we are used to But whether it was the writing style or the story itself, it just didn t grab me the way it was intended Margaret herself, in my opinion doesn t come across particularly well She seems to have a lot of secrets There is also an untold mystery about her relationship with her father that we get glimpses of through snippets of conversations with her mother Instead of these comments spurring me to want to find out what happened there, they just get tiresome For example, we find out that when her father died, her mother didn t tell her She was living in New Zealand at the time, but her mother didn t tell her until after the funeral which is something Margaret resent her for, understandably The victim of the novel, Mary is very much a background character, we find out small pieces of information about her, but nothing substantial, again I think this was done on purpose but the effect on me was that I just didn t really care about this missing shadow of a person, because that s all that she was in the book Then of course, we have the investigating detective in the case, Michael McLoughlin Could they have put a ill suited incompetent detective on the case For anyone who s seen Brendan Gleeson in the Guard, imagine him, but drunker, stupider and also kind of a stalker This man really frustrated me throughout He s in the middle of a very unhappy marriage, which is blamed completely on the wife, even though he is clearly a waste of space He spends most of his time in the pub getting drunk, oh that is when he s not following Margaret around and spying on her house from his car when off duty He obsesses about this woman, about her looks, and daydreams about her, basically falling in love with her Bad policy for a police officer investigating the murder of someone s daughter His actions get creepier the you read, and all this adds to the story is an uncomfortableness, as he tries to take advantage of her grief to get close to her He seems far intent on getting her to love him back than he does on trying to solve the murder I didn t understand at all why this was necessary to the story, and had no faith at all in his competence as a detective because of this.Now to the writing, as mentioned above, this novel was set in Ireland, specifically Dublin, now in case the reader has a very bad memory, this is repeated constantly It reads like it was written by someone who has visited Dublin once and has taken down a list of all the placenames, and Irishisms they saw and just vomited it back onto the page Perhaps if I didn t know Dublin even a little bit, I wouldn t have noticed this, but the characters manage to find themselves in every area of Dublin possible at one stage or another, they walk from X to Y to Z for no apparent reason, seems like its just a way for the author to remind the reader that yes, the novel is set in Dublin This got very annoying very quickly Within the first chapter, tea is mentioned at least twice, as are pints of stout By the way, the book is set in Ireland, cos they love their tea and pints The language used at times flows really well, but then someone will say something in a way completely inappropriate to the situation and then I felt pulled out of the story and compelled to complain about it to the other half Because of this, I couldn t get into the rhythm of the story at all There is a scene in it where a photography teacher is reporting a rape to the gardai This report is made a long time after the event and obviously her visit to the garda station is emotional and traumatic She describes the attack vividly but clearly, distancing herself from it, again understandable, and just as the reader is getting into the scene and feeling for this poor young woman she comes out with something like How do you think it s been for me here in this room with you To turn myself inside out like a ripe fig, let you see all those bits which should be hidden WHAT A FIG Who talks like that, is the question I screamed at this point, again turning a very emotional, heart wrenching piece of writing into a piece of drivel I m all for figurative writing and if this character had felt like a fig inside her head I maybe could have accepted that, but do you really tell a member of the police that you feel like a ripe fig in this situaion Maybe you do, who knows In conclusion, I got quite frustrated at points throughout the book purely based on the writing Any sympathy you may have had for this mysterious victim called Mary is shattered during the trial where she is referred to as a thing by the forensics witness This is pointed out by Margaret herself and noted that they are trying to turn her into a thing instead of a person, but the author has made no effort to do otherwise with the reader Before I started writing the review, I had given it a 3 out of 5, now that I have recalled all the reasons I didn t like this book, I have reduced that to a 1 So there you go Will not be looking for any of this author s works, as my blood pressure is high enough already

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    I struggled and struggled, and I gave up I made it to almost half of the book It s so confusing, couldn t connect the story, lacking almost everything, it didn t pull me to read further, to see what comes next It was boring.

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    Nowhere NEAR as good as her recent one almost like a different writer Cliched rapist murderer, boring male gaze, and too damned long.

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    Gave up about half way through as I was bored with the story.

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    First half slow with abrupt changes in scenes without paragraph break markers Second half has a twist or two Not a bad read all in all.

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    You could say it began with a phone call After all, that s the way most cases begin And you d wonder then, looking back, whether there was anything about it that warned you, that reached out and grabbed you, that said, Hold on a minute, this is serious.but at the time it was just another anxious mother Worried, embarrassed Not sure she should be phoning Not sure if she was doing the right thing Her fear turning to anger So begins MARY, MARY by Julie Parsons, a book that explores the bond between mother and child.Margaret Mitchell and her daughter, Mary, have recently returned to Ireland Margaret moved to New Zealand when her husband died, just after Mary was born Margaret and David had made their plans for a life away from Ireland and Margaret saw no reason not to continue on, doing what David wanted She is a highly successful psychiatrist, an expert in women s health issues, an author of books on domestic violence, a media star, photogenic and seemingly accessible For twenty years she has been living the life she built for herself and her daughter, that is until the call from Ireland, her mother telling her she must come home Catherine is dying and wants her only child and her only grandchild by her side.Mary has adjusted easily, quickly establishing a circle of friends, and Margaret is grateful that her daughter is happy Then one night, Mary leaves the house to meet them and she doesn t return Forty eight hours after Mary walked out the door, Margaret receives an anonymous phone call Margaret worked for years in a hospital for the criminally insane She recognizes insanity when she hears it and she knows Mary won t be coming home.A week later, a dog finds Mary s body, wrapped in plastic on a river bank Margaret s terror turns to stone cold anger.Then the cat and mouse game begins Mary s killer contacts Margaret and they begin a relationship, he thinking he is in control, Margaret knowing he is not The roles of cat and mouse are reversed.Margaret is a master at manipulating the mind How far can a mother go when a child is murdered When does love become obsession Who is really destroyed when revenge is the reason to continue living MARY, MARY captures the reader from the very first sentence.

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    This crime fiction book actually has a twist at the end that really surprised me It wasn t a violent unexpected twist like Minette Walters may throw at you though It is a slow realization of what certain people have done And it makes you smile even if you do not approve.The story is about a woman whose daughter is horribly murdered while they are both visiting the woman s mother as she is dying What this poor woman must have gone through with her daughter s murder and her mother s death sets the scene for the rest of the book That this all happens in Ireland when the woman and her daughter now live in New Zealand just makes it all seem so much worse.Part two of the book is somewhat involved in the court scene in the trial of the man accused of Mary s murder Other than John Grisham, I am not sure anyone can make court room conversation interesting, and I did labour through these bits But it was so worth it for the very last bit of the book I was cheering Margaret the mother on even while slightly cringing at what she was doing A great story but the book did have some dead bits and I thought some aspects which were glossed over could have done with fleshing out Or perhaps the book needed of an edit and the bits left thin should have been chopped out.Not my best book thus far this holiday but if a tattered version is lying about in your holiday home, its worth the day and a half it takes to read on the beach I will read another Parsons though because I think she is an author worth reading perhaps this just wasn t her finest creation

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    Mary, Mary is quite an atypical thriller There is no classical murder investigation, no ultra clever detective in the spotlight who doggedly pursues the murderer Moreover, we catch glimpses of the murderer s thought processes, as it s never a question whether he is guilty or not we know he is I d say that the author concentrates on the other side of the medal the people who are usually marginal characters in usual detective stories In this case, the book focuses on Margaret Mitchell, a single mother whose only daughter Mary is a victim of a gruesome murder So the novel is basically an expose of her grief her attempts to come to terms with such a life shattering event her slow assembly of the mosaic of her life and the final demonstration of her love for Mary Mary, Mary is no light, easy read The narrative techniques lots of retrospections, and certain passages of almost flow of consciousness require mental engagement from the reader than an average crime novel Also, there is a lot of showing going on, so that the reader can enjoy the subtle characterization of almost all the cast that defiles through the pages I realize that this novel is not for everyone, but for people who like a tad challenging read.On a side note The novel is set in Ireland, which is an interesting change of pace for people used to American and Scandinavian crime novels.

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    Well, I came across this book on my own bookshelf and took it with me on a trip, but then ignored it for a few months It was a grim book, filled with passions of both love and hate It was pretty dark, but well written.