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Julie Parsons Exploded Onto The Literary Scene With Her Debut Novel, Mary, Mary, Which, According To The New York Times, Takes The Psychological Suspense Thriller To Places It Rarely Dares To Go Now, In The Courtship Gift, A Shy Female Entomologist Is Pitted Against A Murderous Maniac Dublin On A Cold April Night Anna Neale Arrives Home Late And Discovers Her Husband, David, Dead In His Study, His Face A Rictus Mask Of Agony Anna Gazes With Disbelief At The Telltale Marks On His Skin It Seems David Died From Anaphylactic Shock Induced By A Bee Sting But It Is Not Bee Season, And He Has Known All His Life That He Is Allergic To The Bee S Poison Anna Finds A Peculiar Package Addressed To David And Begins To Suspect That He Was Murdered As The Weeks Pass, Anna Learns That Nothing In Her Life With David Had Been As It Seemed In Death, Her Husband Is An Utter Stranger To Her She Is Now Alone, Defenseless, And Feels Herself Falling Apart This Is Just What Attracts The Handsome And Sympathetic Man Who Calls Himself Matthew Makepiece Matthew Has Been Watching For Months, Waiting For His Opportunity, Orbiting Her Quiet World In Increasingly Constricting Circles As She Gets To Know Him, Anna Senses Danger Ultimately, She Realizes Her Own Life Is In Jeopardy And Has No Choice But To Do What No One Believed Her Capable Of Julie Parsons Has Created Another Female Protagonist Of Extraordinary Strength And Psychological Resources

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    A good suspense thriller of love, betrayal, deviancy murderwith a few twists turns thrown in for good measure The killer gets his idea from The Wonder Book of What Why probably not how the publishers intended the book to be used While I enjoyed the book, it did leave me a little unsatisfied as I felt there were still a few loose ends, especially regarding David, which I d have liked tidying up.

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    I have given The Courtship Gift 2 stars even though I didn t actually finish it simply because there was nothing actually wrong with it I just got bored I don t know if it s me this year, or the books I m picking up, because I seem to have abandoned a lot of books so far in 2017 It could be the fact that I am doing a lot of culling especially with my books and don t want to waste time reading something that isn t really holding my attention, and not a lot is lately Out of 23 books so far I have only rated three at 4 stars, eight at 3 stars and the rest have been a waste of time Not good Hopefully things will improve

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    This is a low key thriller I thought it was ok, but I hade some problems with the main character Anna She seemed so young, so care free and so up in the blue When her husband David dies, which happens in the beginning of the book, she finds out a lot of things about him that she didn t know of How can a person be so naive, so uninterested or so ignorant about the person you spend your life with It turns out that he had no money left, he was in big debt, cheated on her on a regular basis and had a lot of other secrets that Anna eventually finds out about But the plot is interesting and it takes on when Anna meets the man who buys her house Once I got over my antagonism against Anna I really started to like her and and hoped that she would come to see things and people for what they really were All in all the book was definitely readable and worth the time I spent on it.

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    The blurbs for this book are impressive and in some ways satisfying than the book itself Its well written, which is always a plus for a mystery thriller but I don t know that I d call it a literary thriller as some do Then again, I hate the use of the word literary to describe a well written genre book But that s me

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    Friarg van

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    Couldn t finish it..

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    Why this author only wrote two books is beyond me Both this, her second novel, and Mary, Mary , her second, were brilliant reads and come highly recommended.

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    Quiet good.