read online You Are In Ancient China (You Are There!) By Ivan Minnis –

Detailed yet Simple enough for my 2nd grader to stay interested Willbe lookimg into others from this series Greece, Egypt, Rome for our upcoming World History studies. Have You Ever Wanted To Travel To China Now You Can In This Exciting And Colorful Title This Book Takes A Visual Approach To The Study Of Key Periods In World History Curriculum It Looks At The Period Of History Through The Eyes Of A Child Investigating The Aspects Of The Society That Matter To Them The Title Does Not Just Focus On Childhood But Looks At All Aspects Of Daily Life Through The Eyes Of Someone Examining The Evidence The Book Uses Enlarged Photographs, Labeled Photos And Unusual Uses Of Images To Give The Books A Visual Edge The Focus Is On Photos As Evidence Rather Than The Reconstruction Artwork That Is Commonly Used, While Delivering Information That Is Curriculum Relevant And At A Level That Can Be Understood By The Target Audience