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I found the second book of this series to be as engrossing as the first book I almost completed the whole book in one day, finishing the last 12% the following night Overall, I found that the characters remained true to their portrayal, while also growing through all the hardships and chaos that has consumed their lives I also truly love how this book continues to realize that it is a book during the whole story telling process During some parts where the reader is ridiculed for lack of a better term if they chose the incorrect option provided by the storyteller of the chapter, the storyteller will request that the reader rewind a few chapters to once again familiarize themselves with what is truly happening during the story The fact that this theme constantly pops up at the most random moments has me giggling and looking forward to how it will be incorporated in another stressful part down the road It provides some tension relief for the reader, since this book seemed to start running head first into danger on the opening pages Also, I apologize in advance Apparently I really liked this book and found that I just couldn t stop typing about all the crazy Hopefully I still have the spoiler thing correct, but either way this is a long post Oops view spoiler During this book, Wisty and Whit are once again fighting the good fight against The One Who Is The One This book in particular contains less of the Resistance as a whole andof just Wisty and Whit trying to find what their path for saving the world entails They are captured, freed, captured again, freed again, captured again, etc It is a constant merry go round that has you turning the pages just to see if they indeed make it around onetime The book opens on the Resistance working on a mission that has failed horribly and caused everyone to be split up from each other Whit is alone in the main city and trying to figure out what is going on and where everyone is, when across the billboards and in handouts carried by the civilians he realizes that the execution of Wisteria Allgood is about to take place We find him rushing through the town like a madman to reach the execution in time to save his sister However, he can t force his way through the crowd to the platform in time before the hooded, noosed figure on the Hangman s Gallows is turned into ashes by The One Who Is The One s power He falls to the ground, all hope lost, and the chapter ends with narration being taken over by Wisty Turns out that Wisty is not, in fact, the person who is standing proudly before the crowd of unhappy, brain washed citizens The person that has actually been captured is their friend Margo, one of the Resistance s most influential, dedicated, and original members Whit isn t close enough or maybe just being a guy so doesn t notice the specific punk rock clothing, silver starred shoes, black with hints of bright colors throughout the shoes and pants, that the hooded figure is wearing After their friend is cremated for lack of a better term, again , Wisty looses all control She basically becomes a human bonfire, causing panic to ensue in the crowds around her and the gallows Whit looks at the flames with relief for his sister s rebirth and then it is once again time for the siblings to flee Since Wisty caused such a commotion at the hanging, the One has difficulty figuring the best way to spin the information so that the people still believe the Wisty was indeed the one that was killed When his team fails, once again, to apprehend the siblings, he shows signs of loosing control and resorts to killing the men for their failure His actions lead me to believe that if the siblings, Wisty in particular, are not captured soon then The One Who is the One will have to come to a crossroads in his plans He will either lose all control and become consumed with capturing Wisty and Whit, forcing them to work with him, give him their powers, or die Or he will come to the rational realization that he has expelled to much time, money, and man power on two individuals and be forced to move on to plan B Throughout the whole story, it seems as though The One is leaning towards the first option But at the very end of the book, when Wisty finally accepts and surrenders to save all of the brainwashed people living in a city that are about to be destroyed, The One simply states that working together is no longer an option and has them swarmed by his police to be captured once again I am looking forward to the next book to see if this is all a cool tactic that he has decided to use, trying to keep them confused and cornered, or if he has indeed accepted that he can control the whole world without them Byron is again a major aspect of this story And to be honest, I have given up trying to sort out how I feel about his character He is one of the most confused, rejected, annoying, conniving, love struck, selfless, selfish, bratty characters I have every met It is almost like spending time with Wisty in the first book and as a weasel has giving him multiple personality disorder He is constantly struggling with his obsessive love for Wisty which he is convinced repeatedly will lead to his untimely death and doing what he was raised by his father to achieve basically serving The One Who Is The One and looking out for himself He seriously has a switch in his head where on one side he sees Wisty and can t lie to her or allow her to be hurt But on the otherside, when he looks away from Wisty, normally towards Whit and feels the hatred, or if Wisty is not actually around, then he returns to his normal ways and snitches, exploits, belittles, anything that will make him seem superior and also save hisself in the process It becomes know that Byron is actually spying on the Resistance when he reports in to his father, or should we say The One Who Counts The Beans I honestly don t remember his official title, just what the Resistance kids call him And yet that seems fine with me since he seems like an absolutely horrible person, father especially Sorry, side rant He reports EVERYTHING to his father about the Resistance He is then enrolled in a special school, where Whit and Wisty end up after being captured This school is used to train children with powers The children are rewarded with chocolate when they excel, but I am pretty sure this is the chocolate that the released kids from the first book were working on that seemed to be tainted with something It is never specified what the chocolate does, but it is clear that Wisty gets addicted to it quickly and has some severe cravings for it After she wins and is allowed to The Room With The Chocolate, she gorges herself on so much chocolate that she passes out and ends up in bed recouping for days I have a theory that suction cup sensors that they are hooked up with while eating the chocolate somehow syphons the magical aspects from their bodies The chocolates keeps them complaint and sleepy while this process happens Wisty probably had so much taken from her, especially since this is the first time to The Room With the Chocolates, that she collapsed It is possible that the magic they have is similar to a life force, so having it stripped away or using too much of it can cause weakness and even death That would explain why the Allgood s parents look so gaunt, weak, and hollowed out in the vision that The One forces them to see In this vision as well they are hooked up to giant suction cup sensors where pulses of color keep being sucked out of them This is the same thing that happened while Wisty was enjoying all of her delicious chocolate But I am getting slightly ahead of myself After Wisty has recouped, the siblings decided that they will lay low They won t stand out and excel They won t win any chocolates They will just get the lay of the land and figure out how to escape and use this knowledge against the New Order However, The One has other plans Wisty is still not over her cravings, and when a boy that they were unable to help uses stolen chocolate to taunt her, Wisty looses control and turns into a fireball again This causes her to have to go to solitary, or basically the nasty basement, where The One conducts tests and experiments on her The people doing the experiments are the only social action that she sees for an unspecified amount of time Eventually, Whit and Byron arrive to join her in solitary, having been sent there due to a fist fight between them Byron explores while Wisty and Whit are asleep and picks the locks of the locked doors around them Here he finds the remaining Allgoods, and the illusion begins for Wisty and Whit Believing that it is indeed real, Wisty runs into the room ready to fight the decaying mad dog wolf that is pacing and guarding her parents, ignoring her parents pleas to stay away Whit runs after her, appearing to Wisty to have joined in the fight to save their parents, but he simply tackles Wisty before things can get bad Upon Whit saving Wisty, The One appears and is fuming at his interference once again Byron is gone, which leads the reader to believe that he was forced to leave after opening the door, or that The One has been pretending to be Byron since the fist fight possibly before I personally believe that it was the latter, since the next time Byron sees Wisty, I don t remember him mentioning anything about her parents The One leaves Whit and Wisty with one final life or death test Figure out what The One wants and give it to him, thus saving their lives, or freeze to death in the blizzard that he has started in the basement Enter Byron to save the day, supposedly He says that he requested to bring them their last meal, but really he confesses his absolute love to Wisty and his need to help her survive They go to a quiet, dark corner hopefully where the AI can t hear see them and Byron proves that Wisty turning him into a weasel had a long lasting effect on him He is able to help Wisty channel her magic in a way that neither sibling has been able to do since the school has a dampening field By holding hands they are able to transform the measly meal that has been provided to them into fresh hamburgers, fries and milkshakes I am pretty sure that they never get a bite of it and will regret that mistake forever lol But unfortunately, the AI interrupts them, causing them to have to set the escape plan into motion Byron convinces the AI that the Allgoods should be allowed to use a proper restroom one last time before death One last potty break as Wisty puts it After debating the request, the AI finally agrees and unlocks one of the other doors that is located in the basement Upon entering the bathroom, Byron returns Whit s journal and tells him to read a spell that pertains to water They all link hands and Whit begins to read one that seems to be to his liking This spell causes Wisty and Whit to be turned into fish and Byron proceeds to say goodbye and flushes them down the toilet to freedom Byron believes that this will be his final act of love for Wisty and that The One will disinegrate him for having freed the Allgoods Unfortunately, The One has other ideas He assigns Byron as the Kill Squad leader, controlling young children by using a musical pipe, who have been brainwashed into animals with only the intent to kill he proceeds to track Wisty and Whit, having decided that he will just be killed with them using the Kill Squad Meanwhile, Wisty and Whit are now free They fight for their lives to return to the Resistance They end up being almost caught by Byron, but escape into the Shadowland Here they are almost killed by Lost Ones and the Kill Squad But the two forces end up fighting each other instead Somehow Celia is leading the Lost Ones, and saves Whit and Wisty from Byron But Byron breaks free and continues to chase them They finally clash on an abandoned rooftop, but Whit and Wisty manage to turn into birds and fly away, leaving Byron to be attached by his Kill Squad alone Finally free of Byron, they finish the long journey back to the department store Here they find that they have been gone for months and things have not been going well for the Resistance Many are now recaptured or just gone, and The One plans on bombing the whole Freelands the following morning to rid himself of the remaining Resistance They will have to evacuate tonight So evacuate they do, or most of them anyway Some stay behind, believing evacuating to be a suicide mission This ends up not working well for them, since an entire fight squad is send to bomb and level the department store specifically Whit, Wisty and the ones that left manage to make it into the tunnels Whit and Wisty conjure up a wonderful breakfast to raise spirits and form a plan to make a last stand of sorts by using Byron s theory All of the remaining children line up in the bomb cratered wasteland and take hands Together, they focus on the bombers coming in and manage to change them into birds that simply fly away They are able to do this for many squads that are sent this way, but eventually all of their energy is burned up With the sky darkening under the wings of the never ending bombing squads that are coming their way, the siblings direct all the remaining Resistance into a manhole that leads to some much lower tunnels Here they hope that the remainder of the resistance will be safe, and they say their goodbyes to go get help from the crazy, old ninja lady Mrs H Getting to the city and Mrs H takestime than anyone expected however, since The One is still dropping bombs all over Freeland They are finally able to make it to her home and are surprised that she already new that they were coming They enter her apartment and request her help She helps them to contact their parents through a crystal ball, and they receive some interesting advice from them Their dad requests that they try to speed things up since time is running short And they both tell them that they will need to leave them comfort zone and do things that aren t what they consider right in order to succeed This confuses and baffles the siblings, but the time foranswers is done as the communication can t be held on any longer Turns out that Mrs H has contacted The One as to the Allgood s whereabouts The apartment is thrown into chaos as whirlwinds, rain, and earthquakes tear into it Mrs H points out that The One has control of the sky, wind, water, and earth She tells the children to pay attention to how he controls everything and that this will be the clue for what he wants from Wisty While the siblings are holding on for dear life, Mrs H stands firmly in the middle of all the chaos and demands that The One show himself She is slammed into her ceiling and almost crushed by the pressure only to then be pulled out of the window screaming for The One to show himself the whole time The madness disappears abruptly and Wisty and Whit are about to move before they are captured by everyone Unfortunately, The One was not the only one to have arrived at this time Who should be standing in the street calling up to them Of course, Byron with his Kill Squad Wisty finally admits out loud that maybe they should surrender, since that goes out of their comfort zone like their parents suggested Whit will have none of this, and proceeds to block the front door so Byron can t get in with his little pack But the pack simply climbs up the side of the building and through the newly busted windows Instead of killing them, they hogtie Whit and Wisty up Byron appears and threatens to kill Whit causing Wisty to once again lose control While the pack is afraid of the fire and backs away, Byron isn t and simply closes in on Wisty and hugs her, showing her that she can t hurt him Wisty is out of control and the whole apartment is starting to go up in flames Whit manages to put out Wisty by dumping whatever Mrs H was brewing when they arrive and Wisty is able to untie Whit while keeping the pack back with sparks of flames They escape to the street only to come face to face with The One A crazy battle ensues where Whit and Wisty work together to fight The One and all of his crazy powers They are in sync and transform into creatures left and right to survive all of his attacks the coolest being Griffins, I mean come on Finally, The One calls upon a tidal wave so large that Wisty knows that it will kill at least half of the city She can t allow this to happen and screams her surrender as loud as she can The tidal wave subsides and Whit and Wisty float forward to meet The One But, he has decided that they are unable to work together and has them surrounded by thousands of military.The Epilogue flashes back to Wisty, Whit and their parents They are on the Hangman s platform, surrounded by millions, and standing in front of The One They are all waiting for The One to signal that the boards be dropped out from under them bringing about the end of their lives and fight Their mom has given up and is silently crying Their dad is trying to encourage them to be brave Whit is trying to use brute strength to free himself and getting repeatedly beaten and picked back up Wisty is just lost and not wanting to die yet Then The One uses his powers on their parents And their parents are gone, just ashes that are blowing away in the wind Just when they are freaking out and assuming that they are indeed next, all hell breaks loose Celia has arrived on the scene With a blinding flash that consumes everything, Whit and Wisty are cut down from the gallows, dumped underneath them and told to run or all is lost So Wisty takes off Then she realizes that she doesn t know where Whit is, although his is no longer located at the top of the gallows She tries to turn back and find him, fighting the crowd that is panicking and stampeding out of the arena But she is constantly pushed down and away Celia tells her to run Tells her that her brother is fine, but them together is to easy of a target She tells her that for them both to survive, that Wisty must run like their lives depended on it So she does And that is where the story comes to a close Just hanging there Like the last book lol hide spoiler I am confused about this series I have looked at websites and read other reviews, and so far the feedback seems to be rather positive I guess there are just some books you don t like It s just unusual, because I m usually in sync with other people, but this time I can t be further away I really, really do not like these books this book specifically I think with Witch and Wizard, it was new and somewhat enjoyable I was hoping the story would have moved on from the last book Really, I feel like this is the same book over again, only Whit and Wisty actually know about their powers instead of being oblivious.The characters are all over the place For example, Byron and Celia Are they trying to help Whit and Wisty, or are they against them It s like this wavering plot point that seems like it s suppose to be tricky, but is really annoying Usually a character Byron only changes sides once, maybe has a change of heart and then will change twice, but he is completely riding the fence and has no idea who he s working for or why Then there are the cryptic messages from the parents and other friends In any war situation, why would anyone give half advice You must give your gift away Like that is helpful To whom Why How Parents especially would never be that cryptic especially when there is a master overlord in the picture People who are for you wouldn t try to relay information this way It just doesn t make any sense.And as for the Master Overlord, The One Who is The One hello cheesy name..but when he heads up an organization called the N.O, and has N.O.W troops running around, what do you expect , this guy must be really dumb I mean, how many times can you capture the same two kids only to let them escape Seriously And if you re going to give a death sentence, don t you think considering how many times the two have escaped in the past you would just do the deed right away instead of letting them sit and think about it for a few days I won t even touch on this menacing test at the end of the book This guy would run screaming like a little girl if he were to meet Voldemort, and at least he knew how to play down the whole ego driven, power hungry thing, making a muchdeadly villain.As for the magic It really is a little out of hand Not only can Whit and Wisty change into animals, fish, birds, whatever but they can cause things to appear out of thin air They can change bomber planes machines into birds alive So what doesn t seem to line up is why is it so difficult to run and hide, or why worry about your energy running low Surely you can createfood whenever you want it Or, with this kind of power, why not go for invisibility and just take your time I am not sure what age group these books are suppose to be geared for, and maybe that is the problem here with why I don t like the books Between the horrible text speak and teenagey talk that just sounds like the book is trying to fit in with all the other paranormal books out there, the characters come off sort of stiff and unbelievable If you want some good characters check out some Cassandra Clare Then there is an impromptu concert, that is supposed to be a benefit for The Resistance or whatever they call themselves and has what is suppose to be an encouraging, motivational speech given by Wisty.where is Katniss Everdeen when you need her anyway I really can t see this series working with a young adult crowd which I would consider 16 20 somethings , but it probably would go over well with the 11 15ish age group The book, for me, read like a Nickelodeon Sitcom.I think I ve made my point well enough I don t usually rip books apart like this In fact, I don t usually finish reading or listening, in this case to books I don t like I was just hoping for something to happen so that it would redeem itself I feel like most of the hype is due to the author s popularity and the media backing he s able to get, rather than how well the books are written With all the great books out there, I can t even imagine picking up the next installment of this series It just wouldn t be worth my time. The original book got 4 stars from me, but this sequel only gets 2 First of all, why am I getting an ARC to a James Patterson sequel Perhaps it s not selling as well as his other series This book is really Witch Wizard all over again there s not that much changed in the way of plot, characterization or, well, anything unlike, say, the Hunger Games trilogy, which does have some set pieces but you do see character growth and a story arc It s definitely out of the Patterson factory and suffers from the formula.ARC provided by publisher. This one was better than the first I wonder if the next one is even better than this and obviously the first A series that starts off bad only to get betterbetter by every book That would be interesting Wisty is getting to be a better character in this one Her brother Whit is still annoying me. I didn t read the first book in the series, so that s undoubtedly a big part of why I found it hard to care about the characters But I just found them to be somewhat flat, their voices weren t all that unique which I think is critically important if you re going to shift first person perspective between characters , and the writing felt rushed There were definitely some good action sequences, but that was mostly what this book was a series of action sequences I would have liked to have some time between events to get to know the characters better, feel some tension build, and immerse myself a bitin their world.That being said, there were some really fun moments, and the evolution of their magic unfolded in a very satisfying way The events were creatively imagined, and if you like a fast paced book, this is it I will probably go back and read the first book, and if I like it, I ll re read The Gift and increase my rating if I like it better the second time For now, I give it 2.75 stars rounded up to three. I thought that this book was just as good if not better than the first book in the series The book was easy to comprehend and continued to keep me interested all throughout the book.I do think that you should read the first book of the series before you read this one because it will make a lotsense to you and catch you up on what is going on My favorite character in this book is Whit because even though he is strong and buff he still can be emotional and help with problems He wants to do everything he ca to protect him and his sister My least favorite character in this book is Byron Swain because he is not trustworthy at all You never know if he is telling the truth or jus lying to you He is just one of those people you have to pretend to like because he is valuable I agree with the authors message to stick with you family even if times are hard because in the end they only want the best for you I would reccomend this book to my friends because it was easy to relate to as a teenage boy going through tough and easy times I think that people who love thrillers and suspensful books will enjoy this book the most because the suspense is always keeping you on your toes and you never know what to expect next. Signed galley from BEA This series is just getting crazier and crazier I love it and seriously dislike Byron lol So this book it s just bad Please don t get worked up over my opinion I liked the first book Really, I did But in general, Mr P s writing seems like it s gone down the tube The Max Ride books after the third one, Daniel X, and now Witch and Wizard.I m not going to annoy you with a boring summary, you should know it by now Issue 1 dialogue and writing The dialogue is stiff, like they are bad actors with bad scripts with a bad director in a bad movie Because that is how JP writes like it s a movie One moment they could be using the word loquatious, the next OMGWTF With the writing, it s the kind of overused metaphors I used to write in the sixth grade The kind that is in every one of his teen books and gives you a literal image It s a bit irritating Thanks for thinking we re stupid, Mr P.Issue 2 inconsistensies, randomness, and him thinking that we are inside his mind So they re running away from the One that s in issue three Celia shows up Wow Gives a cryptic message and then vanishes again And now they are at a building where they could a be killed as stated every other page or b they are welcomed like heroes, this is the rebellion, all these people are rather flat characters, there will be a concert, all that jazz JP goes with option B, because somehow it s believable Nocomments.Randomness okay, a rock concert underground Really When all the teenagers are supposedly brainwashed And Wisty just happens to have psycho powers that she s a rockstar And now Byron and practicaly every other dude she meets is in love with her What is the point of this nonsense There really is none.And then JP says all this stuff that is supposedly obvious to the plot No It s not Crazy tangent that he created somehow.And Issue 3 bad characters The One Who is The One needs a bit of a brain As do Wisty and Whit Just a cheesy comic book villian who always lets the heroes escape Whoopdeedo.I know I m slamming Mr P big time I liked the first book I just finished the third, and that was a bit better I loved the first three Max Ride books But man did I hate this one It just seemed like recycled garbage that he didn t proof read Does he not have editors Or is he just so famous that his books get published once they are done Leading The Resistance, Whit And Wisty Face Their Most Daunting Challenge Yet In The Jaw Dropping Sequel To Witch WizardWhen Whit And Wisty Were Imprisoned By The Wicked Forces Of The Totalitarian Regime Known As The New Order, They Were Barely Able To Escape With Their Lives Now Part Of A Hidden Community Of Teens Like Themselves, Whit And Wisty Have Established Themselves As Leaders Of The Resistance, Willing To Sacrifice Anything To Save Kidnapped And Imprisoned KidsNow The Villainous Leader Of The New Order Is Just A Breath Away From The Ability To Control The Forces Of Nature And To Manipulate His Citizens On The Most Profound Level Imaginable Through Their Minds There Is Only One Thing He Needs To Triumph In His Evil Quest The Gifts Of Whit And Wisty Allgood And He Will Stop At Nothing To Seize ThemIn This Second Installment Of James Patterson S Epic Witch Wizard Series, Whit And Wisty S Heart Pounding Adventures Through The Overworld And Shadowland Lead To A Spectacular Climax And Conclusion