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Nick And The Boys Return From The Summer S Last Hunting Trip To Find The Streets Empty, The Beachfront And Park Abandoned, And The Windows Of Their Own Homes Boarded Shut The Hunters Have Become The Hunted, In An Apocalyptic Plague That Pits Man Against Beast Very Tiny Beasts And Nick Is Determined To Keep His Strength, Courage And Family Alive During What Could Very Well Be The Last Winter Of Their Lives

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    A few years ago we had an invasion of caterpillars that was so bad we would be driving over a carpet of them to get into our garage Seriously, our blacktop was a moving wave of caterpillars It freaks me out to this day, but hey at least they didn t fly Just think about how hard it is to avoid flies.WAITING OUT WINTER is about an invasion of killer flies a government experiment gone wrong, don t they always However this isn t your average romping, chomping creature feature This is a quiet little horror story, taking place during an apocalypse, but focused on the disaster from a small town and family point of view It s not gory, but it is poignant, sad and scary This was a short, entertaining story and only my second from Kelli Owen I recommend it and I will be on to the second novella shortly You can get a copy here I bought this book with my hard earned cash and Kelli Owen was kind enough to sign it for me Thank you, Kelli

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    Light Horror Creepy Cover No Gore On the way back from a remote road trip, three friends are amazed to find a blanket of stinky tent worms crunching under their tires on a nearly deserted highway There s no gas at the stations and no radio or phone signal and when they arrive home, they find life as they know it is no . For such a short novella, WAITING OUT WINTER has a believable scary storyline with well developed characters.and a deadly intruder.This work of fiction evolved from the fact that the DNR actually did attempt to kill off an invasion of tent worms by releasing a multitude of black flies into the northern Wisconsin environment, but too late, unfortunately, only adding to the problem. I remember those nasty looking tent worm webs in the woods behind my house in MO years ago ECK Good Read

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    It started with the tent worms Then came the government brain trust solution Now everything has gone to hell and people are trapped inside their houses, afraid to go outside lest they get bitten by disease carrying black flies or worse.I really liked this one from Kelli Owen The characters and storyline were well drawn in the short format and I enjoyed the apocalyptic concept Very well done My only gripe is that it ended a bit abruptly, but evidently there is a follow up novella The Hatch Nice Looking forward to it.

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    You know how some authors just click with you as a reader That no matter what they publish, you can find the good elements within it even if others are lambasting it from pillar to post Well, Kelli Owen is not that kind of author for me.This is my second read from her, and I found this novella to have the same issues which I found lacking in The Neighborhood namely, a sense of disconnect from the characters and what is befalling them Owen glosses over so many things so quickly, I never feel like a part of proceedings, or as if I m in the heads of the protagonists So with Waiting for Winter I found myself never truly engaged even though the story and what is taking place should be genuinely interesting It s not the writing Technically, her prose is well constructed and flows smoothly But it just does not engage me.Which is a shame, because the apocalypse in this world is quite different while still being far closer to reality than the dead coming back to life, or aliens deciding they need some resource we have in abundance This one also ends on an extremely open note, so I ll likely be back for its sequel, because I need to work out exactly what it is I m missing 2.5 Ominous Buzzing Sounds for Waiting for Winter.

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    In this clever and very frightening precursor to an obviously much larger story, Kelli Owen brings a fresh take to the post apocalyptic horror story Trapped in their homes after deadly disease carrying black flies invade their town created by the government to eradicate tent worms, but of course this goes awry , citizens of the small Wisconsin burg realize that survival is the least of their worries And what Owen so deftly presents is how ordinary folks struggle to survive amidst the horror, and her quiet examination of our somewhat closed society, whether it be urban or suburban, and how at the end of the day, when faced with an apocalyptic horror, to paraphrase Jack from Lost, we can either survive togetheror die alone.The sequel was recently released, called THE HATCH.Highly recommended.

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    Writing up a review for Scream Notes later

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    Three friends return home after a weekend hunting trip to find their town apparently abandoned It isn t, though everyone is indoors, avoiding the genetically engineered flies that carry a deadly super virus which has wiped out much of Wisconsin and beyond Now, the men and their families can only wait for the infestation to die out, and hope their sanity doesn t die too.Kelli Owen offers up a well crafted and claustrophobic tale here, with vivid characterizations and a stark use of atmosphere As other reviewers have mentioned, however, this is a novella that should have been a novel, with big chunks of exposition replacing scenes that might have been great if fleshed out As it is, Waiting Out Winter works best as a prologue to it s excellent sequel The Hatch.3.5 stars

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    This book is SO good Apocalypse fiction with an interesting, human twist What makes it all the terrifying is how plausible the scenario is

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    A 3 star review Really of a 2.5 star review.Thought this was going to be a suspense horror book Not really a lot of either involved Perhaps that explains my response as I was expecting this to involve some level of horror that simply was not there.A fairly pedestrian something bad happens and some people survive storyline The characters were not terribly engaging.

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    When the summer comes, so do the flies I love the outdoors, but if I never see another mosquito, blackfly, no see um, or moose fly in my life, I will not lament the unbalance of nature s food chain And that s one of the little things touched upon in Kelli Owen s novella, Waiting Out Winter nature s balance.Upon returning from their last hunting trip of the season, Nick and his friends discover their hometown and beyond has been deluged by flies Streets are empty and windows are boarded up It s only when Nick gets home and sees it too is barricaded that his wife and family tell him about the apocalyptic overrun of flies That might not be so bad, you might say, if you ve ever been in a region that s suffered an infestation of one type of insect or another But these flies are genetically modified, turned aggressive and infected with a virulent strain of disease that is killing anyone who gets bitten Originally devised as a way to thwart a nuisance bug problem, these flies have gone beyond their original design and turned a small town into a wasteland.The paranoia of being bitten and trying to keep the flies out is bad enough, but couple that with the claustrophobic conditions and dwindling resources inside the house and Nick s family unit begins to erode Oh, and throw in some wildlife roaming the streets for good measure Bleak is a generous word to describe this town s chances.While there were periodical jumps in the time line, with weeks being rocketed over with a mere paragraph that I felt a bit jarring, the pace of the book along with the intense conflict Nick has between protecting his family and retaining his sanity worked really well I also managed to develop a brief aversion to house flies after reading this chiller of a novella Kelli has a real knack for giving small towns a bit of an epic vibe with the torment she puts her characters through, not unlike her turn with The Neighborhood, which I reviewed earlier this year.It s creepy, it s crawly, it s a keeper.