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I think I can relate to Liz on this one I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS I had to laugh because here I am reading it in September because I want Christmas to come sooner and she was pulling out Christomas decorations around Halloween Awesome book in the Spikes and Spurs series I knew I would love it and I did Sexy cowboys, horses, hot sex What s not to love Liz s Christmas list 1 House without wheels2 Sexy cowboy3 Oh yeah, and to make her house look like the Griswald s, LOLDoes he qualify for the sexy cowboy I think Raylen was a nice hunk of fictional man Solid and steady Mmmmmmmm. I enjoy this series for it s light humor Glad that Colleen gets her HEA in this one too A favorite quote graveyard dead An annoyance calling lunch dinner ie I meant to run up to the cafe for dinner it closes at 2pm Book takes place in Texas, southern thing Lizelle Hanson is a carnie, as she calls herself She traveled and worked as a fortune teller and belly dancer for most of her life But what she always wanted was roots somewhere to call home, a house that has a foundation and not wheels In fact, that is a Christmas wish that she has she wants a house and a cowboy The first part of her wish comes true when her uncle moves out of his house to take care of his father and is going to leave it to her if she still wants to live there after she tries it out for a few months Liz is ecstatic She arrives at the house in Texas to find her uncle s neighbor, Raylen O Donnell, there He is the very cowboy that she had a crush on when she used to visit her uncle, and she has been fantasizing about him for years Could this be the second half of her wish coming true My Thoughts This is the first book that I haven t finished since I started reviewing I definitely gave it a chance though I read to page 225 Besides just not being interesting, there were a lot of things that bothered me about this book.First, the shifting of the characters points of view There was constant shifting with no clear breaks It gets very confusing, especially if the shift happens within a single paragraph, which it did Second, the repeating of thoughts Liz would think a thought, and then say the thought out loud to someone else Then she would repeat it later to another character I get how perhaps the author is trying to show how the third character found out about what she was thinking, but this isn t the way to do it.Third, Liz s character herself She would ramble a lot, and it just wasn t attractive to me Also, everything was handed to her on a silver platter Where s the challenge She wants a house, gets it from her uncle Wants a job, gets one handed to her right when she moves to town Wants to decorate her house like the Griswold s, the neighbors pitch right in to help It was annoying I feel like she acted very juvenile too Here s Liz talking to Raylen about what kind of Christmas tree she wants I want a real one but Momma reminded me that I m allergic to cedar and pine trees Do you think they ll have one that doesn t look perfect I want it to look real even if it s not p 181 I guess I just feel like a grown woman should know what she was allergic to It wasn t just that though, it was all things like I listed above.I can t imagine the work it takes a write a book, I really can t But Darn Good Cowboy Christmas was not worth the read. Darn Good Cowboy Christmas was chosen for me as part of a reading challenge I think the biggest compliment I can give the book is it s not bad That being said, it s not especially great either It s a fast, light read, but forgettable Mostly, I found the book a little too easy The heroine wants a cowboy and house without wheels for Christmas and they both fall right into her lap She meets Raylen s sister, who doesn t really like her, but then when her best friend shows up and he falls for the sister everything is honkey dory there Raylen s best friend hates Liz too What bothered me about this is the best friend was a total bitch but Raylen seemed to like her He accepted when she was rude and nasty to the heroine That would bother me if I was dating someone and he sat back and allowed his friends to treat me like crap Also, he knew that his best friend wanted to end up married to him yet continued their friendship All the way along she is horrible to Liz until Liz gives her some advice She takes the advice and ends up married to someone else and all of a sudden likes Liz again problem solved It just seemed like whatever problem they had was resolved way too easily Also, the relationship felt like it developed fast to me They were in bed together within a week, they declared their love within 2 weeks, and they both seemed to magically know they wanted forever with the other person What s worse, they acted like an old married couple within a month There is a point where Liz watches her best friend falling in love and makes reference to missing that initial rush of love I was thinking to myself, how can you miss it It was just last month I know that seemed a little negative, but despite all the stuff I said above it s not a bad book It kept me entertained for a few hours I don t think I d rush out tell people to read it, but I wouldn t say don t read it either It just sort of fell in the middle for me. He S One Hot CowboyRaylen O Donnell Is One Smokin Cowboy He Could Have Any Woman He Wants, But He S Never Been Able To Forget A Certain Dark Haired Girl Who Disappeared From His Life So When She Suddenly Returns To The Ranch Next Door, Raylen S Not Fixing To Let Her Get Away Again And She S Out For A Sizzlin ChristmasRaised In A Traveling Carnival, Lizelle Hanson Thought All She Wanted Was A House That Didn T Have Wheels And A Sexy Cowboy For Her Very Own But When Settling Down S Going To Take Some Getting Used To, And Catching Raylen, The Hotter Than Hell Cowboy Next Door, Might Just Take A Little Holiday Magic Loving it so farRaylen has always been one of my favoritesthe youngest brother to Rye and the most secretive aloof LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT Review to come Fun Liz grrew up in a carney environment and wants a home without wheels and a cowboy for Christmas It was good. Who knew Lizelle Hanson s uncle Haskell was secretly Santa Lizelle s Christmas list wasn t long but it was her coveted dream She wanted her very own booted cowboy wearing a hat and a house with a foundation Before the tree was up Lizelle s all grown up, teen aged crush, Raylen O Donnell, in a cowboy hat and boots was walking in and out of her house that didn t travel.Raylen has been dreaming and fantasizing about Lizelle for the same amount of time and wants the grown up, enchanting Lizelle for his own and barring that he ll settle for his alternate desire for her neighboring land Lizelle, Raylen and their company of characters are as country as corn pone though not as dry The secret is the chemistry and personality between them in this soft plotted read This mind mint doesn t wear the reader down or out with pesky involved plotting, multi dimensional characters or scheming villains As typical for the author, this third in a series is fine as a stand alone It s an unapologetic, fast paced read with common people in irregular circumstances behaving oddly as they settle into their romance Ignore the holes and enjoy the fun this practically one sitting read offers Rating 3.5stars Lizelle Hanson is a carnie but all she wants for Christmas is a house that doesn t have wheels and a hot cowboy So when her uncle Haskell offers her his house and twenty acres she jumps at it When she makes up her mind that she is going to set down roots then he will give it to her She is really pleased when she arrives at the house and who should greet her but Raylen O Donnell He was taking care of Haskell s dog and cat until Liz arrived.Liz and Raylen knew each other back when they were young teenagers Each made an impression on the other but then time got in the way Now they are back in each others life and the electricity between them is off the charts Pick up Darn Good Cowboy Christmas and follow these two on their journey to a happy ever after It is not as easy as you might think There is alot of insecurity on both their parts I enjoyed every minute of this book and was sad for it to end. Lizelle Hanson has been raised her whole life in a traveling carnival that her mother and aunt own When her uncle leaves her his ranch and a huge barn full of Christmas decoration s, she sees this as an opportunity to finally plant her roots Plus she gets to live next door to her childhood crush Raylen O Donnell Little does Liz know that Raylen has had the same feelings and can t wait for her to arrive Sparks fly, Liz and the O Donnell s help her set her ranch up to put shame to the Grizwald s Christmas This was a great story with great secondary character s I had so much fun reading this book Carolyn Brown knows how to draw you in and make you feel like these character s are your best friends