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Loving Lavina s Sturdy CourageThe first chapters described the setting very well The characters were a little confused with so many names given to one The plot stayed exciting and made me turn the page The dialogue switched back and forth without losing the masterful power of Love Bravo Fun amusing storyline,written in a simplistic,pleasant, happy style.Listened with TTS.Cleanish. A clean, fast paced, exciting, historical romance with believable characters Written with good grammar Quick to read Quite moral heroes and heroines in a traditional sense, and very different from modern fiction and chick lit I expect that her books will probably suit some readers and not work well for other readers, it is all a matter of personal preference. Ahhh this one was surprisingly cute I love the mix of having a melancholy, tortured hero paired with with fiery outspoken girl who s not afraid to even put Queen Victoria in her place And the villain s worst attribute is that he doesn t bathe I Love It. When The Balkan Prince Stanislaus Demanded An English Bride, Queen Victoria Decided To Send Him Lady Lavina, Whose Family Had A Slight Connection With Royalty Determined To Avoid This Fate, Lavina Threw Herself On The Mercy Of The Marquis Of Elswick, A Disagreeable Man Who Had Turned His Back On The World Following Betrayal By The Woman He Had Loved Surprisingly, He Agreed To Help By Pretending To Be Engaged To Lavina, And, With Her Father, They Left To Visit Her Relatives In ScotlandIn The Highlands Lavina Began To Find Herself Attracted To The Marquis Beneath His Harsh Manners He Had A Heart A Heart That Perhaps She Could Win But Nearby Was The Queen S Country Home, Balmoral, And When Her Majesty Arrived With Prince Stanislaus, They Knew That There Was Still A Battle To Be Fought Now Lavina Learned The Shattering Secret That Was The Real Reason The Marquis Had Agreed To Help Her And That Secret Was To Threaten To Take From Her The Man She Loved How She Discovered The Truth In A Way That Nearly Cost Him His Life, Is Told In This Romantic Novel, The Th By BARBARA CARTLAND A fake engagement isn t a very original storyline, but, in this case, it was charming I also liked the male lead He was that typical too hurt by a woman to love again, but still interesting. This fast pace tale of a girl and her father trying to outwit the Queen and her matchmaking schemes with the help of the Marquis of Elswick will make you smile. Barbara Cartland is no doubt a very famous romance author but I have never read anything by her so when I saw this at the library I thought why not.Queen Victoria needs to pacify her relationship with a foreign Prince so she offers him a an English bride The unlucky woman is Lavina Lavina s father love his daughter and wants her to marry for love so with help from friends her father devises a plan to protect his daughter with a fake engagement to the Marquis of Elswick The challenge is Lord Elswick has had his heart broken and now he avoids woman all together but for his own reasons he agrees to the crazy plan.The plot is a little far fetched but not bad BUT the characters fell flat for me The Prince is not a really likable guy kind of like a scumbag and I found it odd that Lavina s main complaint is that he did not bathe They hint how horrid he is toward woman and that is her only fear Then there is Lord Elswick himself he ran so hot and cold it was like he was a bit of a socio path.The book was mediocre at best Really glad it was a library book that I did not buy. More eye rolling nonsense from Dame Barbara, this time with a battle royale between a Prince and a Marquis Oh, calamity Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine a plot where Queen Victoria the Queen with a capital Q sets up a marriage with English lady and a Balkan Prince And Lady Lavina thinks this is ridiculous, so she sets up a fake relationship with a Marquis Hilarity ensures, because Dame Barbara is the master at contrivance and fake relationships that turn real And they all lived happily ever after, except the Prince, because he was a bad person who really needed a bath The end.