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Agent Hooker Slut s Case Portfolio The AssignmentCougar Claws Sharp Eyes Sensitive ContactCougar65 TargetAssingmentRead this, Hooker Slut You will like this one and will LOVE Tonypromise Initial ThoughtsIt is a dark and dreary evening I could spend it staring at the davenport again, but I did that the dawn before last I guess I could try to read this book Case Progression ReportsDay One Wednesday, June 13th, 20122000 hours Buy the book2220 hours Book purchased 4.24 2226 hours Opened Book, 3,814 locations, read dedication, my reaction Aww how sweet Day Two Thursday, June 14th, 20120900 hours started chapter one this Tony guy has weird fantasies about alien abductions and government conspiracies They remind me of Hooker Slut s own delusions 4% and already switching the names Unless Jack usually thinks of himself as Tony 6% and already the first sex scene 12% tony at his sisters thinking how muchwell behaved his and jacks kid would be view spoiler it was pretty obvious at 4% during Jacks interview with his in laws that like a douche he was signing away all custody rights to hos kid s Probably because he doesn t think a gay man is fit to raise kids And he s a spineless douche Now tony is wanting kids and Jack will freak out because he already has them but gave them up And it will cause problems with him and tony because he won t just talk to tony And by the end they ll be raising jacks kids happily That s just my guess as of this point Probably a good guess since almost every mm book with kids goes like this hide spoiler I didn t like this book very much, though it s certainly very well written, has excellent character they re not perfect flawed characters, what a concept and plot development, and a view spoiler nice, sappy ending hide spoiler 4 1 2 stars I adored the growth in this love story and the Tony Jack s struggles and obstacles nearly broke my heart but I can t give it a five It comes close but Jack keeps too many secrets and acts like a real SOB at times Still, he s perfect for Tony whom I adored and I truly felt all the reasons why they were both so desperately in love with each other Great realistic writing, this one is funny, infuriating, sexy and painful I m anxious to read the rest of this author s work.My favorite quote was this one from Tony early on in the book as he ponders wanting a child, proving that he knows exactly where he stands in the relationship at that point doesn t really mind It s both funny and a little heartbreaking You d make a hell of a dad You re practically raising me. AudibleI had mentioned it alreadythan twice and I m not tired to repeat it again I prefer my contemporary romance rather in an audio book format Of course, if it has a proper narrator But honestly, it is pretty difficult to spoil a contemporary MM romance audio book if it s narrated by a pleasant male timbre with all these ahs and ohs at the right places , and Jason Winters HAS a pleasant and intensively sexy when the plot demands voice So, under these conditions it is easy to want to listen to the story he tells us But there is onesurprisingly aspect to this novel for me I normally don t like children jumping around my MM characters It was different here Kids appeared totally unexpected in the plot and I assure you, I was not the only person here who was slightly shocked by this fact, though I am not going to give anything away , but they fitted nicely in the whole mess whose name is Jack.To tell the truth, in spite of Jack sounded being good in bed during the whole telling oh yes , I wasn t really fond of him, and I have my reasons, believe me Tony was the opposite matter Unlike his on and off partner Tony, who slowly but surely captured my heart totally and utterly toward the end of the story A very good MM romance, with the right quantity of all necessary emotions P.S But, OMG, whom dare I kill who is responsible for this cover Unacceptable. Lent by KindleGotta give Tony kudos for sticking with Jack through this book man Jack was understandably going through a lot, but man sakes Jack, you were an ass Although written with K.A Mitchell s usual competence, Not Knowing Jack was not a pleasant book to read I started it with the assumption that it was a romance, but there was actually very little about it that could be considered romantic Instead, Not Knowing Jack was a prolonged angst fest with an uneasy HEA tacked onto the end.The book starts with the main characters, Tony and Jack, already in a relationship They seem pretty serious Tony is living in Jack s home but it soon becomes obvious that Jack is keeping some major secrets from his boyfriend The skeletons in Jack s closet end up hijacking the plot, diverting attention away from the romantic elements of the story and making for some pretty heavy reading By the end of the book, I thoroughly disliked Jack, and I was wishing that the story had been about Tony moving out and falling in love with someone else instead So why did I give this book three stars instead of fewer First, because Tony was a great character He was worth reading about, even though I feel like he got a raw deal with Jack Second, it really was well written Even though I was expecting one of Mitchell s sexy romances instead of an uncomfortable drama, I had to admire her handling of the complex situations and emotions she was writing about It was well done it just wasn t what I wanted to read. Book 5 Stars and Audio 3 Stars reviews Review Book Not Knowing Jack is the second story in the Ohio series, and one of my all time favorite books Multiple reads naturally lead to an audio book listen, and even though the audio paled in comparison to the actual book, I still love this story as much as ever.Tony and Jack are introduced in Regularly Scheduled Life, book one of the Ohio series a book I loved eventhan this one , and I fell in love the with the flirtatious bartender, Tony, then and there Tony has got to be one of the best characters ever developed in a gay romance novel, and I still say everyone needs a Tony in their lives He is a big kid at heart, but is loyal to a fault There is no one you can trust to have your backthan Tony Jack learns this the hard way, after he treats Tony like crap and kicks him to the curb, twice, on the same day.Jack has secrets, and his little white lies though not very little, at times are starting to get to Tony He adores Jack, he can t see himself without Jack, he loves everything about Jack until Jack becomes a man that Tony never knew existed I ached for Tony and I wanted to drop kick Jack in the gonads Jack, not matter how much he loves Tony, still acts superior and, at times, treated Tony like an unruly teenager Okay, so matter Tony acts that way sometimes, but still, Jack either wanted Tony as he was or he needed to move on.I hurt for Jack, too His story is awful I know it s common to take your hurt and anger out on the ones you love, but Jack was really lucky that Tony was still there by the end of the book Each reread still amazes me how awful Jack could be to Tony.The way Tony handled Brandon, Jack s son, was brilliant Honestly, the best way to deal with an out of control teenager is to be a bigger and smarter teenager, which Tony excelled at even at thirty Tony didn t wear kid gloves around Brandon, like Jack did, and in many ways was a much better father figure Tony is the star of this book inways than one He was the pot smoking flirt, with a naughty mouth, but when push came to shove, Tony was the man that stepped up and kept not only him and Jack together, but created a better life for Jack s kids, as well.I usually hate kids in my books, but Tony was able to take that distaste away and keep this book as one of my all time favorites That s brilliant writing on the part of K.A Mitchell As well as her ability write steamy sex scenes Tony is a real tiger in the sack, rawr.Review Audio I am almost afraid to continue on this audio book path because it seems like the audio can rarely live up to the book I have read Not Knowing Jack multiple times and always seem to love it, and Tony,andHowever, this audio book just killed me It is so hard to properly rate an audio without dinging the story, and I will still keep my review as a five star on other sites, but this audio was so far from my reality of Jack and Tony that I would be hard pressed to give it even three stars The narrator is new to me, and I was really hesitant to use my audible credit not knowing what to expect, but I did it because I loved this series, this book, and this author I ve been hoping for an audio of A Regularly Scheduled Life, but now, not so much.My main issue was the tone of voice used through out the reading Using a calm tone when the words spoken were Jack said icily An icy tone of voice is not similar to one you would use when speaking to a toddler, and that is what I got No emotion for excitement, sadness, hurt feelings, or anger it was all kind of monotone and it really got to me I ve come to expect a lotfrom my audio s and when all I get is a reading and not a performance it just ruins the experience.The Blogger Girls Well, I just can t get enough of what K.A Mitchell puts out This is the second in the Ohio series and yes, I ve read it out of sequence again This is the story of Jack, a wealthy restaurant owner and Tony a bartender Tony is younger and cruder, to Jack s wealthy refined persona They have a fun, hot sex relationship going Neither wants to admit that they fit together like hand and glove Nor are they willing to admit that each wantsfrom the relationship, because they don t quite trust each other enough Jack has a troubling past that is going to come back and bite him in the ass Shortly after they move in together, it does just that with a vengeance Trust is the crux of this story It s the one thing that Jack can not give easily He is to afraid that when the truths such as his health problems are revealed that he will lose Tony He is too scared to lose the happiness he has found There is a very complicated plot here, but I m not going to give it away The title does sum up the story very well It s a dark story that had me welling up a number of times It was a wonderful journey, one I wouldn t mind taking again I give it a backyard full of stars. When Your Lover Becomes A Stranger, Trust Is The Weakest Link Of All Bartender Tony Gemetti Has It All A Rich, Hot Boyfriend, A McMansion In The Burbs And Unlimited Sex In An Expectation Free Zone He Thought That Was All He Ever Wanted Out Of Any Relationship Until Jack Begins Making Excuses For Frequent Disappearances Realizing He Has Than His Libido And Enough Drawers For His T Shirt Collection Riding On This Relationship, Tony Figures It S Time To Find Out What S Going On Jack Noble Has Spent His Life Hiding His Real Self Behind A Carefully Created Image With Tony, He Finally Knows Real Freedom, Real Happiness Now A Past Of Buried Secrets And Lies Is Closing In, And No Matter How Hard He Tries To Stop It, The Truth Is Tearing Through Once Tony Learns What Kind Of Man Jack Really Is, He Won T Stay Jack S Sure Of It Suddenly The Past Shows Up In A Completely Unexpected Way, Testing The Boundaries Of Their Old, Coasting Along On Fun Relationship Tony Indeed Finds That Jack Isn T The Man He Went Looking For, But It S Too Late There S Too Much At Stake To Just Walk Away First, Though, He Has To Make Sure There Are No Lies Left For Jack To Hide Behind Warning Readers Should Be Free Of Any Heart Condition That May Be Affected By A Hero With An Overactive Imagination, Painful Back Stories, And Hot Sex In A Variety Of Athletic Positions Neither The Author Nor The Publisher Is Responsible For Any Sudden Or Frequent Urges To Have Children With Tony Gemetti I m not sure what took me so long to finally read this book because it was fabulous Tony is just the quirkiest, most endearing, funny character and to top it off, despite how immature he can be, he s emotional and grown up exactly when he needed to be Dare I say he actedmature and adult than Jack a lot of the time not that I didn t like Jack, I did and I really felt for him and his situation even though he caused a lot of it all by himself I loved the story and the settling in of the kids and Tony s awesome way of dealing with them There were a few times I wanted to kick Jack s ass but eventually he let Tony completely into his heart so i ll go easy on him Have to also say I loved the little flicks of Sean and Kyle who still have a special place in my heart Great emotional read.