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Jane Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite authors, but I could barely finish this book She tried to do it in the style of Yada books drawing on a group of friends, but I could never figure out the friends, none of them were unique and the setting as far as I could tell had very little to do with Barcelona, she should stick to historical fiction which she is really good at, because she does all the research and then weaves her story The only thing I found mildly interesting was her telling of some of the dialogue between her and her author The Orpah seeking elements trying to advertise her book are real, I know some people who have tried to do that with little success, but all it all it didn t make a story that held my interest Sorry Jane From Bestselling Author Jane Kirkpatrick Comes This Relational Story About A Close Knit Group Of Five Women And Their Pursuit Of Life Goals You Ll Be Encouraged And Entertained In The Tradition Of Neta Jackson S Yada Yada Prayer Group Series, Kirkpatrick Invites You Into The Lives Of Five Women Friends Who Promise To Help Each Other Achieve Their Life Goals Annie Shaw S Goal Is Far From Simple Become Famous But She S In Trouble After Quitting Her Day Job To Write Full Time Her Second Novel Tanked, And Her New Editor Wants Her To Re Write The Ending Of Her Latest Work To Ensure This One Is Successful In Order To Pursue Fame And An Elusive Bestseller, Annie Travels To Chicago, Acquires A Rambunctious Dog, And Participates In Antics Better Suited To A Television Reality Show Than Real Life Can Annie S Best Friends Help Her Achieve Her Goals Without Destroying Her Future Award Winning Author Jane Kirkpatrick, Known For Her Superb Historical Novels, Writes This Bold, Fresh, Contemporary Story She Always Threatened She D One Day Put Down On Paper To Make People Laugh And Consider The True Treasures Of Their Hearts Although I have often found Jane Kirkpatrick s writing style difficult to read, I have always enjoyed the historical events narrated and the development of the characters in her books In this particular book, I did not find the plot line or characters interesting enough to get past her writing style. I generally like Jane Kirkpatrick, especially her historical novels But this one I could not even get into I tried and tried to finish it but I couldn t do it The characters were lacking I have long been a Jane Kirkpatrick fan When I picked up Barcelona Calling at a writers conference I was attending and Jane was co leading, the synopsis surprised me.Jane s underlying themes are usually strength, courage and compassion with a lovely sprinkling of faith and humanity Almost everything Jane has written to date has been written from the historical perspective of the Native Americans living in the Pacific Northwest, those people exploring and settling in the same region, strong women making strides in the world, events of a few decades ago in Oregon when a cult took over some land and what happened later, plus her own story of homesteading in Oregon What was she doing writing a novel about romance and a young woman writer, I questioned to myself Obviously she was stepping outside the box and my curiosity got the better of me I purchased the book, Jane autographed it for me, and I put in my bag Until recently I had actually continued placing it behind other books I wanted to read Then, looking for a change of reading pace, I picked it up I m so glad I did The things I learned from a writer s perspective and about Jane were worth the price of the book andJane lays out beautifully the life of the emerging writer She takes the ups, downs, rejections, tears, joys and successes and tosses them lightly like a grand summer salad full of freshly picked fixings from the garden.Jane provides an upfront look at the editorial and agent relationships for a writer through Annie s writing difficulties in getting her next book published and a previous one to sell And she shares the goodness of friends who want you to have your successes as much as you do But these relationships can all be hurtful as well as helpful.I knew in her speaking life that Jane did not lack for humor and wit, but I had not experienced it before in her writing I actually loved her use of the comedic in Barcelona Calling Some of Annie s experiences are almost beyond laughable, and that s all I ll say You have to read them yourself.As for the romance, I thought it was beautifully handled with a sprinkling of God s hand in the whole picture Here again, I m not sharing anything .My Recommendations Looking for a good summer read Maybe one for a beach trip Or just something lighter than usual This is a great book for you But if you ve never read Jane Kirkpatrick, I encourage you to also treat yourself to one of her other books as well She is an experienced writer and her writing alone is enjoyable, not to mention the stories she researches and shares. See my profile for my star rating system 2 stars I did not dislike it but it didn t impact me or stand out as special An average book Expectations are tricky things, in a job, a relationship or a book I didn t love Barcelona Calling, but I am sure that my expectations were the main culprit The marketing copy compared it to Neta Jackson s Yada Yada Prayer Group series It wasn t, not in my eyes anyway It s a reminder that in life, and in marketing, comparisons are seldom helpful.Barcelona Calling was an interesting book that offered a glimpse into the life of a writer trying to make her way in the world I had a hard time getting into the book, but about a third of the way through the story started to pick up with some fun and zany incidents I liked the characters and enjoyed the fact that the main character was on a journey of discovery I applauded for her as she grew, confronted her fears and gained a deeper insight into her stories, both the one that she was writing and the one that she was living While it wasn t my favorite book not every book will wow the socks off every person , I ll fully admit that I like a story that shows me what s happening rather than just tells me, so my own bias toward highly descriptive writing and a prejudice toward too much interior dialogue reduced the number of stars on my rating But your opinion may be completely opposite of my own.So who did I think would love this book I would recommend this story to anyone who is thinking of publishing a novel The story offers lots of insight into the publishing world, the challenges, pitfalls and joys as well as a great deal of insight into the aspirations of the soul and keeping what really matters in life in focus Also, if you ve ever wanted to get on TV with Oprah you d surely get a laugh out of the crazy antics that play into trying to attain that goal. Review of BARCELONA CALLINGReading Jane Kirkpatrick has meant for many of her followers a certain expectation A sensitivity to historical context, matters of period speech, dress, daily life will be reliable Accuracy of fact and emotion will be grounded in a Christian base, but not overwhelmingly so.In BARCELONA CALLING, I met big surprises, starting with the fact that the settings, story and characters are contemporary.and funny Annie Shaw, is the author of cozy romances the books without bedroom scenes, bodice ripping or other vivid sexuality Annie s sales are not going well, nor is the new editor s take on her newest manuscript, the most autobiographical of her four books and the, apparently, least honest.Annie s band of friends who support and try to help her onto the bestseller lists include her cop sister, social worker cousin, house sitter and gift to seniors friend, and young mother friend This merry band comes up with creative ways for Annie to garner Oprah s attention, the dream of all writers After all, aspiring writers know that Oprah is the key to success The attempts to meet and greet with the super star end in amazing mishaps, all to Annie s detriment and that of her bank account What really happened in Barcelona to Annie and her fictional Miranda Romance, of course But of what nature, duration and impact on Annie s writing and life Settle back for a hilarious read from an unexpected source Be prepared to be amazed, startled, and full of questions about both heroines, the fictional and the fictional And take a look at the life of a writer and rush to your Kindle, neighborhood bookstore or where some ever and prevent the debacle from happening to a writer near you One of the worst books I ve read Not sure how I managed to finish it, but I did, and it never got better Unrealistic characters that I didn t care about at all, incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing episodes in every chapter she gets sued a couple of times and sets fire to two different things, all in a futile attempt to meet Oprah ugh And then the ending is so rushed that when she finally gets together with Mr Right, we have no idea what the attraction between them is I rolled my eyes so many times listening to this audiobook, I really really wish I d just given up on it after the first embarrassing episode Jane Kirkpatrick is a good Historical Fiction writer, and I have enjoyed a book or two of hers in the past However, this foray into Contemporary Fiction is absolutely awful The characters are dreadful, the writing truly bad, and the storyline is lacking In addition, the fact that the main character is an author discussing the editing process while the text is riddled with errors Mrs Clause Really is unintentionally ironic.Thankfully, the wine should be good at Book Club. Didn t finish, got halfway through chapter three and did not hold a spark of interest for me Very blah.