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After Starting Their Blog In February Of , Nate And Salli Received Hundreds Of Illustrated Recipes From Artists All Over The World, Which They Decided To Turn Into A Book This Book Contains A Sample OfOf Those Illustrations That Range In Style From Cute To Goofy To Absolutely Gorgeous The Illustration Styles Range From Elegant To Cheeky, The Recipes From Drinks To Desserts And Everyday To Extraordinary You Ll Find Hilarious Fare Like Beetrooty Yogurty Thingummyji, Starving Artist Goo Lash, And Top Model Salad International Cuisine Such As Moroccan Orange Date Salad And Moules Frites And Tantalizing Tastes Like Marmalade Flapjacks And Chicken In Love The Perfect Combination Of Flair And Folly, This Irresistible And Colorful Book Will Be A New Favorite Both In And Out Of The Kitchen Sample Recipes Toad In The Hole Marmalade Flapjacks Top Model Salad Starving Artist Goo Lash Chicken In Love Beetrooty Yogurty Thingummyjig Chocolate Haystacks Turn That Frown Upside Down Cake Coooooooookies

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    This is an excellent idea, and I can see it would be a lot of fun to look at as a blog As a book it doesn t work very well because so few of the recipes or art pieces are particularly strong on their own I don t need to look at the pictures than once Most of the food is easy and familiar so many directions for cooking eggs and if I did want to make them, often they are confusingly arranged or lack sufficient directions.One of the few that was both unfamiliar and correctly formatted for use

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    OH HOW I LOVED THIS COOKBOOK And now feel the need to illustrate some recipes of my own It s all the good stuff, folks.whimsy, warmth, cooking, sharing with community, creativity, color Glory Another one to hug to my chest and whisper kind things to as I flip the pages slowly, happily.

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    If you like food or art, dip into this yummy book There re 107 recipes, all beautifully illustrated by artists from around the world Need breakfast How about madeleines Looking for a filling meal Try the black bean chicken soup or pan fried fish with lemon caper sauce Prefer vegetarian There s the colcannon it s fat free too All the better to finish it all off with a rich chocolate crepe or and coconut macaroons.They Draw and Cook is a fun, colorful and creative cook book, the first spawn of the marvellous blog of the same name which is now home to several thousand recipes contributed by a variety of people Not all are professional artists, some are folks who just love to eat or draw The recipes featured in the book are not new, but they are still a yummy feast for the eyes It s just too bad the book is such a lean sampling of the blog s offerings I don t envy Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell the brother and sister design team who created the blog the tough job they must have had whittling down the list of recipes to include in the publication If you re unhappy just skimming the surface, go over to the blog to indulge yourself.The final selection includes recipes that should please most palates, satisfy sweet cravings, feed regular daily needs as well as cater to special occasions The book includes everything from dips and snacks to main courses, desserts and cocktails The foods offered for your viewing and cooking pleasures originate from all over the world, so unless you hate to experiment, They Draw and Cook is a delicious resource for different cuisines The recipes lean towards the visual the art is often the dominant element but the recipes are for the most part simple to follow Another tasty thing about this collection is the range of artistic styles there s pretty, there s stylish, there s cartoonish and there s cute Overall, it s stuffed full of gorgeousness.One to keep and gift check out my blogpost on They Draw and Cook blog which has interviews with some of the artists who ve contributed to the bloghttp liberalsprinkles.blogspot.com

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    Derived from a blog that draws artists from all over the world, They Draw and Cook is a colorful compendium of illustrated favorite recipes submitted to the website Simple recipes for the most part, the kind of comfort food that is hearty and quick to make, it is great way to experience some of the diverse, everyday cuisine of the world Including a mix of vegetarian, meat, and desserts, there should be something to suit any palate I tried recipes from Spain, Russia, and the U.S While the varied art styles used by each artist to illustrate the procedures and ingredients are fun, on occasion they can be just a little bit difficult to follow, on the other hand This is particularly hard in the case of different methods of measuring that may be hard to convert, on the cuff, to whatever standards you follow Still, experimenting with recipes can be its own fun

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    This is a marvelous idea Looking at cookbooks is a fun activity for our family and often 3 or 4 generations can bridge the gaps through cooking or recipe reading discussions.The youngest can enjoy this lovely book because of the illustrations but the oldest are most fascinated since the idea of combining art with recipes is such a new approach to cookbooks Kids mark what they would want to try and we set to work The amazing drawings will lead the wayit is almost like a picture book on the table We can t seem to leave it alone.

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    Pretty to look at, but not a user friendly cookbook There s no table of contents, and the only index is not of recipes or ingredients but of the artists, in order of their appearance of the book The recipes are arranged by courses, but there are no chapter breaks to show where sections begin and end.

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    I love the variety of the drawing stylesas varied as the people who submit the illustrated drawings to the blog they came from Lovely to look through and figure out the dishes, but I don t know that I will cook from it.

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    A good friend of my mine gave me this book because she knows how much I love and art and cooking I love, love, love it It turns following do drum instructions into a visual feast My son who has never shown any interest in cooking was looking at the book and kept asking if he could try recipes.

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    What I liked about this book was that it has all kinds of recipes and refreshed my desire to try new meals again That said, some of the recipes are written a bit sloppy they are artists after all I haven t actually made any of the recipes yet, but have made a long list of ones I want to try.

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    Although I won t likely ever make any of the recipes in this book, the illustrations alone make for a worthwhile hour or so of browsing