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Our Culture Of Ostentatious Caring Is About Projecting Your Ego, And Informing Others What A Deeply Caring Individual You Are It Is About Feeling Good, Not Doing Good, And Illustrates Not How Altruistic We Have Become, But How Selfish And, As Patrick West Shows In This Monograph, Sometimes It Can Be Cruel To Care

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    It s quite promising about virtue signaling and empty gestures, but is a bit aggressive in tone and goes too fast through its topics to be very good I agree with the author for the most, but I don t get the feeling I am gaining new insights.

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    This book articulated a number of things I have often thought about Its tone and arguments are uncompromising It s an interesting snapshot of British society in the early 21st century and challenges a number of received notions on such topics as the efficacy of brandishing Not in my name banners at anti war marches, minute s silences and the wearing of empathy ribbons to show solidarity for The book makes for uncomfortable reading regarding the way in which people choose to show how much they care and why they care.

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    Short pamphlet from Civitas writer Genuinely funny at times.